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Our Take Five feature continues as Young Guns frontman Gustav Wood picks his dream five-a-side team

Gustav Wood of Young Guns picks his dream five-a-side team...

Young Guns leading man Gustav Wood has been touring Europe with the band following the success of their current album 'Bones', meaning watching his beloved Chelsea can sometimes be tricky.

But Wood still finds time to see the Blues in action, with their latest clash against Liverpool at the weekend proving "heated" viewing as he and drummer Ben Jolliffe - an avid Reds fan - crowded around a TV in a tiny bar in Poland.

The frontman had moved onto Germany by the time Sky Sports caught up with him, with a USA tour next on the agenda in December, but he took time out to name his dream five-a-side team, which unsurprisingly boasts a couple of Chelsea heroes.

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Peter Schmeichel

I really wanted to choose Petr Cech or Ed de Goey, from back in the day, but I went with Schmeichel. I think he's probably the best goalkeeper, certainly that the Premier League has ever had. When I was a kid he was really iconic and really encapsulated what a keeper was. If I was to pick a defining moment of his it would probably be his involvement in Manchester United doing the treble in 1998-99. I just think that was insane, it was pretty amazing stuff.

John Terry (captain)

I'm sure a lot of people would disagree with me on this one. There's a lot of drama that surrounds him - like a lot of Chelsea players - and I think that can actually detract from the fact that he's consistently been one of the best defenders in the world. The effect he has on the team is just so immediately visible and the game against Liverpool at the weekend was such a perfect example of that - and such a perfect example of the inescapable melodrama he's constantly involved in. His crowning achievement for me was being a part of the 2004-05 team, which kept the most Premier League clean sheets in a season. You can't argue with that.

John Terry: A controversial figure at Stamford Bridge

David Beckham

Being the age that I am - I'm 29 now - I appreciated his rise to prominence in the late 1990s and the early 2000s, he was just such a star. He was a genuinely incredible footballer for me in the mould of the old British greats. I think he really will be put alongside them, in the long run. If I had to pick one moment of his it would be his game-changing free-kick against Greece in 2001. I'll never forget watching that on tv - I don't think anyone will. It was like 'have a bit of that', and I love that about him.

Gianfranco Zola

I grew up in a family where a lot of people in my family supported Chelsea, so it's pretty much in my blood, but Zola was one of the reasons why I fell in love with the club. Not only was he an unbelievable footballer, he came along at a really important time for the club. Also, he seemed like such a nice guy! He was a diminutive, smiley, happy guy that always seemed excited to be on the pitch and just seemed like a really decent dude. He was the one I always wanted to meet growing up. My favourite memory of him was when he scored an amazing backheeled goal against Norwich, it was just phenomenal.

Gianfranco Zola: Inspired Wood's love for Chelsea

Eric Cantona

I was torn between Didier Drogba and Cantona. I didn't want to lean too heavily towards Chelsea, so I've gone with Cantona, but maybe with a doff of the hat to Drogba. I feel like I'm betraying him by not picking him. But I had a discussion with the boys and from a neutral's perspective, Cantona was just unbelievable. He was an incredibly gifted footballer and with the Premier League being newish and Manchester United coming to the fore, he was just something else.

Five songs Gustav would have on in the dressing room to fire up his side...

Queen - We Are the Champions

AC/DC - Thunderstruck

Andrew WK - Party Hard

Del Amitri - Don't Come Home Too Soon

Young Guns - Bones

Young Guns' current album, 'Bones', is out now. Their fifth and final single from it, 'You Are Not', is released on November 26th through Play It Again Sam. Watch the video here.