Premier League

Neville and Carragher's Premier League guide

Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville will team up each week on Monday Night Football this season, but what should fans of the 20 Premier League sides expect? caught up with our dynamic duo for their analysis of each club...

Carragher & Neville: what are they expecting from your team?


Carragher - Suarez nearing point of no return

JAMIE: Arsenal fans will be expecting more of the same because not a lot has changed. They've signed one young player from France - Yaya Sanogo - but that's it, so you'd be worried about their ability to kick on. There was talk about them spending a lot of money and they still haven't done it. It doesn't look like Luis Suarez is going to go because Liverpool have said they're keeping him and while I wouldn't worry about them - because they're a top-four team - if they are starting to think about winning trophies and challenging for the title then I'm sorry, I don't see it happening.

Aston Villa

GARY: Paul Lambert needs to keep bringing the young lads through and get better than they were last year. They mustn't put themselves in the same situation as they were last year when they left themselves a lot to do towards the end of the season and eventually got out of the relegation scrap. They still need to continue to try to improve those young players and give them an opportunity and get up the league towards where they should be. That's what I'd like to see from Aston Villa.

Cardiff City

JAMIE: If you come up then survival is all you need to worry about. I think they'll have a great support behind them in that stadium and they've got to try and make that into a fortress in their home games. For any team that comes up into the Premier League it's about getting your head above water and then next year, once they've got another year of experience and more money, then they can go again. I would expect them to make a few more signings before the transfer window closes.


Neville and Carragher ready for new season

GARY: They've got to expect to win the league, it's as simple as that. Chelsea have got nothing else to aim for than the Premier League title. That's what Jose Mourinho has got to be thinking about and anything other than that would be a disappointment. There's a very different make-up to this Chelsea squad than the one Mourinho picked up in 2005 and I think he's going to be forced to play a different way. I think he will want to get a balance between defence and attack, but he'll be forced to do it a slightly different way and, in fact, the owner will demand it in a different way. That's what he's been trying to get to all these years.

Crystal Palace

JAMIE: It's very difficult for any side that comes up and Crystal Palace haven't spent as much money as Cardiff and Hull have done and haven't brought as many players in as those clubs. They came up through the play-offs, which is a nice way to come up, but they didn't have a great run towards the end of last season and in the end they only just snuck into those play-offs. But listen, the euphoria and enthusiasm that comes with coming up through a Wembley final could be taken into the season. It will be difficult for them, though.


GARY: Everton just need to maintain what they've achieved in the last 10 years under David Moyes. The standard they've reached has been incredible over the last decade with the resources they've had and it's a tough job for Roberto Martinez. It's going to be tough for Everton to repeat what they've done under Moyes, but that's the challenge for Martinez. I'm sure he'll see it as a great opportunity and he won't see it as pressure.


JAMIE: People always have concerns about Fulham, but every season they seem to do well. You always feel as if they're not doing very much and then you look at the league table and they're in the top 10. They're a strange team really. Martin Jol has got plenty of experience and has been there a couple of years now, but I'd like to see them buy a couple more players before the season starts. There's been a lot of talk about Darren Bent and I think he'd be a really good signing for them. I don't see them going down.

Hull City

GARY: I think you have to wish them all the best and hope they can create some kind of momentum from something. I think they can create a good home record and be difficult to play against. The only thing they should be thinking about is staying in the league and getting as many points as they can on the board. They're going to have a huge task to stay in the league and just need to focus on enjoying it, being as brave as possible. They need to remember that winning games brings three points and sometimes you're better off going for it than trying not to lose. Particularly at home they may as well just try and get as many points as they can. Steve Bruce is a realist and he knows they've got a tough season in front of them.


JAMIE: I want to see my old club go well but it's not going to be easy to get into the top four unless they make another couple of signings; maybe one defensively and one in the attacking areas. I'd like to see them do that even if they keep Luis Suarez and I think there's money to do it so I'm sure Brendan Rodgers will bring in at least one player before the end of the window. If they go with what they've got right now I don't think it will be enough for the top four.

Manchester City

Man City signings are side dishes - Neville

GARY: They've got to be expecting to win the league. With the money they've spent, the players they've brought in, the players they already had and the fact they underachieved last season they should be thinking about nothing else other than winning the league and getting back to the standard they were at a year-and-a-half ago. Manuel Pellegrini's target from the owners will be to win the Premier League back and do better in the Champions League. So their targets are simple: get through the Champions League group phase and win the Premier League.

Check back on Wednesday when Nev and Carra will take a look at the prospects of the other 10 Premier League clubs.