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Barclays Premier League

Old Trafford (ATT 75,600) 30th January 2013 - Kick off 20:00 Ref: L Mason

Man Utd Manchester United vs Southampton Southampton

Man Utd 2

W Rooney (8, 27)


Southampton 1

J Rodriguez (3)

Live Commentary

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  1. FULL TIME. That's it, United hold on to go seven points clear. Thanks for everyone's views tonight, stay with us for reaction.

  2. 90 (+3)

    Lallana's shot is blocked on the edge of the box and that is it.

  3. 90 (+2)

    Clyne and Rooney tussle for the ball near the United byline and Rooney wins a throw in to give his side some respite.

  4. 90 (+1)

    Lambert crosses from 22 yards on the right, Rodriquez heads at goal from 12 yards in the box but it is wide.

  5. 90

    Three minutes of added time are announced.

  6. 89

    It is all Saints - United are holding on.

  7. 88

    Rooney clears the box. Lambert appeals for handball but the ref waves play on.

  8. 87

    Saints continue to press but the United back line hold firm.

  9. 85

    Saints press and the ball falls to Lambert in the box who shoots from 15 yards but Vidic is quickly out and blocks. The ball falls to Schneiderlin but he blasts well over from 20 yards.

  10. 83

    Lallana whips the free-kick in from 30 yards on the left, RVP heads and Carrick clears.

  11. 83

    Rafael pulls back Lallana on the left and is rightly booked.

  12. 81

    Rooney is played in one-on-one with Boruc by RVP but the Saints keeper is quickly off his line, spreads himself big and collects the ball at the striker's feet.

  13. 79

    RVP wins a corner on the left. Rooney takes but Saints clear.

  14. 78

    Saints take the corner but Utd clear. Shaw is on for Fox at left back for Saints.

  15. 78

    Rodriquez wins a free-kick 22 yards out in front of goal. Lambert takes and De Gea makes a great save to his left before Saints win a corner on the right.

  16. 77

    Welbeck presses but Saints clear the box. Then Boruc produces a wonder save to deny RVP from point blank range, then RVP has the ball in the net from a Rooney cross from the left but he is given offside.

  17. 76

    Vidic is booked.

  18. 75

    RVP releases Jones into the left side of the box but Schneiderlin clears. Evra then crosses back into the box from the left and United win a throw in 10 yards out on the left.

  19. 73

    Nani is on for Kagawa as Fergie makes his last throw of the dice and tries again to stem the Saints tide.

  20. 72

    Clyne crosses from the right byline and Ferdinand puts it out for a corner on the left. Saints take and win a throw in 25 yards out on the left.

  21. 71

    RVP finds Rooney to the left of the box. He comes inside and shoots from 15 yards but Boruc gathers his low shot at the second attempt.

  22. 71

    Saints continue to press but Kagawa intercepts and Carrick releases Welbeck with a great pass down the left. He crosses into the box but Yoshida clears.

  23. 70

    Rooney releases RVP to the left of goal, he crosses back into the centre but Hooiveld clears.

  24. 68

    Rafael is on for Anderson, Jones has gone into midfield.

  25. 68

    Rodriquez tries an effort from 25 yards out in front of goal but his effort is well wide.

  26. 67

    Saints continue to press and word is Rafael is coming on to sure up United, with Anderson coming off.

  27. 65

    Rodriquez crosses from the right into the box but de Gea gathers. He then puts his goal kick out of play and Saints come again.

  28. 63

    Ferdinand is on for Smalling in the centre of defence.

  29. 63

    Evra is fouled on the edge of the box by Clyne. Ferdinand is about to come on to try and stem the Saints tide.

  30. 61

    Saints come again and win a corner on the left. Fox takes and Davies heads over from 15 yards.

  31. 60

    Lambert hits the free-kick at De Gea. He cannot catch the ball but gathers at the second attempt.

  32. 59

    Carrick fouls Lallana for a Saints' free-kick 28 yards out in front of goal.

