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Europa League

White Hart Lane (ATT 34,353) 7th March 2013 - Kick off 20:05 Ref: Antonio Lahoz

Tottenham Tottenham Hotspur vs Inter Milan Inter

Tottenham 3

G Bale (6)
G Sigurdsson (18)
J Vertonghen (53)


Inter 0

Live Commentary

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  1. A stunningly one-sided game ends 3-0, but it could have been more such was Spurs' dominance at White Hart Lane. It was a bad, bad day at the office for Inter, who will need to improve drastically to bag three home goals at the San Siro in the return leg. Thanks for your messages tonight and I'll see you all soon.

  2. FT: Tottenham 3 Inter Milan 0.

  3. 90+2

    Jonathan looks to meet Guarin's ball out wide, but sets off too early, is caught offside, and that's probably the last Inter chance of the game.

  4. 90+1

    Defoe twists and turns to create a yard for himself, but a magnificent sliding interception from Ranocchia denies the ball finding the target.

  5. 90

    Three minutes of added time to be played.

  6. 88

    Guarin concedes the battle with Parker and Spurs advance with Holtby, calmly controlling the ball in and around Inter's penalty area.

  7. 87

    A crucial interception is made by Vertonghen, who gets his head on Gargano's chip into Palacio which would have set the Inter striker away.

  8. 85

    Holtby takes a tumble, but Naughton keeps his good work going until Gargano claims the loose ball, with Cassano's delivery into Palacio resulting in a goal-kick.

  9. 83

    Parker runs out of room during a surging run into the penalty box, with Ranocchia pushing up to make a timely tackle.

  10. 82

    Lennon makes way, with Naughton coming on to take the lively winger's pace.

  11. 81

    A chance for Holtby this time, whose deflected effort on the edge of the box bounces out of Handanovic's hands, before the keeper claims the spillage to make amends.

  12. 80

    Defoe battles with Ranocchia, before winning a throw-in down the right, as Spurs push for a fourth, knowing that conceding a late away goal could yet prove a blow heading into the second leg.

  13. 78

    Lennon's boot seems to have taken some damage in that tackle, and we can only hope that it is ok to continue the match.

  14. 76

    Pereira picks up a booking after a late sliding challenge on Lennon.

  15. 75

    Bale edges forward, before holding the ball up as Spurs slow down the pace of the game just as Inter looked to be gaining some momentum.

  16. 74

    Friedel is finally required to make a save after a clever Inter free-kick that sees the American palm away Palacio's effort.

  17. 73

    Zanetti wins a free-kick under pressure from Holtby, but as Ranocchia looks for Guarin, his ball rolls straight to Friedel.

  18. 72

    A rare touch for Gallas sees Guarin intercept from Parker, but as he goes down under Gallas, he is booked for a dive.

  19. 71

    Holtby takes to the field, with Sigurdsson's sensational shift brought to an end.

  20. 70

    Handanovic keeps Inter in the tie for the time being, diving out to superbly deny Lennon after skipping past Chivu far too easily.

  21. 69

    Another chance for Defoe, but again he fails to sort his feet out and Ranocchia is given the time necessary to steal the ball from the striker.

  22. 68

    Jonathan enters the fray for Inter at Alvarez's expense.

  23. 67

    Defoe storms forward following Lennon's pass, but a poor decision not to play in a team-mate sees Inter recover and get the bodies in to deny the striker.

  24. 66

    A Cambiasso free-kick carries a punch, and in the end a fairly needless Vertonghen touch results in a corner, which is played short, and intercepted by Lennon.

  25. 64

    Dembele is taken off, with Livermore the man replacing him.

  26. 63

    Spurs are peppering Handanovic's goal now, with Defoe the latest to strike, forcing a solid save at the near post to concede a corner.

  27. 62

    Zanetti is pickpocketed by Parker, but a foul is the decision against the Spurs midfielder as Inter claim possession in midfield.

  28. 61

    Nearly 4-0 to Spurs, as Bale surges foward in one his terrifying trademark runs, unleashing a shot that creeps away from the near post.

  29. 60

    A wild pass from Gargano sums up Inter's performance so far, with the ball landing in the crowd. Not too sure what the midfielder was thinking with that.

