Saturday Night Football: David Jones explains new Sky Sports format

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This weekend sees the launch of an exciting new programme on Sky Sports as Saturday Night Football airs for the first time with coverage of Swansea v Manchester United. But what can we expect from this new format? We caught up with presenter David Jones to find out...

What is Saturday Night Football?

DAVID JONES: Saturday Night Football is all about our new kick-off time of 5.30pm. We have 30 live matches over the course of the season in that new slot and Jamie Redknapp and I will present them from Sky Studios with a live audience.

So this isn't simply Monday Night Football on a different day?

DAVID JONES: I think what we would say is we have three different strands of bringing you Premier League football. We have Saturday Night Football which is an audience-led experience with the glitzy screens, almost a showbiz element to it I suppose. On Super Sunday we are bringing people to the stadium and giving them that live feel and then Monday Night Football is very much concentrated football analysis like you won't see anywhere else for an hour before and after the game. The beauty of our product is that across 116 games you will have three different ways of watching it.

What is it like working with Jamie?

DAVID JONES: Easy. He knows football inside out, he was born and brought up in the football family and he is very much a big part of that. He is very thorough in his research, so if you mention a player at any level he will know about him, which constantly surprises me. Jamie is quite shrewd, and anyone who comes along to the live shows will experience this, and he will say something like, 'they need to make a change here, they need to take Rooney off and put on so-and-so'. And then five minutes later Rooney comes off and so-and-so comes on. I have never worked with anyone who is better at calling those match situation than Jamie is.

Why are you bringing in a live audience?

DAVID JONES: The live studio audience element will add real energy to the programme. It is not something that we have done very much before but we have trialled it in other sports and we have really liked the feedback we've had to it and the energy it has brought. We will have something like 150 people there every week and it will be a fantastic audience experience. They'll be with us as the team news comes through and then watch the 3pm games on the five cinema screens we have. Then at 5pm we will be talking to them, getting their reaction and they could be throwing questions to Jamie and be involved in choosing the man of the match. It is very much their show as well.

How do I get to be part of the audience?

DAVID JONES: Over the season we have 30 opportunities to get 150 people in there. We want Sky's customers to come in and be part of it. Also part of that experience is being part of a TV programme which so few people get to do. We will be talking through the nitty gritty of what I am doing as a presenter and what Jamie is doing. We will explain all those little elements so it is a TV experience as well as a football experience. Click here if you want to get involved.

What is Saturday Night Football Team Talk?

DAVID JONES: That is Saturday Night Football's baby brother. We will actually be on air at 2.30pm straight after the FL72 game and within that half hour-hour slot we will do a comprehensive round up of the team news for the 3pm kick offs. By the time we've got to 3pm you will know who is playing, heard the big talking points and you may hear interviews from one or two managers on their selection decisions. Then we go away for a couple of hours, and viewers will go back to Jeff Stelling and the Soccer Saturday boys between 3pm and 5pm, and then we pick up just before 5pm on Sky Sports 1 when we start to look ahead to our game at 5.30pm

Will you be discussing the 3pm kick-offs on the main show?

Redknapp's Premier League Preview

DAVID JONES: An important part of our programme is the first 10 or 15 minutes of wrapping up what has happened at 3pm. We'll do it a different way again to the guys on Soccer Saturday. It will be a very newsy and fast-paced here-there-and-everywhere 10 minutes when we will be flying by the seat of our pants a little bit. But we hope as part of that programme to bring you a live manager reaction to a game that has finished at 5pm, which we haven't been able to do before. But always in the back of our minds is building up to 5.30pm which on the first weekend will be Swansea v Manchester United. That obviously demands our respect and attention as it's David Moyes' first game in charge.

Will we be able to see highlights of the 3pm games?

DAVID JONES: At 8pm we will be going straight over to Game of The Day with Sarah-Jane Mee in the same studio. If there is a game at 3pm which has wowed everyone, we will tell everyone: 'you need to be watching this game at 8pm'. Then at 10pm they will bring you the match choice of all the games that have been on that day. So from 10am through to midnight it is football all the way on Sky Sports 1. You'll get square eyes!

Not got Sky Sports? You can watch Sky Sports 1 for free this Saturday - including Swansea v Manchester United on Saturday Night Football. Click here to find out how you can see it.