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Olympic Games (Men's)

Millennium Stadium (ATT 22,000) 1st August 2012 - Kick off 17:00 Ref: R Irmatov

Mexico Mexico vs Switzerland Switzerland

Mexico 1

O Peralta (69)


Live Commentary

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  1. The game is over, as the referee blows his whistle.

  2. 91

    Innocent Emeghara gives away a free kick for an unfair challenge on Israel Jimenez. Free kick taken by Israel Jimenez.

  3. 89

    Corner taken by Fabio Daprela from the right by-line played to the near post, Jorge Enriquez makes a clearance.

  4. 88

    Headed effort from inside the penalty area by Oribe Peralta misses to the right of the target.

  5. 88

    Raul Jimenez takes a shot. Save made by Fabio Daprela.

  6. 87

    Free kick awarded for a foul by Xavier Hochstrasser on Raul Jimenez. Xavier Hochstrasser is cautioned. Israel Jimenez has a direct shot on goal from the free kick.

  7. 86

    Innocent Emeghara crosses the ball.

  8. 84

    Oribe Peralta concedes a free kick for a foul on Fabio Daprela. Fabio Daprela restarts play with the free kick.

  9. 84

    Xavier Hochstrasser comes on in place of Pajtim Kasami.

  10. 83

    Israel Jimenez takes a shot. Diego Benaglio makes a save. Raul Jimenez comes on in place of Dos Santos Giovani. Corner taken left-footed by Miguel Ponce from the left by-line, clearance made by Timm Klose.

  11. 82

    Fabian Frei takes a shot. Carlos Salcido gets a block in.

  12. 81

    The ball is crossed by Pajtim Kasami, clearance by Carlos Salcido.

  13. 78

    Miguel Ponce comes on in place of Marco Jhonfai Fabian.

  14. 78

    Javier Aquino produces a left-footed shot from just outside the penalty box that goes wide left of the target.

  15. 76

    Inswinging corner taken by Fabio Daprela, Jose de Jesus Corona makes a save.

  16. 76

    Fabio Daprela takes the inswinging corner, save by Jose de Jesus Corona.

  17. 75

    Alain Wiss on for Amir Abrashi.

  18. 73

    Innocent Emeghara takes a shot. Save by Jose de Jesus Corona. Inswinging corner taken by Ricardo Rodriguez.

  19. 72

    Free kick awarded for an unfair challenge on Ricardo Rodriguez by Jorge Enriquez. Ricardo Rodriguez takes the direct free kick.

  20. 72

    Dos Santos Giovani takes a shot. Fabian Frei gets a block in.

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