  30. 58

    A Walker free-kick is well claimed by Handonovic, and as Pereira looks to break down the left, Lennon's foul sees another free-kick awarded.

  31. 57

    The Spurs fans are buoyant as White Hart Lane rocks, with the hosts comfortably seeing off another Inter attack as Friedel gathers.

  32. 55

    Kovacic makes way, with Guarin the man taking his place.

  33. 55

    Cambiasson finds Palacio with a sublime ball through the centre, but swift marking from Gallas ensures the forward is intercepted abruptly.

  34. 53

    It's three and easy for Spurs, as Vertonghen fires in the header from the corner to put the hosts in a wholly commanding position. 3-0 and what a mountain Inter have to climb now.

  35. 53


  36. 52

    Great work from Defoe, who keeps the ball alive by knocking it into the danger area, with no team-mate near, forcing Ranocchia to touch it behind goal.

  37. 50

    Palacio looks to set away from Cambiasso's ball, but the offside flag thwarts his attempt to retrieve the pass.

  38. 49

    Bale's pinpoint free-kick into the back post is waiting to be pounced upon by Vertonghen, but he remarkably fails to make contact and the ball rolls out of play.

  39. 48

    Sigurdsson is everywhere, so to speak, and he is picked out by Lennon before a loose touch sees the chance come to nothing.

  40. 46

    Sigurdsson nearly links up for a splending one-two with Defoe, but the return ball is just too far forward for the former and Jesus is able to clear.

  41. 46

    Inter get the action restarted.

  42. 45

    Palacio is on for the second half, with Gargano his replacment.

  43. A wonderful half from Spurs saw them threaten to run away with the tie early on, but Inter showed signs of life late in the half as they look to claw an away goal from White Hart Lane. Send your second half thoughts to or tweet @JWoodfield365

  44. HT: Tottenham 2 Inter Milan 0.

  45. 45+1

    One minute of added time to be played.

  46. 45

    Jesus looks to wrestle Walker away from the ball, and with wrestling no longer an Olympic sport, the referee awards Spurs a free-kick.

  47. 44

    Another deflected delivery sees Alvarez's attempted shot travel for a corner. The delivery comes in, but Gallas powerfully heads away.

  48. 42

    Handonovic plucks the ball from the air, and as Inter generate some attacking momentum, a deflected pass from Cassano finds Alvarez, who inexplicably fires wide from 10 yards. A massive missed chance for Inter.

  49. 41

    Another sublime ball from Assou-Ekotto is delivered into a space where none of his team-mates were positioned, leaving Jesus to concede a corner.

  50. 40

    Good work from Ranocchia, who keeps pace with Defoe before sliding in to concede a throw-in near the byline.

  51. 39

    Sigurdsson strikes hard and low in a bid to find the bottom corner, but Handanovic shows good hands to prevent the ball spilling back out.

  52. 38

    Bale plays in Assou-Ekotto, but his efforts to let a cross away are thwarted by Zanetti, before Vertongen reclaims the ball moments later.

  53. 37

    Dembele's neat turn eludes Gargano, but as he finds Lennon down the right, Chivu meets his delivery into the danger area.

  54. 35

    Sigurdsson is again on hand to deliver a wonderful ball into the penalty area, with Bale on cue to meet it with a header that this time sails over the bar.

  55. 34

    Jesus' hopeful ball down the line is retrieved by Walker ahead of Cassano, and from there Spurs win a throw-in on the left side.

  56. 33

    Sigurdsson clashes with Pereira, but play on is the call given by the referee, with the Spurs man taking a hefty knock it appeared in the process.

  57. 31

    Ranocchia is penalised for pushing from the delivery, and Inter's second real moment of threat ends with a Spurs goal-kick

  58. 30

    Cassano, lacking options, finds Pereira with a pacey ball that sees the full-back do extremely well to earn his side a corner.

  59. 29

    Defoe's drive takes a deflection, and as Jesus lets it run out of play, the linesman incredibly awards an Inter throw-in, before the referee rightfully reverses the decision.

  60. 28

    Sigurdsson muscles in to retrieve the ball from Kovacic, with Inter looking completely devoid of ideas going forward when in possession.

  61. 27

    Sigurdsson gets his cross in this time, finding Vertonghen at the far post, leaving Handanovic to flap and barely parry the ball over the crossbar.

