Mick McCarthy picks his #One2Eleven

Ipswich manager Mick McCarthy picks the best players he has played with in his #One2Eleven.

Former Irish international Mick McCarthy picks the best players he has played with.

The current Ipswich manager played with some of the greatest Irishmen of all time.

McCarthy won 57 caps for his country and represented Barnsley, Manchester City, Celtic, Lyon and Millwall.

This is Mick's #One2Eleven...

GOALKEEPER: Packie Bonner I have to say, and he'll believe me when I say this, had he needed to use his feet in that era then he would have struggled!

He was a really sane, sensible goalkeeper who didn't do anything bonkers. He came for the odd cross when he should have left it but other than that, he was top. A really top bloke.

RIGHT-BACK: Paul McGrath The guy who could play anywhere. He didn't play at centre-half when I played. It was me and Kevin Moran that played at centre-back.

Thank goodness he didn't because if he did, I would never have played!

CENTRE-BACK: Kevin Moran I got 57 caps with Ireland, most of them playing with Kevin. I played with Mark Lawrenson so this is a big shout.

He was hard.

CENTRE-BACK: Norman Hunter I played with Norman at Barnsley. I'd watched him at Leeds for years - I was a Leeds fan as a kid. I just idolised him and to play with him was the best.

I realised how ordinary I was.

LEFT-BACK: Chris Hughton Chris was brilliant. And he was right-footed I think! I remember playing against Holland and against Ruud Gullit and I didn't think I was ever going to get a kick. He goes and played up against Chris and Chris didn't give him a kick.

RIGHT WING: Chris Houghton He was miles better than anyone else I played with. He didn't let you get away with anything either. He wasn't this little winger standing on the touchline. Oh no, he had plenty to say for himself.

CENTRAL MIDFIELD: Andy Townsend He's got bundles of energy, he could get box to box, he could head it, he could tackle.

CENTRAL MIDFIELD: Paul McStay [At Millwall] I was told not to roll any balls into midfield - I'd been playing with McStay for two years and you could give it to him anywhere. He had a bit of everything. He was every bit as effective as Steven Gerrard in our Celtic team.

LEFT WING: Kevin Sheedy Just brilliant. I had the pleasure of playing with him and the dubious pleasure of playing against him. Even in training, picking teams, he'd be one of the first I'd pick.

STRIKER: Frank Stapleton I roomed with him for four years, I was like his personal servant. Just answered the phone for him and made tea because he was the Man United No.9 and Ireland No.9!

Would I like to have someone like him now, in any team? Absolutely.

STRIKER: Allan Clarke What stood out above everything else was how he scored goals. He used to pass it in the net and it stuck with me forever and ever and ever. You see people lashing at it, trying to get their laces on it, and it was an eye-opener for me.