  33. 57

    Schneiderlin takes the second corner and United just scramble Lambert's header away. Saints come again and Davies shoots wide from 22 yards. Saints are giving this a good go!!

  34. 56

    Clyne wins a corner on the right off Welbeck. Saints take and win another.

  35. 55

    The game is scrappy in the middle at present.

  36. 54

    United press and Kagawa crosses from the right but Hooiveld clears the box.

  37. 53

    Saints come again and Lambert tries an effort from 25 yards but it is well wide.

  38. 52

    Saints take the corner and Lallana flicks the ball on at the near post but De Gea gathers.

  39. 51

    Rodriquez wins a throw in five yards out on the right off Vidic. Saints take and win another in a similar position. Clyne takes before Fox wins a corner on the left.

  40. 50

    RVP tries to latch onto a Jones throughball down the right but is given offside.

  41. 49

    Rodriquez tries an effort from the edge of the box but Vidic blocks. The ball falls to Lambert who tries an effort from 22 yards but it is weak and De Gea easily saves.

  42. 48

    RVP wins a throw in 25 yards out on the right. He takes to Welbeck but fox intercepts the return ball and clears.

  43. 47

    Lambert tries to release Lallana into the left side of the box but Jones heads clear.

  44. 46

    Southampton re-start the game.

  45. S Davies and Lallana are on for the second period for Ramirez and Puncheon.

  46. HALF TIME. That's it for the first period, Utd go in 2-1 ahead. I'll post the De Gea views up now...stay with us for the second period.

  47. 45 (+1)

    The Saints fans are singing 'we're going to win 3-2!' That's the spirit!!!

  48. Two minutes of added time are announced.

  49. 45

    RVP takes the free-kick but it is over hit and out for a goal kick.

  50. 45

    Schneiderlin and Jones tussle for the ball and Jones wins a free-kick 25 yards out to the right of goal. Schneiderlin kicks the ball away and is booked for his troubles.

  51. 43

    Saints take the free-kick but it is over hit and Lambert can not get on it at the far post. He rips his top in a tussle with Welbeck for the ball!

  52. 41

    Puncheon wins a corner on the right off Vidic.

  53. Re the De Gea debate, I'll post the remaining emails at the break...

  54. 39

    United press on the right. Welbeck shoots low from eight yards but Boruc saves well with his legs. Rooney then tries a long range effort but Boruc saves to his right.

  55. 38

    Ramirez tries to cross from the right byline towards Puncheon at the far post but United clear.

  56. 37

    Puncheon tries to run into the right side of the box but uses his arm and the ref pulls him up.

  57. 36

    Saints keep good possession without threatening.

  58. 35

    Lull - no more chances yet.

  59. 33

    Saints win a corner on the right. They take but the back-tracking Lambert can only head over from 15 yards out.

  60. 32

    Puncheon crosses from 25 yards on the left but Vidic eventually clears.

  61. 31

    Vidic fouls Lambert for a free-kick 40 yards out in the centre. Saints take but lose the ball and Kagawa feeds the ball to RVP to the left of goal but he shoots wide from 12 yards.

  62. 30

    United take the throw in and feed the ball to Evra on the left who blasts over from 15 yards.

  63. 29

    United come again and Jones crosses from 15 yards on the right but Hooiveld manages to clear for a United throw in 20 yards out on the right..

  64. 27

    GOAL - ROONEY!!!!! RVP whips the free-kick in deep, Evra meets the ball at the far post and heads back across goal, leaving Rooney with the easiest of tap-ins in the centre!!!

  65. 26

    Jones presses down the right flank and Rodriquez fouls for a free-kick 20 yards out.

  66. 25

    RVP is released into the left side of the box and he tries to guide the ball to Evra in the centre but Fox tracks across to intercept and clear.

  67. 24

    Rooney breaks into the left side of the box and plays a dangerous cross from eight yards which Boruc manages to scramble away with his legs.

  68. 23

    RVP takes the corner but Boruc comes off his line and catches the ball in the box.

