Sky Sports Scout - Richairo Zivkovic

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Scout facts

NAME: Richairo Zivkovic
AGE: 17 (5th September, 1996)
BORN: Holland
CLUB: Groningen
FACTS: Could play for Serbia

Sky Sports Scout Ratings:

0-10 - No hoper
11-20 - Should look elsewhere
21-30 - Might not make it
31-40 - Has work to do
41-50 - Keep an eye on him
51-60 - Great prospect
61-70 - On his way to the top
71-80 - Already World-class

The latest player to be spotlighted is Dutch starlet Richairo Zivkovic.

The scout reports...

Richario Zivkovic is emerging as one of the most coveted young players in Dutch football, and has been branded as the next Arjen Robben as he is coming through the ranks of the same club - FC Groningen.

Whilst the likeness is probably not quite right given Zivkovic is more of a striker - it is clear to see why people think Groningen have their best talent since the likes of Robben and one Luis Suarez.

Indeed it could be argued that Zivkovic is possibly more similar to Suarez, given his eye for goal and his penchant of playing through the middle.

Born in Assen, to a Serbian mother and a Curacao - Zivkovic is a real mix when it comes to his heritage but their is no doubting he is a pure footballing talent.

He began playing football at a very young age in his local academy FVV, before at the age of 11 he was picked up by Groningen.

He was quickly identified as a top youngster and he was soon promoted through the ranks and handed a three-year deal.

Soon after signing his contract at the end of 2012 - he was promoted into the first team and in December against Heracles, he became the youngest ever player in their history.

Before he turned 17, he also became the youngest ever goalscorer - when he scored against NEC Nijmegen in August last year.

Now a regular in the Groningen squad at 17 - it is little surprise that Europe's elite are tracking him.

From Real Madrid and Barcelona, to Arsenal and Manchester City - seemingly Zivkovic will have his pick of clubs when the time comes for him to choose.

Zivkovic is a hugely talented player, full of running and skill - he is a constant threat - but he is clinical too, which does separate him from the usual skilful and quick players, who find themselves out wide more often than not.

The scout says...

Zivkovic is a huge talent, but he will clearly benefit from at least another 18-months in Groningen - but it remains to be seen whether he will get that.

Groningen is clearly an excellent place for a young player to develop, and Zivkovic is the latest evidence of that.

The Scout rating...

Shooting: 7 out of 10

Passing: 7 out of 10

Tackling: 5 out of 10

Heading: 6 out of 10

Pace: 9 out of 10

Vision: 8 out of 10

Current ability: 7 out of 10

Potential ability: 10 out of 10


Current value: £8million

Potential value: £60million

Your opinion...

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