Chris Kamara
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Heal's incredible


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Hi Chris, I'm a Shrewsbury fan and I just wondered what you thought of our brilliant form this year. Is this the year we make the play-offs? Joe, Shropshire

CHRIS SAYS: Shrewsbury's run has been fantastic, Joe. They're unbeaten in League Two in 2007 and Gary Peters has done a superb job. With the manager-of-the-month awards coming up, I've been keeping an eye on Gary and he'll definitely be among the nominees. They're in the play-off places with games in hand, Derek Asamoah and Leo Fortune-West are scoring and they're becoming a formidable side at just the right time. It could all end up at Wembley.

Hi Chris, what do you make of Birmingham signing Andy Cole on loan? Can he steer us to promotion? Neil, Redditch

CHRIS SAYS: It's a brilliant signing, Neil, and there's loads of clubs in the Championship who would have loved to do that deal. Most probably thought he wasn't available, because he wanted to stay and fight for a place at Portsmouth in January, when there were Premiership clubs in for him. I think Steve Bruce has got just what his side needed - there are loads of workers at St Andrews but they were missing somebody just to put the ball in the back of the net. Andy Cole is that man.

Hi Chris, I'm a Bradford City fan, and would like to thank you for your services to the club. Remember Wembley? Great memories...What I would like to know is your view on what is happening at Valley Parade? Can we beat the drop? Thanks, Jacko, Bingley.

CHRIS SAYS: I really hope they can, Jacko - I still have a lot of affection for the club. When I was manager there, we went to Wembley in 1996 and won the play-off to take us into the Championship. Now, in the year the new Wembley reopens, it's sad that the club is in danger of losing its League One status. On a positive note, there are enough games left for them to get out of it and, Scunthorpe aside, it's not the most difficult of run-ins. I've got my fingers crossed.