North London divided

Gunners enjoy bragging rights...

At last the Arsenal fans in the office have something to smile about!

"I couldn't believe what I was hearing. They were saying stuff like 'Harry Redknapp for England? England can have him!' "


Quotes of the week

Dev, Bobbie and James have had to put up with a fair bit of stick from the Spurs contingent in the crew, but Sunday changed all that... sort of.

The Gooners clearly revelling in their success suggested that we show a montage of all the goals from the Emirates on Sunday with the title 'five reasons why Arsenal are better than Tottenham.'

Steve's response was Usain Bolt-like: "Yeah... then we can show the league table at the end." Meow! But a fair point.

Baby Elvis was among the Spurs fans at the Emirates and he was a little less optimistic than Lisa and Steve about still finishing above their north London rivals.

"If we play like we did on Sunday we won't beat Man Utd this weekend and then the gap could be down to four points."

That's probably a tad on the pessimistic side, but not half as bad as the two Tottenham fans James and Tubes encountered in the pub.

"They were fuming," revealed Tubes. "I couldn't believe what I was hearing. They were saying stuff like 'Harry Redknapp for England? England can have him!'

"I couldn't believe it. I turned to them and said: 'To be fair lads you've done alright this season haven't you?' but they weren't having any of it!"

We'll put that down to derby day emotions... it's the only explanation!


Moving on and it appears The Sun are fans of our work after picking up a few quotes from Tubes' interview with Jermain Defoe last week., as well as what Robbie Fowler (Hallelujah) had to say on the orange sofas.

While, even Jump Out Man, Chris, saw one of his tweets picked up by the paper about his beloved Saints!

"I tweeted "Get in there!!! Back at the top of the table! #saintsfc" and it was on page 19 of Goals Plus! They didn't credit me though..."

We could be wrong, but we get the feeling he wasn't the only Saints fan to have tweeted that!

Finally, we're all off to see Helen and Max make their West End debuts in Rock of Ages this week!

They managed to convince one of the stars of the show, Justin Lee Collins, to give them each a small part and we can't wait to see them both rock out!

You'll be able to see how they got on, on Saturday.

We'll see you then!