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Sun Life Stadium (ATT 18,000) 7th June 2014 - Kick off 21:45 Ref: R Salazar

England England vs Honduras Honduras


Honduras 0

B Beckeles (S/O 66)

Live Commentary

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  1. England 0 Honduras 0. The game ends goalless. Two draws in Miami for the Three Lions. Not what they would have been hoping for, but they now head for Brazil and the challenges which await them there. World Cup fever can now begin, but how will England fare? We are about to find out.

  2. 90+4

    Barkley looking for a yard 25 yards out. He finds one, but sees a shot deflected on its way through. No power on it by the time it reaches Valladares. Final few seconds run down as Honduras win a throw.

  3. 90+3

    Martinez slides a pass towards Najar, who is well forward. Cahill able to step across and see out the danger. England look for Sturridge, but Figueroa cuts out the pass. He shoots from inside his own half, but loops the ball into the hands of Forster.

  4. 90+2

    Frustration in the stands boiling over as well. A drink was thrown at Sturridge as he reflected on that failed cross moments ago. Back in the present and Barkley fails to beat his man. Honduras keep breaking things up in and around their box.

  5. 90+1

    Sturridge to the by-line, but works the ball onto his right foot. He can't dig out a cross. Honduras making yet another change late on. Mario Martinez sent on in place of Izaguirre.

  6. 90

    Barkley into the path of Wilshere down the left channel. He forces the ball square, but Lallana can't get there quickly enough and Valladares is able to dive at his feet.

  7. 89

    England haven't been able to work Valladares nearly enough tonight. He showed early on that he struggles to keep hold of the ball, but any shots from distance have been off target. Not the case for Izaguirre here as he drills into Celtic team-mate Forster from a long way out.

  8. 88

    Keepy-uppy from Barkley 25 yards out, but the ball won't come down for him. Sturridge takes over, but finds no space. Lampard goes out to Baines. Back inside to Cahill. He fires a pass into Lambert, which he can do little with as the ball almost knocks him off his feet.

  9. 87

    Claros with a loose pass which slips put of play. Honduras can make another change. Juan Carlos Garcia sent on in place of Espinoza. A defender on for a midfielder. Honduras looking to hold what they have.

  10. 86

    Cahill with a brave block on the edge of his box. Jerry Palacios gathers for Honduras. Everything behind him and the ball ends up all the way back at Valladares.

  11. 85

    Lampard's first touch finds Lallana. He has Johnson to his right. Wilshere then skips through midfield, but runs into trouble on the edge of the box. Three blue shirts there to block his path.

  12. 84

    Throw to Honduras that they are in no hurry to take. Referee forces them back some 10 yards, further delaying matters. The ball ends up running through to the feet of Forster. He clears long.

  13. 83

    Another change by England, with Lampard sent into their midfield in place of Henderson. Hodgson on the touchline scratching his head, and well he might.

  14. 83

    Bernardez now down. Honduras may be playing the clock slightly now. A few tired legs out there. Bernardez was bundled over by his own man, Claros.

  15. 82

    Najar slips past a couple of challenges. A long ball is then fed from left to right for Jerry Palacios to chase. It has too much on it and skids behind for a goal kick. England find Sturridge on their left. He goes past Wilson Palacios and goes to ground just inside the box. Waved back to his feet.

  16. 81

    Barkley with Henderson to his right. He takes a touch to set himself 25 yards out before pulling the trigger. His shot is never on target and fizzes harmlessly wide. Honduras now struggling to keep the ball for any length of time.

  17. 80

    Sturridge has dropped a little deeper, allowing Lambert to go up top. Barkley out to the left. Johnson still on the right and finding Henderson. He clips a hopeful ball into the box, but never got his head up and only finds the hands of Valladares.

  18. 79

    Jagielka bundled into by Jerry Palacios. Forster gets a touch as a shot is taken after the whistle is blown. He is now to be joined on the field by Lambert, with Welbeck making his way off.

  19. 78

    Honduras coach Luis Suarez - not that one - looking pretty pleased with himself. If things stay as they are, this will set his side up nicely for a trip to Brazil.

  20. 77

    Wilson Palacios down. Yellow card out for Baines. He's not happy with that decision. Baines slid in to try and block a clearance and may have caught the toe of Palacios as he brought his boot back down. No intent, so a harsh decision.

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