Dog Is Dead

Our new feature continues as Dog Is Dead's Paul Roberts picks his dream five-a-side team

Nottingham Forest fan Paul Roberts of Dog Is Dead picks his dream five-a-side team...

Nottingham-based quintet Dog Is Dead have enjoyed a rollercoaster 2012, playing no less than 25 festivals in the summer on the back of a 30-date UK headline tour.

With the band's latest single, 'Teenage Daughter', on sale now, Sky Sports caught up with lead guitarist and Nottingham Forest fan Paul Roberts as he named his dream five-a-side team.

Dog Is Dead's Paul Roberts names his dream five-a-side team

Gordon Banks

Banks is one of our country's most revered players, he has to make it! Representing England in the 1966 World Cup was his finest moment. I only wish I was alive to have seen it. Oh and that sick a** save he made in the 1970 World Cup against Pele's header. They still show that on all the 'best of' videos.

Phillipe Mexes

Mexes is a quality defender. He's not one of the best ever but his charisma and attacking ability makes him dangerous. When he played against Chelsea I seem to remember him not having the best time but he's still wicked. And he has awesome hair. His overhead kick for AC Milan against Anderlecht the other week was world class. For a centre-back to do that is pretty awesome.

Dog Is Dead: New single 'Teenage Daughter' is on sale now

Diego Maradona

Not much needs to be said about Maradona, he's a footballing legend. His skill with the ball at his feet was mouthwatering. His best moment for me was his goal against England in the Mexico 1986 World Cup. Incredible.

Chris Cohen

Cohen is a midfielder for my beloved Nottingham Forest, and has been my favourite player for years. Hard tackler, great passer, and beautiful long shot taker. His goal against Blackpool in the play-off semi-final in 2010 was amazing. I was in the stand and the place went mental. Beautifully looped into the top right corner over the keeper from 20 yards out. I think it's my favourite goal of all time.

Phillipe Mexes: Makes Roberts' side for his ability - and his hair

Lionel Messi

As much as England aren't too fond of Argentina due to well-known history (which need not be repeated) I've chosen another tricky little Argentinian in Lionel Messi. He's the best player in the world, maybe that there's ever been. Messi has probably scored about 1,000 of the same goal; dribbled around two or three players before a delicate dink over the keeper, and each time it's just beautiful to watch. Me and Joss from the band watch Barca games just to see what Messi does.

Five songs Paul would have on in the dressing room to fire up his side...

The National - Mr November

Supergrass - Moving

Django Django - Default

Animal Collective - My Girls

Frank Ocean - Crack Rock

Dog Is Dead's debut album 'All Our Favourite Stories' and new single 'Teenage Daughter' are out now. For more info visit the band's official website.