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Who's been saying what so far in the 2010 World Cup

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Quotes of the Week takes a break from domestic affairs to go global as the 2010 World Cup begins to heat up nicely in South Africa. Robert Green has made front and back page headlines such was the calamitous nature of his gaffe against USA and there have been plenty of pundits, players, hacks and coaches who've had their say. Elsewhere, Patrice Evra has been offering too much information and Robbie Savage has been reinforcing blonde stereotypes to a tee.

"It was my mistake, I'm responsible. I've made errors before and been big enough to get over them. I know there are 50-odd million people back at home disappointed in me, but I know I have the character to bounce back." Robert Green redefines what it means to have a 'mare as his mistake costs England dear against USA.

"He made one mistake tonight but in the second half he also made a good save. This is the problem with being a goalkeeper." Fabio Capello offers support to his beleaguered goalkeeper.

"We saw Green's mistake and of course that gives you hope. We certainly wouldn't mind (if he played again)." Algeria's Hassan Yebda was decidedly less supportive.

"I have not been back to Senegal since the age of ten, when I went to be circumcised - which was not a pleasant experience." Patrice Evra explains the mitigating circumstances behind his decision to snub Senegal for France.

"I went for a 30 minute run on the beach with someone this morning and commented that the altitude wasn't really affecting me until they pointed out we were on the beach." Robbie Savage. Who says blondes are dumb?

"The Nigerian players are very athletic and are powerful physically." Argentine Gabriel Heinze forgets to mention that they are also defensively naive.

"What I saw of the English against the USA had very little to do with football. It looked to me as if the English have gone backwards into the bad old days of kick and rush." A not-at-all smug Franz Beckenbauer reflects on England's display after Germany's 4-0 defeat of Australia.

"I've never seen Andrea as sad as he has been in recent days, and it's true he always has that face. But it's like he's taken a mallet," Gennaro Gattuso on injured team-mate Andrea Pirlo.

"Goals are like ketchup - when it comes out (of the bottle) it all comes out at once." Cristiano Ronaldo uses a strange but curiously accurate analogy to explain away his international goal drought.

"Domenech is not a coach. There is no teamwork and egos must be put to one side." Zinedine Zidane. With friends like these...

"I think the reason Messi has difficulties with Argentina is because there is no comparison between Barcelona and Argentina. With all respect to the players in Argentina, there is no comparison between the two. At Barcelona, he has players of his level." Brazil defender Dani Alves. Ooh, you b****.

"It seemed during the game that they were dealing with a lot of pressure. They were edgy, there was an edginess to their game but I think they're a team with quality and they should play with confidence." Clint Dempsey turns the knife after his screamer against England.

"What did they have? Two or three shots from distance, one good chance to score a goal - I don't think there was any fear. We didn't get the win, but we certainly didn't play with fear." Wayne Rooney disputes that he was terrified at the prospect of facing Jay DeMerit.

"If you don't understand the line-up then maybe you should change trade and give up being journalists." Marcello Lippi gives short shrift to journalists who questioned his selection for Italy's opener against Paraguay. In the second period he made wholesale tactical and personnel changes....

"I am a normal man. But, yes, my job is important at this moment because the World Cup is important for the country, the fans. I feel a great responsibility. I feel a nation, the whole people, but I always like difficult things." Capello admits to feeling the heat.

"I am not afraid of anyone or anything - unless they are wearing a mask. Fear doesn't exist in football. Whoever is afraid should stay at home." Diego Maradona. Let's just hope Jonas Gutierrez keeps his Spiderman mask in his sock then.