Owen holding thumbs on scan

Owen: Hoping for good news

Port Vale defender Gareth Owen has had to undergo a second scan to determine the extent of his fractured ankle.

The results of Owen's first scan came back on Tuesday but have proved inconclusive, resulting in his specialist carrying out another, from which the results will be known Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Owen told Vale's official website: "We still can't tell whether it is an older injury or a fresh injury. When they get a clear view of it, then they hope to be able to see where the bone is chipped off and whether it is rounded a bit now. That would indicate an old injury.

"Fingers crossed, at the moment it is looking like good news, but we won't know for certain until Thursday morning."

The Vale centre-half also twisted his knee in the challenge with Wycombe's Stuart Beavon during Saturday's 1-1 draw at Adams Park.

And he added: "It's good news with my knee. There's bone bruising and some swelling inside the joint but there's no structural damage so that should settle down within a couple of weeks or so."