The Fantasy Football Club: Kevin Phillips picks his #One2Eleven

New Leicester City man, Kevin Phillips, picks his #One2Eleven.

Kevin Phillips picks his ultimate dream team on The FFC's #One2Eleven.


The goalkeeper that stands out for me is England's number one, I played with him at Birmingham and that's Joe Hart. We'd heard a lot about him before he came into the club and when he walked through that door my first impression was 'wow, this kid is huge'. He was a big lad and a confident boy. As soon as he got out on that training pitch his shot-stopping and his dominance of the penalty area was incredible. He just had that aura about him, that charisma and you just thought 'this boy is going to go on and be a top, top player'.


He was left-back at Sunderland when I was there and was a fantastic lad, with great energy, who created many goals for me running up and down that wing. Sometimes he was like a winger and he was a really good kid and for me he's got to go in there because Sunderland is where I made my name and scored a lot of goals and he was the creator of many of them.


He'd retired for two or three months and then he turned up at Birmingham and we thought 'he can't be the player he used to be'. But I don't think I saw a winger get past Stevie Carr, he had such great fitness and dedication to the game. He was a great character in the club and the ultimate professional. He would moan about anything but on the pitch he gave it everything.


I've played against Martin many times but played with him for England. Playing against him he was 'The Rash' and we all remember he was the first person to wear coloured boots - those red ones which were awful but wouldn't look out of place now. During the England days he was fantastic and a great organiser and I didn't see many people get the better of him.


Bouldy came to Sunderland at a time when we were struggling and I'd grown-up watching him play. His charisma, his organisation, his reading of the game were second to none - although his legs weren't the greatest and we always put a young centre-half alongside him!


He might not be a household name but Allan went on to play for Rangers and manages Kilmarnock now. His ability and the relationship he struck up with Michael Gray was excellent and he was another provider for many of my goals. You talk to any Scottish lads now about 'Magic Johnston' because what he could do with a football was incredible, he would terrorise full-backs.


His crossing ability was phenomenal and again a creator of so many of my career goals. He never really took the full-back on, if they dropped off he would whip the ball in behind the centre-half and that's the worst ball for them to deal with.


Probably the best centre midfield player the Premier League has seen, what more do I have to say. I only had a brief outing with him in the England days but he was a phenomenal player. When people ask me who the best finisher I trained with in my England days it was him. I was with Shearer, Fowler and Owen but Scholesy would hit the target every time.


He came to Southampton late on in his career but you could tell he was a great footballer and as an organiser he'd organise the dressing room, he'd organise the pitch and he likes a tackle as well, he never shirked a tackle.


He's the all-time top Premier League goal scorer and what more can you say, an absolutely fantastic player.


Everyone knows the relationship I had with him on the pitch, it just happened with us. He's also a fantastic guy off the pitch and what we had was just something special and I've never really recreated that with another striker in my career.