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Scottish League Cup

Ochilview Park (ATT 705) 25th September 2012 - Kick off 19:45 Ref: B Madden

Stenh'muir Stenhousemuir vs Inverness CT Inverness

Stenh'muir 1

B Ferguson (pen 40)


Inverness 1

B McKay (23)

Inverness CT win 6-5 on penalties

Live Commentary

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  1. 120

    Penalty missed by Richie Foran.

  2. 126

    Penalty taken by Darren Smith is saved by Ryan Esson.

  3. 125

    Penalty scored by Philip Roberts. Stenhousemuir 5-6 Inverness CT on penalties.

  4. 125

    Stewart Kean scores a penalty. Stenhousemuir 5-5 Inverness CT on penalties.

  5. 125

    Ross Draper scores a penalty. Stenhousemuir 4-5 Inverness CT on penalties.

  6. 124

    Ross McMillan scores a penalty. Stenhousemuir 4-4 Inverness CT on penalties.

  7. 124

    Andrew Shinnie scores a penalty. Stenhousemuir 3-4 Inverness CT on penalties.

  8. 123

    John Gemmell scores a penalty. Stenhousemuir 3-3 Inverness CT on penalties.

  9. 123

    Penalty scored by Aaron Doran. Stenhousemuir 2-3 Inverness CT on penalties.

  10. 123

    Penalty missed by Bryan Hodge.

  11. 122

    Penalty scored by Gavin Morrison. Stenhousemuir 2-2 Inverness CT on penalties.

  12. 121

    Andy Rodgers scores a penalty. Stenhousemuir 2-1 Inverness CT on penalties.

  13. 121

    Graeme Shinnie scores a penalty. Stenhousemuir 1-1 Inverness CT on penalties.

  14. 121

    Penalty scored by Brown Ferguson. Stenhousemuir 1-0 Inverness CT on penalties.

  15. 120

    Penalty missed by Richie Foran.

  16. The players are ready for the drama of the penalty shoot-out.

  17. The match goes to a penalty shoot-out.

  18. 119

    Free kick awarded for an unfair challenge on Darren Smith by Graeme Shinnie. Free kick crossed left-footed by Bryan Hodge, free kick awarded for a foul by John Gemmell on Gary Warren. Ryan Esson takes the free kick.

  19. 118

    Free kick awarded for a foul by Kevin McKinlay on Aaron Doran. The referee shows Kevin McKinlay a yellow card. Free kick crossed by Aaron Doran, Andy Rodgers manages to make a clearance.

  20. 118

    Shot by Darren Smith. Ryan Esson makes a save.

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