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Our new feature continues as The Twang's Phil Etheridge picks his dream five-a-side team

The Twang's Phil Etheridge picks his dream five-a-side team...

The Twang frontman Phil Etheridge is a devout Aston Villa follower, so it begs surprise that his fantasy five-a-side team doesn't lean too far into claret and blue territory, with the Midlands man preferring a more South American flavour.

The only player flying the Villa flag is a club legend whose name is still chanted at home games to this day.

We caught up with Etheridge ahead of the release of the band's third studio album, '10:20', later this month, as he shared his dream line-up with Sky Sports

Rene Higuita

The Twang: Release new album '10.20' this month

You've got to have a madman in goal and he's actually nicknamed 'The Madman'. It's good for the dressing room. It's his hair too - his hair is ridiculous. He's a very cool man. I was going to go with Nigel Spink to start with but I thought he was a bit dull. There's not enough characters in football nowadays, there's too many Michael Owens around, playing it safe. You need the Mersons and the Gazzas of this world.

Paul McGrath

The only Aston Villa player to make the team. He's god - if you're a Villa fan you'll understand. He's the messiah. They still sing his name at every Villa home game to this day. 'On the p**s, my lord' to the tune of Kumbaya. He was just genius, one of the best defenders ever, and I think most people would say that.

Dennis Bergkamp

Paul McGrath: Aston Villa legend

I was going to go with someone like Gazza or Paul Merson, one of my favourite Villa players, but I went with Bergkamp because he's probably my favourite ever player. His style, he was just incredible to watch.

Lionel Messi

You've got to put Messi in there - we want to win this. Messi is the greatest player on earth at the moment, in my opinion. He's won his shirt in this team.


Lionel Messi: Has earned his spot in the side, says Etheridge

I thought, he's got to Brazilian, so I was torn. It had to be Ronaldo, Romario or Pele. It seems obvious but I've got to go with Pele. I'd also put us in a Brazil-esque kit, because they've also got the coolest ever kit. That completes quite a ridiculously good team, bar the keeper maybe, but he'd just get the crowd on your side.

Five songs Phil would have on in the dressing room to fire up his side...

The Streets - Turn The Page

The Cribs - You're Gonna Lose Us

Glasvegas - Go Square Go

Jamie T - Sticks 'n' Stones

John Lennon - Whatever Gets You Thru the Night ("For Paul McGrath, because he'd probably be drunk.")

October 29th 2012 sees the release of the Twang's third studio album, entitled '10:20'. Visit the band's official website.