Kevin Davies and Guy Branston on heavy metal football and music is going to get inside the minds of the players this season..

As well as a weekly blog from Crystal Palace striker Kevin Phillips, we will also be speaking to three seasoned campaigners in the Football League.

New Notts County manager Shaun Derry, Preston frontman Kevin Davies and Plymouth defender Guy Branston - who all appear on Sky Sports News Radio's Football League Hour - will be chatting to us about all manner of footballing issues.

Borussia Dortmund's 'hipster' manager, Jurgen Klopp - or Klippster as we now call him, hit the headlines this week for his rather unusual comparison between music and football playing style.

Arsenal came out winners in Dortmund on Wenesday night, but their colourful manager compared the two club's playing styles earlier in the week; likening the London club's intricate passing and possession to an 'orchestra playing a silent song' and the German side's pacey and pure football to 'heavy metal', which he always wants to be played 'loud'.

With this in mind, we asked our bloggers which genre of music they would compare their personal and club's playing style to, the playing style they admire the most and which song is on in the dressing room before kick-off...


A big congratulations to Shaun who was announced as the new Notts County manager on Wednesday. We've given him a week off from the blog to settle in.


I watch a lot of German football and what impresses me the most is the fans. Even teams at the bottom of the Bundesliga like Braunschweig, who get beat every week, still fill up their stadium and the fans are so passionate.

I love watching the English game and the Premier League is the most entertaining for me. I do watch a bit of Spanish football but it's all about the top two teams and it's a bit slower in possession and it's often quite one-sided.

The Premier League is so unpredictable - anyone can beat anyone, you saw Newcastle beat Chelsea last weekend and I think a lot of the other countries have one or two teams that dominate, whereas we have six or seven teams competing here who would see themselves getting in the top four or winning the title and that's why I love the Premier League and I don't watch much Italian or Spanish football.

I think my style of play is probably like music from the 1980's...

I'm a bit old school and with a bit of a traditional style and that's the kind of the music I like as well.

I think Preston's playing style is quite current - near the top of charts...

Maybe they'd be like the Arctic Monkeys - workmanlike and I'm from Sheffield like they are.

I don't have much choice with the music in the Preston dressing room. I'm one of the older statesmen now and if I put my music on I'd probably get a few whacks I imagine. Some of the staff and I don't get a shout, the young boys take control of the music and to be honest they do put some good beats on and I can't complain. I like a bit of everything but don't get a lot of choice - the boys certainly haven't asked for my playlist yet!


Until a few years ago I really liked our English style with the pressing and the in-your-face style we played. But our game has been pulled to pieces with laws within the game that have tried to change our game instantly rather than gradually.

I think some of the rules they've tried to implement within the leagues have happened too quickly and they haven't been thought through enough. A lot of these rules are due to fouls and the breaking up of play and I think if the referees let the game flow a bit more because of the silly diving that goes on within the English game it will be more exciting for the fans. The referees are so quick to stop the game that it never really gets going and as that whittles down the football leagues the game gets even slower and almost unwatchable.

I think the German game is the one at the moment which I enjoy the most. It's a fast-flowing game that comes in waves. I can't watch the Spanish game if I'm honest, it's too exhibitionist, it's too laboured and you end up waiting and waiting and it's all about two teams. If I was a player in Spain I wouldn't want to be there; I wouldn't have that technique and I wouldn't have that drive to go forward because you know the game is going to be slowed down.

If I had to compare my playing style to music it would be like a drummer playing - a nice tap, then a long set of drumming because I think that's how I play. I have a set of beats when I'm winning the ball, winning the tackle with intent and then I'll have a nice relaxing tap, tap, tap of the drum when the play is building up they'll get faster, faster and faster. A bit of a drum roll comes to mind.

Plymouth play in a similar style but the drum roll builds-up with the passing and will lead to an Eastenders 'dum, dum, dum ,dum dummmm...' If it ends in a goal no one knows, I guess you'll have to tune in next week! Then Barbara Windsor walks in and says 'Get out of my Pub'!

It's either 'What I might do' by Ben Pearce or the new Chase and Status album that will be on the dressing room before a game, they're the songs that get us going and I'm going to go see Chase and Status in Plymouth next week.

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