Ed Drewett

Take Five continues as Arsenal fan Ed Drewett picks his dream five-a-side team

Arsenal fan Ed Drewett picks his dream five-a-side team...

Essex boy Ed Drewett is no stranger to the UK pop charts, having penned hits for the likes of The Wanted and Olly Murs.

The singer/songwriter is now taking his turn in the spotlight, with new single 'Drunk Dial' out this week and a debut album to follow later this year.

We caught up with the long-time Arsenal fan as he shared his fantasy five-a-side team with Sky Sports.

David Seaman

He's a legend. I miss Seaman and I miss the good old days. When I was a youngster Seaman was the man in goal. I can remember there was one save where the commentator said 'and the ball goes straight to Seaman's trusty hands' and I was like - what a legend. The first game I went to see, probably when I was about 10, Seaman was playing.

Thomas Vermaelen: Ed feels he's got the hard look Arsenal need

Thomas Vermaelen

I like Vermaelen, he's got a really hard-looking face. He does have his off days, although I don't really want to talk about the derby last weekend! That's the thing with Arsenal in general, and it kind of always has been, that they're inconsistent. We have a few games of complete genius and then we lose a really ridiculous game.

Marc Overmars

He looked hard too. That's what we need as well, some harder looking players to scare off the opposition. Our problem is they're all quite baby-faced at the moment.

Ray Parlour

He was a legend and he still is, actually. It's a full Arsenal squad here, going old school and everything.

Thierry Henry

He was a good leader. I got the feeling he was someone that everyone looked up to, which was great. There was a noticeable drop in the team when he left, which was a shame. He was one of the things about Arsenal that was consistent.

Thierry Henry: Brought consistency to the Gunners, says Ed

Five songs Ed would have on in the dressing room to fire up his side...

DJ Luck & MC Neat - Little bit of luck

Slipknot - Wait and Bleed

Ed Drewett - Undefeated

Take That - Never Forget

The Eagles - Take It Easy

Details of Ed Drewett's debut album and live shows will be announced soon. Visit his official website.