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UEFA Champions League

Santiago Bernabeu (ATT 82,619) 25th April 2012 - Kick off 19:45 Ref: V Kassai

R Madrid Real Madrid vs Bayern Munich Bay Munich

R Madrid (3) 2

C Ronaldo (pen 6, 14)


Bay Munich (3) 1

A Robben (pen 27)

Bayern Munich win 3-1 on penalties

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 10:23 pm, April 25th 2012

  1. Bayern Munich win the penalty shoot-out!

  2. Goal! Real Madrid 1 Bayern Munich 3 (Schweinsteiger)

  3. Miss! Real Madrid 1 (Ramos) Bayern Munich 2

  4. Saved! Real Madrid 1 Bayern Munich 2 (Lahm)

  5. Goal! Real Madrid 1 (Alonso) Bayern Munich 2

  6. Saved! Real Madrid 0 Bayern Munich 2 (Kroos)

  7. Saved! Real Madrid 0 (Kaka) Bayern Munich 2

  8. Goal! Real Madrid 0 Bayern Munich 2 (Gomez)

  9. Saved! Real Madrid 0 (Ronaldo) Bayern Munich 1

  10. Goal! Real Madrid 0 Bayern Munich 1 (Alaba)

  11. Bayern up first.

  12. Penalties it is then. Would you bet against a German outfit?

  13. 120

    Full-time: We are heading for penalties!

  14. 120

    Game being played at walking pace now. Boateng is down with cramp.

  15. 118

    Great burst from Marcelo as he beats three men but finds Higuain offside. Ronaldo was also there - and onside - and he puts the ball in the net but the flag was already up against the striker.

  16. 117

    No clearcut openings for what feels like hours as another offside flag goes up. Hard to imagine a chance in the remaining few moments. Penalties, surely.

  17. 115

    Granero is booked for diving instead.

  18. 115

    Real want a penalty as Granero goes down under Neuer's challenge.

  19. 113

    Kaka finds space in the area but delays his cross waiting for Khedira at the far post. In the end, the cross is blocked.

  20. 112

    Kaka ghosts past Lahm and Boateng is forced to concede a corner... or what appears to be a corner. The referee waves away the appeals.

  21. 111

    Ozil replaced by Granero.

  22. 110

    Kaka crosses but Ronaldo stumbles and the ball is allowed to run out for a goal-kick.

  23. 108

    Ronaldo has a shot but he cuts across the ball and it goes well wide.

  24. 108

    Marcelo tripped by Robben.

  25. 107

    Ramos lofts the ball forward for Kaka to chase. Kaka and Higuain have a responsibility to work hard now as the rest of the Real team seem to be flagging.

  26. 106

    Good challenge by Lahm on Ronaldo. The Real forward was through on the last man if he mistimed that one.

  27. 106

    Higuain is on for Benzema.

  28. 105

    The referee blows up. That's half-time in extra-time.

  29. 104

    Badstuber is booked for a rash challenge on Benzema. Another player who will miss the final if his team get there.

  30. 103

    Lahm's cross flicks off the head of Ramos and it's a corner to Bayern. Kroos crosses and Ramos concedes another corner.

  31. 102

    Khedira tries to play in Ronaldo but he overhits the pass and Neuer collects.

  32. 101

    Pepe is fouled by Gustavo and he is finally carded. Perhaps for repetitive fouling. He is out of the final should Bayern make it.

  33. 100

    The impressive Kroos spreads the play to Muller. Kroos has looked as likely as anyone to unlock something.

  34. 100

    Ronaldo crosses from the left but Neuer claims.

  35. 99

    Pepe advances and opens up some room for Ronaldo to shoot but, surprisingly, he checks the shot and the chance is gone.

  36. 98

    Important touch by Schweinsteiger to deny Real. They are knocking on the door but it's tired stuff now.

  37. 96

    Muller is immediately on the ball but his touch is heavy and that's out for a goal-kick.

  38. 96

    Muller replaces Ribery.

