Clyde fear the unknown

Third division side say they don't know enough about Rangers newco

Rangers newco: Clyde say the new club is too much of a mystery

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Clyde will not consider voting to admit Rangers newco into the SFL unless more information on the company is made available.

SFL clubs will decide on Friday whether to admit the Charles Green's new club into the league, and whether to grant them a place in the first division.

Radical reforms to the league announced on Wednesday are thought to be an attempt to persuade clubs to allow Rangers newco straight into the second tier.

By giving more chances of promotion from the lower leagues and promising a better distribution of money, it means that the inclusion of Rangers wouldn't diminish the chances of those around them.

But Clyde say it would be irresponsible to allow an unknown company into the structure.


A statement on the club's official website read: " We have received absolutely no information on the organisation Sevco Scotland Ltd whom we are being asked, and encouraged, to vote straight into the top division of the SFL under resolution 2 and possibly into SFL 3 under Resolution 1.

"We have no business plan, list of directors, details of ownership, statement of capital adequacy or any proposals relating to the provision of any similar information in the near future.

"Whilst there is a leap of faith to be taken in terms of some of the matters, there can be no leap of faith with something as fundamental as knowing who is being admitted to the league.

"The very fact that there is no information of any kind being made available on this company undermines the authorities' efforts to direct the new entrant to SFL 1.


"It is actually impossible for any member of the SFL to make an objective assessment of the proposals under Resolutions 1 and 2 and could be seen as irresponsible to support either proposal in such a void of information.

"It is our hope that some credibility can be introduced to this process and we would ask that whoever holds information on Sevco Scotland Ltd provides a full and detailed pack to David Longmuir in order that the SFL clubs are given reason to support any resolutions that they might wish to vote on.

"We have to assume that the SFA and SPL hold such information otherwise they would not press so heavily for entry to SFL 1.

"If a leap of faith is to be taken, then in the current circumstances it will be taken blindly and the only logical outcome of taking that kind of risk would be to enter them to SFL 3 where, should any subsequent issues arise, they will be contained within the lowest league rather than disrupting the top flight of the SFL."