Cahill backs Kenwright

Everton star wants fans to respect chief's honesty

Cahill: Wants Everton supporters to respect their chairman

Everton midfielder Tim Cahill has asked the fans to respect chairman Bill Kenwright's honesty and not to vilify him for being unable to invest in the club this summer.

Kenwright has publicly admitted that the Toffees are in debt and that they have been refused loans from the bank because of this.

Manager David Moyes has been unable to sign any players in the transfer window because of lack of funds and the club's supporters have directed their frustration towards Kenwright.

However, Cahill believes that the fans are wrong to protest against the chairman and says that he admires the chief for his honesty.

"Every club is signing players," the 31-year-old told The Daily Star on Sunday. "But with the amount of money flying about in the market, you know to get a decent player you have to spend over £15million.

"Good on the chairman, though, because there is no way he is hiding from this and he's come out and addressed it before the start of the season."

Respect for honesty

"I admire him for that," continued the Australia international. "It takes a lot of bottle.

"He hasn't promised things that aren't going to happen. I respect the chairman a lot. He is very passionate about the club."

Cahill is also relieved that none of the major players has left Everton this summer despite the financial problems at Goodison Park.

"The positives are that we have some great players here on long-term contracts and we haven't lost anyone when a lot of other clubs are fighting to keep their best players," he enthused.

Everton defeated Blackburn Rovers 1-0 at Ewood Park on Saturday to register their first points of the new Premier League season.