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Thierry Henry: Talks Arsenal, Man Utd, Messi and more on Sky Sports

Henry dissects Arsenal

Thierry Henry

Thierry Henry was our special guest on our Champions League coverage on Wednesday night and had plenty to say on all sorts of football topics. Take a look back at the Premier League legend's thoughts about former club Arsenal, Mesut Ozil, Lionel Messi and much more...

Henry on... Arsenal's defeat to Napoli

I was worried during the second-half but at the end of the day, Arsenal are through to the knockout stages. My only concern is how they will cope against Manchester City as they have had to defend a lot during the last two games, especially in the last 30 minutes against Napoli. The Manchester City game is an early kick-off on Saturday and Arsenal don't have much time to recover, while City rested five or six players against Bayern Munich.

Henry on... who Arsenal could face in the knockout stages

Henry leaves Redknapp red-faced

I remember the year we got to the final. Everybody laughed when we were drawn against Real Madrid. I remember their officials leaving the draw and saying they were happy they got Arsenal. Then we beat them. Next we went to Juventus and everyone said it was an easy one for them, but again we went through. You have to beat the big teams at some stage. You don't want to play against those teams this early in the knockout stages but that's the way it is.

Henry on... Mesut Ozil

I would have loved to have played with him. He reminds me in a different way of Robert Pires. He is the type of guy who if you give him the ball he will give it back to you. If you move left he gives it to you and if you move right he will share the ball. He can find a guy that is quick or a target striker or play any type of ball you want. It seems like he has time all the time and we all know that's not the case. He plays like he's playing at home in his garden and nobody is around him. It's weird, but that's the kind of player you want. You need to be composed on the ball and I think he's brought that to Arsenal Football Club.

Henry on... Aaron Ramsey

Henry – Pep’s progression

Everybody knew that he had talent and Arsene even more so. Some people gave him some stick for standing by him. He's not really surprised me. I'm always waiting for someone to show me what they can do, then I can eventually judge and there's nothing else to say about what he's been doing. We can always speculate about what someone can do, but it's about what you do. What he's been doing has been tremendous and hopefully he can do even more for us.

Henry on... Olivier Giroud

As a striker you need to pass the line of being a killer. He has that in his eyes now. When he first arrived it was like he wanted to see what it was like in England, but now he doesn't want to miss a game. He wants to be the guy that makes his team win or the guy that sets up a goal. He wants to be the guy and that is what you need if you want to be the guy. You need that attitude.

Henry on... Lionel Messi

Henry – The best on the best

He wants to play in every single game; every cup game in the first round and second round and in training he wants to beat everybody. You know what? The typical one was in training when he gets fouled and they call 'no foul', you know what I mean. The next thing he will do is go and ask the keeper for the ball and then run past everyone to score. Then you will get the ball to try to play again and he will take it from you from wherever you are and score again until he gets a bit more relaxed. You end up losing the game. I've never seen that before.

Henry on.. Cristiano Ronaldo

There has always been big talk about Ronaldo and his attitude and all of that, but at some point you have to stop talking about attitude and look at the stats and what he has been doing. Stop talking and just watch. What he's been doing has been crazy. Louis Saha used to tell me back in the day that Ronaldo would be the best in the world for a very long time and I was like 'okay, let's see' because I didn't know. Louis said the way he works is unbelievable and you have to give him credit.

Henry on... Manchester United

Henry – No fear of Old Trafford

When we went to Manchester United, I can say it now, we knew they were going to come out strong. But now when I see teams going to Old Trafford, they are not even scared. They play. Some teams didn't even pass the halfway line. But when I see teams now, they are comfortable - they pass the ball around. They need to recreate the fear they used to have. Then they will be all right.