  39. 95

    Alaba advances down the left but Bayern lose it and Ronaldo is through in the vacant space. But Ribery works hard to get back and commit a tactical foul.

  40. 94

    Real cannot sustain it however and Bayern begin that patient build-up again.

  41. 93

    Marcelo nearly bullies his way through after a series of ricochets. The visitors are penned in at the moment.

  42. 92

    Will things be different? Both coaches appeared very vocal during the brief break. Real have started the brighter.

  43. 91

    We are back underway and Real are on the attack with a corner but Bayern clear.

  44. End of normal time. The referee blows up and we are heading for extra-time. A much cagier affair after the hectic first 45 minutes. Engrossing stuff though.

  45. 90+1

    Bad decision by Ramos nearly allows Gomez and Robben in but they squander the opportunity and that's just about it. Two minutes of stoppage time.

  46. 90

    Booking for Robben. Dissent after not being awarded a foul.

  47. 89

    Pepe is caught by Ribery while on the ground and he is soon rolling around on the floor. Over-the-top reaction as there was hardly any contact and the referee does not appear too interested.

  48. 88

    Kaka and Ozil engineer the chance for Arbeloa to get to the by-line but his cross is cut out.

  49. 86

    Robben feeds Gomez and the striker tries to turn on his left-foot to get the shot away. There are calls for a penalty but the chance is gone... for a moment. Alaba puts Robben in again seconds later and he squares for Gomez to slot home... but the striker delays and is closed down. Huge chance to finish the tie.

  50. 85

    Bayern stroking the ball across the back-line as Real back off.

  51. 83

    Bayern nearly in behind after good work from Robben and Ribery but the latter commits a foul on Pepe unnecessarily and Casillas can take the free-kick.

  52. 82

    Neat work from Ozil feeds Benzema but his pass to Ronaldo is casual and Bayern win it back. Lahm is the full-back pushing on rather than Marcelo as we come to the latter stages of normal time.

  53. 80

    Kaka has the chance to run at the Bayern defence but despite the howls of the Real crowd it's a goal-kick in the end not a corner for the home side. We could well be heading for extra-time.

  54. 78

    Ozil's corner flicks the top of Ronaldo's head and goes out for a throw-in.

  55. 78

    Benzema deceives Badstuber in the right corner but cannot find a Real player with the cross.

  56. 77

    Impressive tackle by Ramos to deny Gomez getting beyond him.

  57. 76

    Pepe with two clearances in a matter of minutes. Bayern dominating this passage of play with Real increasingly cautious.

  58. 75

    Di Maria is coming off to be replaced by Kaka.

  59. 73

    Gomez nearly away but his touch is poor and he is forced to check back. A reminder that a Bayern goal now would leave Real needing two.

  60. 72

    Ronaldo with another free-kick but this time it's over the bar.

  61. 71

    Another foul given against Gustavo. This time on Ozil. The Bayern players are amazed it's a foul, the Real players are amazed it's not a booking. That looked a great tackle.

  62. 70

    Ronaldo away again down the left and his cut-back finds Benzema. But the striker tries to take it first time and hits the ball well over the bar.

  63. 69

    Ronaldo's effort is straight at Neuer.

  64. 68

    Foul by Gustavo on Marcelo. All a bit niggly right now. You can sense the tension.

  65. 67

    Ronaldo wins a corner but Di Maria's deadball is cleared and the pressure is relieved.

  66. 66

    The ball breaks for Robben and he's running at Pepe one-on-one. He beats the defender but his touch is strong and Casillas is off his line to claim.

  67. 66

    Kroos curls the free-kick in and it's a tempter for Gomez but he can't get enough on it.

  68. 65

    Foul by Arbeloa on Ribery. The right-back needs to be careful now.

  69. 64

    Lovely shaped pass by Alonso with the outside of his right-foot but Marcelo is called offside. He's well on as it happens.

  70. 63

    Benzema with the foul now as Bayern starve Real of the ball.

  71. 62

    Ronaldo getting frustrated as the service into him begins to dry up. At the other end, Robben shoots but Marcelo is there with the block.

