Best of Day 7

We take a look at all the drama and key incidents, on and off the pitch, on day seven of the World Cup

Henry's blanket offers little comfort

Every day during the World Cup, Sky Sports will take a detailed look at all the drama and key incidents in South Africa.

Goal of the Day: This has been a pretty hard category to judge so far - we'll take a few tap-ins if it means some excitement - but thankfully Argentina turned on the style in the day's opening game against South Korea.

None of their first three goals were much to crow about but the fourth certainly was - and it had the stamp of Argentina all over it. Not quite on the level of the fine team goal finished by Esteban Cambiasso in Germany four years ago, but still one with plenty of passes, some excellent movement and a nice finish to boot.

The fact it completed Gonzalo Higuain's hat-trick was just the icing on the cake - thank you Argentina for getting us out of our seats at last.

Quote of the Day: You can always rely on Diego Maradona for a bit of entertainment and the Argentina coach was in top form again after a 4-1 win over South Korea.

Asked about his rather 'friendly' post-match celebrations with his players, the World Cup legend was quick to remind journalists of his masculinity.

"I still prefer women," he said. "I am dating Veronica who is blonde and 31-years-old. No, I have not gone limp wristed.

"But I like to acknowledge and congratulate my players when they play as well as they did today. That was a pleasing result and display. It was a job well done."

Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

Mad moment of the Day: Step forward Sani Kaita. The Nigerian totally lost his cool as he watched Greece's Vasilis Torosidis shepherd the ball into touch. With his side leading 1-0 he needlessly appeared to stamp down on Torosidis' thigh as the Greek star went to retrieve the ball on the sideline. There was minimal contact and Torosidis did make the most of it, but Kaita's actions cannot be excused. Silly boy.

Miss of the Day: Kaita will be making a few apologies to his team-mates over the next few days but there's another player that might be feeling a tad guilty if Nigeria fail to progress.

Greece had capitalised on Kaita's sending-off through a goal from Dimitris Salpigidis before half-time but Chinedu Obasi missed an unbelievable opportunity to put Nigeria back in front after coming on as a substitute.

Alexandros Tzorvas had done brilliantly to keep Yakubu's first effort out but the Greek keeper could only watch in horror as he parried straight to the feet of Obasi straight in front of an empty net, six yards out.

Unbelievably, and I do mean unbelievably, he missed and with it may well have gone Nigeria's last-16 hopes. Expect to see Obasi on a World Cup gaffes video coming to you soon.

Roar of the Day: On November 14, 2009 a certain Frenchman by the name of Thierry Henry broke Irish hearts with his infamous handball goal. France went to the World Cup, Ireland didn't and the bad feeling has remained ever since.

Some of that was forgotten this evening, however, as Ireland fans all over the globe celebrated the demise of France in their defeat to Mexico. And to make it all the sweeter, Thierry Henry watched it from under a blanket on the bench.

There was a huge roar when the two Mexico goals went in here at Towers and one can't help but feel it was a hell of a lot louder over the Irish sea. Justice is served!

Summary of the Day: There's been plenty of moaning done about the World Cup so far but there can be few complaints about the entertainment on show today.

Argentina produced arguably the performance of the tournament so far to dismantle South Korea, Greece made history with their victory and Mexico put France on the brink of an exit with theirs.

Let's hope for more of the same tomorrow.