Hard-Fi frontman Richard Archer talks Brentford, Alan Hansen, Diego Maradona and a failed trial for junior club Sunbury Celtic

Football Firsts: Archer failed a trial for boyhood club Sunbury Celtic

Hard-Fi's new single, 'Fire In The House', is out on 15th August

For us mere mortals the choice when growing up was usually between a footballer or a rock star. But when you have made it in one profession do you still dream of becoming the other?

Hard-Fi frontman Richard Archer is a perfect man to ask in a summer when the band have just finished a headline slot at Glastonbury and are preparing to release a new album.

Latest single 'Fire In The House' is out on 15th August, while album 'Killer Sounds' follows one week later, before a UK tour starts in late September.

But, having become a Brentford supporter as a youngster, Archer still has aspirations towards football, and following in the footsteps of David Beckham.

Archer said: "When Beckham stepped up against Greece, you still hear the commentator saying, 'here comes Archer'. But I would probably have been in goal and let it through my legs!"

So where did the singer-songwriter's fanaticism develop? Who are his footballing heroes and villains? Skysports.com was happy to hear about Alan Hansen, Diego Maradona and a failed trial for Sunbury Celtic.

First Team


I supported Liverpool for a bit when I was very young, but then realised you could not support a team who were hundreds of miles away. There was a rumour that one of my great uncles helped build Stamford Bridge or Craven Cottage, the story varied. But I paid my penance and decided to support Brentford. My cousin worked for them as well so we used to get scarves at Christmas.

What do you think of the appointment of Uwe Rosler as manager?

It's a bit different. At least it shows that Brentford are thinking outside the box. I remember going to watch him play for Manchester City against us in the FA Cup years ago (1997) and he was playing up front with Georgi Kinkladze.

First Match

Brentford v Walsall

It was in the mid-Eighties and we won. I think we scored four goals, which you don't usually get at Brentford! It might have been my birthday and my cousin sorted tickets for me and my mates. I remember thinking the stadium was huge, but Griffin Park is actually quite small.

First Hero

Alan Hansen

Like I said, I supported Liverpool when I was young. I was a fan of Hansen. He was a defender, a bit lanky and liked to go forward. I was always pretty rubbish at football, but in my mind I had a lot in common with Hansen. Jay Tabb is one of my favourite footballers these days. He used to play for Brentford and I know him after he once phoned up a radio show while I was on.

First Villain

Diego Maradona

The 1986 World Cup is my first real memory of football and so obviously the Hand of God was a big deal. I remember thinking that it just wasn't fair and couldn't be happening. I seem to recall as well that if we had got past Argentina we would have been able to have a good crack at winning the World Cup.

First Heartache

1990 World Cup

I go very quiet when I'm upset about football and it takes me a couple of days to get over it. I was in my teens for the 1990 World Cup in Italy and it had everything for football heartbreak; Gazza's tears, the opera soundtrack, losing on penalties. But 'World in Motion' by New Order was a great track. I used to DJ, because it was a good way to get girls, and I played 'World in Motion' a lot.

First Junior Club

Sunbury Celtic

My school was rubbish at sport. I played basketball a bit, because I was tall and could just hang around under the basket, but I'm no good at football. I can think in my mind how I want to kick the ball, but it never happens. I went for a trial at Sunbury Celtic when I was about 10 or 12, but I didn't make the cut! That's why I started getting into music. I still try and play a bit. We will have a kick-about in the car park if we are frustrated in the studio.

First Kit

An eclectic mix

I had a bit of a weird collection. It was whatever was being sold at the local shop. I had a West Ham shirt, a Wales shirt and a Leeds away shirt. I think I had a dodgy Liverpool kit as well, one that wasn't the real thing. I don't really wear shirts anymore, it's not my style.

First Album

Slippery When Wet, Bon Jovi

I can't remember if I bought it or if it was given to me as a present, but let's go with 'The Jovi'. I was a bit of a rocker when I was young.

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