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The Soccer Saturday panel look at Liverpool's thrashing of Norwich, Reading's win over Newcastle and Swansea's win over Stoke...

The Soccer Saturday panel have their say...

Get the Soccer Saturday verdict as Liverpool, Reading, Manchester City and Swansea win.

Phil Thompson on Reading's 2-1 at Newcastle

"Super sub Adam Le Fondre - he was incredible, he comes on and his first touch he scores a goal. That is on the 7ist minute, on the 77th minute it is a proper goal scorers goal - it's a great finish from Le Fondre. The second half, well Reading they deserved it. When he made they sub he made it for Danny Guthrie who came off for Le Fondre, I thought Guthrie had played really well, but boy was I wrong! A big pat on the pack for Brian McDermott, he did not get it wrong.

Some of the Newcastle players are looking a bit weary - one of them is Gutierrez. Normally you line this lad up and he goes for the ninety minutes, but he is one I would have taken off and he looked tired from the very start - he is not giving you that spark at the moment, not going past anybody.

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Matt Le Tissier on Man City's 2-0 win against Fulham

Fulham were not any great threat to be honest. City got the lead very early on - two minutes had gone and Silva had scored his first one. Steve Sidwell hit the outside of the post but that was the only time Fulham really threatened man City's goal the whole afternoon. Silva got his second one and it was a brilliant finish but from that moment on it was never in doubt which way the game was going to go. City could have probably had four or five after that - they had some really good chances which they failed to put away. They will probably be a little disappointed that it was only two.

Tevez was good today; he was a bundle of energy and was one of City's better players. The whole first half I don't think City were as fluent as they normally would be at home, but Tevez was one of their better players.

I would give a mention to Sidwell as Fulham's outstanding palter on the day. Judging by some of Berbatov's body language today I don't think he thinks a great deal of his Fulham team mates at times.

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Charlie Nicholas on Liverpool 5-0 demolition of Norwich

"At times they looked like they were not moving the ball quick enough but the partnership came and every time Suarez made space then Sturridge tended to get in there. They look confident in each other, they trust each other. That came up trumps again. Sturridge has had a pretty impressive start - three games and three goals.

There was a bit of diabolical defending from Norwich today, they just sit off, to be fair to Chris Hughton he has sorted it in the past but I think this is a bit of a worrying period. I think defensively it needs to get stronger and harder to beat - the way it was before. All of a sudden they are getting dragged into the bottom area again.

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Paul Merson on Swansea's 3-1 win against Stoke

The first half was pretty poor from both teams. I think Stoke would have been pretty happy because they defended comfortably after all the goals they have let in. Then four minutes into the second half, the young lad Ben Davis who looks like a very good player, sorts of bullies Waters out of the way which I find surprising and he goes through and he finishes very well. Then Jonathan De Guzman with a great free kick. The next goal is a proper goal from De Guzman again who finishes it with aplomb.

I don't know what has happened at Stoke - they were so rocked solid and now they are letting goals in for fun all over the place.

I think the owners at Swansea need a pat on the back - from Martinez, to Brendan Rogers to Laudrup. They have just kept it going and have not brought anyone in who has had to change much. That is why I think Swansea have got better and better as the years have gone on. Laudrup could definitely make the frame as the next Chelsea manager - especially the way Swansea are playing and the way Abramovich wants to play.

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