  69. 22

    United come again and RVP's shot from the edge of the box on the right is deflected over for a corner on the right.

  70. 21

    Fox takes the throw in but United win the ball. Rooney and Fox tussle for the ball on the edge of the box and Rooney thinks he's fouled but the ref waves play on and Saints clear.

  71. 20

    RVP forces Boruc into a save, pushing the ball out for a corner on the right. Rooney takes but the Saints clear before Kagawa's cross from the left is over hit and Anderson saves a goal kick on the right.

  72. 18

    Ramirez takes the free-kick but it is well over.

  73. 17

    Puncheon wins a free-kick off Vidic 25 yards out in front of goal.

  74. 16

    RVP takes the free-kick but it goes out harmlessly for a goal kick at the near post. RVP thinks it should be a corner but the ref says no.

  75. 15

    United come again and Jones wins a free-kick off Rodriquez 12 yards out to the right of the box.

  76. 14

    Ramirez takes the corner but it is too deep and united break forward following Rooney's initial clearance but Rooney loses the ball to the left of the box and Saints have a throw in.

  77. 13

    Lambert hits the free-kick at goal and it takes a deflection off the wall and out for a corner on the left.

  78. 12

    Southampton press and Ramirez wins a free-kick 30 yards out to the left of goal from Carrick.

  79. 10

    Kagawa hits the post from close range after latching onto a pass from Rooney at the far post following a cross from Jones from the right. Southampton scramble the ball clear.

  80. 8

    GOAL - ROONEY!!!! Kagawa plays a great pass to release Rooney into the box and he shoots low past Boruc from 10 yards into the bottom left corner!! Game on!!!

  81. 6

    Rooney puts the corner from the left into the box but Smalling heads over from six yards under pressure at the near post.

  82. 5

    Rooney tries to release Kagawa into the left side of the box and Boruc puts it out for a corner on the left.

  83. 3

    GOAL - RODRIQUEZ!!!!! Rodriguez gets onto a sloppy back pass by Carrick from outside the box and scores!!! De Gea comes off his line to try and retrieve the ball but Rodriguez gets there first, takes it around the keeper and scores from a tight angle on the left!!!!

  84. 2

    United press down the left flank but Clyne clears.

  85. 2

    No chances yet as both teams find their feet.

  86. 1

    United get the game underway.

  87. Jay Alderson says: 'I believe SAF should not take the Saints lightly, play a strong squad and pile the pressure on the blue half. If SAF does play a strong side; I believe a comfortable win and hopefully a vast improvement on the goal difference front (it cost us last year)/'

  88. Fancy a bet? Sky Bet go 2/9 for a Man Utd win, 11/2 for the draw and 10/1 for a win for the Saints. I'm going for a 4-0 United win, with Van Persie to score first which pays a handsome 20/1! For a full market, click here.

  89. Teams - Robin van Persie returns to the United line-up as Sir Alex Ferguson goes for all-out attack against Southampton. Wayne Rooney, Danny Welbeck and Shinji Kagawa are also included in a side that shows just four changes from Saturday's FA Cup win over Fulham. For his second game in charge, new Saints boss Mauricio Pochettino makes two changes, with Jay Rodriguez and Daniel Fox both recalled.

  90. Referee - Lee Mason (Lancashire)

  91. Teams - Southampton: Boruc, Clyne, Yoshida, Hooiveld, Fox, Schneiderlin, Cork, Puncheon, Rodriguez, Ramirez, Lambert. Subs: Kelvin Davis, Steven Davis, Lee, Lallana, Richardson, Shaw, Chaplow.

  92. Teams - Man Utd: De Gea, Jones, Smalling, Vidic, Evra, Welbeck, Carrick, Anderson, Kagawa, Rooney, van Persie. Subs: Lindegaard, Da Silva, Ferdinand, Valencia, Nani, Cleverley, Buttner.

  93. Welcome to Old Trafford where Manchester United host Southampton bidding to extend their lead at the top. What do you think the outcome will be tonight? Send your views / predictions to and I will post up the best throughout the evening.



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