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Wembley Stadium (ATT 62,963) 15th November 2013 - Kick off 20:00 Ref: F Meyer

England England vs Chile Chile


Chile 2

A Sanchez (7, 90+4)

Live Commentary

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  1. England 0 Chile 2. A brace from Alexis Sanchez settles the tie. England can have few complaints as they were well off the pace.

  2. 90+5

    It could be worse for England, as they are pegged back again. Fuenzalida takes aim from the edge of the box, but Forster saves with ease. England counter, but Rooney curls wide from 12 yards out.

  3. 90+4

    GOAL CHILE - SANCHEZ. That man again, and that's game over. Sala bagged a brace in 1998, tonight it's Sanchez's night. England caught and Chile pile forward. Sanchez freed into the box and dinks delicately over Forster.

  4. 90+3

    Jara manages to squeeze a low cross into Munoz. He tees the ball back to Sanchez, whose touch lets him down - for the first time. Townsend runs the ball out and Mena is booked for hacking him down.

  5. 90+2

    Forster drops on a low cross and hammers down field. Ball won't stick for England and Bravo can gather. Lots of long balls now, which neither side are making much of.

  6. 90+1

    Diaz exchanges passes with Sanchez on his way across the field. Chile just looking to keep hold of the ball now. Up to England to go and get it back. Jara sends over a wayward cross from the right, but Sanchez can gather.

  7. Five minutes of stoppage-time to be played.

  8. 90

    Rooney deep inside his own half. He is clipped and wins a free-kick, which is taken quickly. Henderson drives forward and finds Rooney. England looking for a yard of space, but there isn't one there. Barkley pulled up for another shirt tug.

  9. 89

    Smalling nods back to Forster, and then gets the ball back. He runs play out, but is closed so quickly by Sanchez and Fuenzalida. The ball ends up being played off the England man and out for a throw. Sums England up.

  10. 88

    Rooney having words with the referee as Mena takes a tumble under pressure from Henderson. Again, not much in it but enough to send a player over. England get the ball back and have Townsend driving forward. He tries a one-two with Johnson, but sends the ball out of play.

  11. 87

    Baines calls for the quick return of the ball, and ends up being thrown two. Sanchez then flagged offside as Chile keep pressing. A long hoof forward by Smalling drops into open field.

  12. 86

    Rooney into the feet of Barkley. His first touch slips away from him a little, allowing Gonzalez to get across his path and draw a foul. Barkley didn't do much wrong, but did put his arm up. Bravo urged to get on with the free-kick by Florian Meyer.

  13. 85

    Hodgson slumped in his seat. He has done all he can. Players haven't delivered. He will be demanding much better against Germany on Tuesday. On the field, Forster slides out to gather at the feet of Munoz.

  14. 84

    Barkley with a neat turn which gets him into the box. He tries to square, but Chile have bodies back and the pass is cut out. Rooney tries again, going wide to Johnson. He plays a pass down the channel for Defoe, but he has slipped offside.

  15. 83

    Medel caught in the face by a stray arm from Barkley. He goes down and eats up a few more seconds. Sanchez then pulled up for a tug on Johnson. Forster trots out to take the free-kick - waving men forward.

  16. 82

    Johnson bundles through the back of Beausejour. Free-kick to Chile wide on their left. This time they are able to feed the ball into the box, but Sanchez glances wide of the post. Beausejour replaced by Fuenzalida.

  17. 81

    Bravo allowed as long as wants to clear his line. He plays a couple of short passes before Rooney eventually closes him down. Townsend then clips the ball through Mena's legs and out for a Chile throw.

  18. 80

    Henderson finds Rooney on the left. He ambles forward, before spreading play to Johnson and Townsend. The latter hooks over a cross, which finds the head of Medel.

  19. 79

    Johnson gives the ball straight to Munoz. Sloppy from England again. Beausejour is then surrounded by four white shirts before the ball is poked out of play. Sanchez then darts back into the game, but Jara lets him down on the edge of the box.

  20. 78

    Gonzalez hacks the ball into the stands. Anywhere will do from the Chile defender. England have a lot of forward-thinking players on the field now, but can they find a leveller?

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