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The FA Cup

Plainmoor (ATT 1,817) 3rd November 2012 - Kick off 15:00 Ref: W Barratt

Torquay Torquay United vs Harrogate Town Harrogate T

Torquay 0


Harrogate T 1

C Chilaka (20)

Live Commentary

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  1. The final whistle goes and the game is over.

  2. 91

    Ashley Yeoman has an effort at goal from just inside the box that misses to the right of the target.

  3. 89

    The assistant referee signals for offside against Aaron Downes. Craig MacGillivray takes the direct free kick.

  4. 88

    Adam Bolder gives away a free kick for an unfair challenge on Rene Howe.

  5. 87

    Centre by Ashley Yeoman.

  6. 86

    Unfair challenge on Dave Merris by Niall Thompson results in a free kick. Craig MacGillivray restarts play with the free kick.

  7. 85

    Header by Ryan Jarvis from deep inside the penalty area misses to the left of the target.

  8. 84

    Outswinging corner taken from the left by-line by Nathan Craig, Aaron Downes takes a shot. Save by Craig MacGillivray.

  9. 83

    Nathan Craig delivers the ball, save by Craig MacGillivray.

  10. 82

    Free kick awarded for a foul by Ryan Jarvis on Craig MacGillivray. Craig MacGillivray takes the direct free kick.

  11. 81

    Daniel Leadbitter sends in a cross, save by Craig MacGillivray.

  12. 79

    Tom Platt takes a shot. Save made by Michael Poke.

  13. 78

    Ashley Yeoman joins the action as a substitute, replacing Kevin Nicholson.

  14. 77

    Jonny Allan takes the outswinging corner, Shane Killock produces a header from inside the area that goes over the crossbar.

  15. 77

    Dan Clayton takes a shot. Save made by Michael Poke.

  16. 76

    Corner taken left-footed by Kevin Nicholson to the near post, Jonny Allan makes a clearance.

  17. 76

    Inswinging corner taken from the right by-line by Nathan Craig, Dwayne Samuels makes a clearance.

  18. 75

    The ball is crossed by Niall Thompson, clearance by Chib Chilaka.

  19. 73

    Outswinging corner taken left-footed by Kevin Nicholson played to the near post. Free kick awarded for an unfair challenge on Aaron Downes by Jonny Allan. Kevin Nicholson takes the free kick.

  20. 71

    Shot from deep inside the area by Chib Chilaka clears the crossbar.

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