  62. 26

    Sigurdsson shimmies, but sees his delivery deflected out of play, with the midfielder growing more and more in stature.

  63. 25

    Spurs calmly retain possession at the back, with Inter pressing, but not enough to retrieve the ball. This is very impressive from Spurs at the moment.

  64. 23

    Parker beats Kovacic to the ball, and as the Inter midfielder slides in, catching Parker results in a Tottenham free-kick.

  65. 22

    Parker zips forward for Spurs, but eventually sees his progress quelled, as Inter look to break with Gallas intervening to prevent Cassano taking aim.

  66. 21

    Cassano is tripped by Gallas, and remains down following the tackle as play is brought back for an Inter free-kick.

  67. 20

    Spurs maintain their ascendancy as they push forward with a third, calmly knocking the ball round their midfield with Inter unable to find any answers at the moment.

  68. 18

    It's excellent from Tottenham, with Dembele and Lennon involved before Defoe takes aim, before Handanovic spills the ball leaving Sigurddson to slot home from the rebound. What a start for the hosts!

  69. 18


  70. 17

    Alvarez is again in the thick of it, finding Cassano who slips in Kovacic, who should do better as his effort inside the box lands with the fans.

  71. 16

    Alvarez looks to keep the ball alive at the byline, but his efforts see Vertonghen calmly head away with Inter very much yet to settle in the game so far.

  72. 14

    Parker bullies his way through the centre, before Defoe takes over the reins, feeding in Bale who goes down in a collision with Gargano and picks up a booking for diving.

  73. 13

    Bale lets rip from 30 yards, and of course finds the target, with his powerful drive bouncing into the grateful hands of Handonovic.

  74. 12

    Defoe is clattered into near the byline, but perplexingly no free-kick is awarded for Jesus' tackle and the end result from Spurs' attack is an Inter goal-kick.

  75. 10

    Dembele takes a tumble as over-vigorous defending from Alvarez results in a Tottenham free-kick.

  76. 9

    Lennon plays the ball into the oncoming Bale, but Chivu has a yard on the Spurs man and cuts across to reclaim possession for Inter.

  77. 8

    It's nearly 2-0 for Spurs, with Bale again menacing as he lines the ball up for Defoe, who draws a strong save from Handonovic. The hosts have begun excellently so far.

  78. 6

    The man of the moment has struck again, as Bale uses his head this time to knock the ball into the far corner from Sigurdsson's delivery. Great goal and what a start for Tottenham!

  79. 6


  80. 5

    Spurs advance through Sigurdsson, who holds the ball up for Bale before Assou-Ekotto delivers, with Chivo on hand to head away.

  81. 4

    Sigurdsson edges forward, but sees his progress halted as Inter's midfield tracks back, before moments later Lennon takes on Jesus and incredibly is not awarded a free-kick.

  82. 2

    Tidy stuff from Spurs early on, with Gallas finding Walker, whose delivery into the box is met by an air shot from Bale.

  83. 1

    Tottenham kick off and get the game underway.

  84. Jermain Defoe starts his first game in over a month as Tottenham look to gain an advantage in the first leg of their Europa League last-16 clash with Inter Milan at White Hart Lane. As expected, Brad Friedel starts in goal while Gylfi Sigurdsson retains his place in a starting XI that also includes man of the moment Gareth Bale. Antonio Cassano starts up front for Inter despite falling out with manager Andrea Stramaccioni last week.

  85. Spurs: Friedel, Walker, Vertonghen, Gallas, Assou-Ekotto, Dembele, Parker, Lennon, Sigurdsson, Bale, Defoe. Subs: Lloris, Caulker, Naughton, Dawson, Livermore, Carroll and Holtby.

  86. Inter: Handanovic, Zanetti, Ranocchia, Chivu, Juan Jesus, Gargano, Cambiasso, Alvarez, Kovacic, Pereira, Cassano. Subs: Belec, Benassi, Pasa, Mbaye, Jonathan, Guarin, Palacio

  87. Here are the teams...

  88. Good evening everyone and welcome to White Hart Lane for live coverage of Tottenham v Inter Milan in the Europe League. Team news will appear here shortly, if you'd like to get in touch tonight you can send an e-mail to or tweet @JWoodfield365

  89. Kick-off is at 2005 GMT.



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