Ephraim hails Park

Hoops pair form decent midfield partnership over pre-season

Park Ji-sung: The QPR midfielder has impressed everyone at the club since his summer switch

Hogan Ephraim believes playing alongside a 'class act' like Park Ji-sung is helping him to improve as a player.

The pair were recently teamed up in central midfield by QPR boss Mark Hughes for their friendly match against Trabzonspor to see how they gelled.

The game ended in a 1-1 draw but it was the performance of Park that will be remembered rather than the result.

The South Korean pulled the strings in midfield and provided a master class for Ephraim in how to control a match - which had the 24 year-old watching on in awe.

"Ji is a fantastic player," Ephraim told the club's official website. "He's a class act - both on and off the pitch - and it was great to play in the centre with him.

"I've not really played there before to be honest. I've done it in a three, but not in a two, so I'm learning all the time and taking things on board as much as I can.

"The manager feels I can play there so I'll give it my best shot. Hopefully that continues and playing with people like Ji will only help.

"He's a quality player and being a United fan as well I've seen plenty of him over the years and know just how good a player he is.

"The manager wants me to get on the ball a lot. It's a bit different from the past when I've sometimes been stuck out wide or we've been more direct, but this style of play suits me.

"The manager wants us to play football the way I believe it should be played and that can only benefit me."