  72. 60

    Arbeloa in the book now for a cynical foul.

  73. 59

    Ronaldo runs at Lahm down the left and wins a corner.

  74. 57

    Chance for Gomez but he shoots straight at Casillas.

  75. 56

    Foul by Ribery on Di Maria. The German side appear frustrated with the Argentina international. But they don't have time to complain as Benzema fires a shot at goal that Neuer can only palm away.

  76. 55

    Real are really slowing the game down now. They seem acutely aware that one Bayern goal now would really leave them up against it.

  77. 54

    Robben nearly threads the ball through to Gomez but Pepe is alert and brings the ball away before he is fouled by the big German striker.

  78. 52

    Ball over the top tries to find Benzema but he is offside.

  79. 51

    Both managers adopting a slightly cagier approach after the break. Real stroking the ball around the back at the moment.

  80. 50

    Schweinsteiger commits the foul and there is a brief pause in the action. Intense half coming up.

  81. 49

    Khedira tries to thread Ronaldo through on goal but Lahm is wise to it on this occasion and passes back to Neuer.

  82. 48

    Bayern enjoying possession again. They seem content with a slow build-up but it means they are denying the home team the ball. Gomez has a headed chance and it drifts agonisingly wide.

  83. 46

    Real kick-off and are straight on the attack with Benzema firing a ball across the six-yard box from the inside-right channel.

  84. Thanks for your feedback and sorry I couldn't use them all - the players are back out.

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  86. Half-time: The referee blows up and that's the end of a scintillating first-half. It looked like it might be a straightforward evening for Real after Ronaldo's early goals, but it's fascinatingly poised now.

  87. 45+2

    Robben takes it and aims for the same spot as where he slotted in the penalty, but Casillas is up to it this time and pats the ball away.

  88. 45+1

    More good football from Bayern and they win a free-kick in a great position on the edge of the box.

  89. 44

    Alonso's cross from the free-kick is over the head of Ramos.

  90. 43

    Ozil away down the left and is fouled near the by-line by Gustavo.

  91. 42

    Robben with a clever throw-in nearly puts Gomez through but the ball is just - just - intercepted.

  92. 40

    Ozil is fouled by Badstuber and the crowd are howling. Very even game now.

  93. 38

    Robben on the left now and Real are backing off again. However, his shot is wild and wide of the near post.

  94. 37

    Ronaldo hits the target but it's straight at Neuer and the keeper collects.

  95. 36

    Foul by Gustavo on Di Maria. Free-kick in a dangerous area.

  96. 35

    Crunching tackle by Boateng on Ronaldo concedes a corner.

  97. 34

    Bayern competing well and getting plenty of room in the Real half. The ball is slotted in towards Gomez and he's clean through... but fires straight at Casillas. Then there is a penalty shout but the referee waves the claims away.

  98. 32

    Gustavo tries to spread the play but he puts the ball out instead.

  99. 32

    Stoppage now as Di Maria is down injured.

  100. 31

    Great effort! Benzema cuts in from the left and fires a shot towards the top right corner - it's only just wide.

  101. 29

    That's calmed the crowd down a bit. A penalty for either side and we could be seeing a few more if it stays like this - we're 3-3 on aggregate. Ronaldo has an effort from range and although it's heading wide any touch from Benzema there could have diverted the ball in.

  102. 27

    Goal! Robben puts the ball to Casillas' right and the keeper just gets his fingertips to it but cannot keep the ball out.

  103. 26

    Pepe is booked.

  104. 26

    Penalty awarded! The ball is crossed in by Kroos and Gomez appears to be pushed by Pepe.

  105. 25

    All a bit messy in midfield before it comes out to Ronaldo. He skips past Lahm and nearly finds Benzema at the back post. Bayern struggle to clear but eventually get the ball away.

  106. 24

    Gomez is out on the right-wing now but Ramos is able to head away his left-footed centre.

  107. 23

    Gustavo with the effort now. Again it's wide. There will be chances here for the German side, you feel.

  108. 21

    Di Maria attempts a reverse pass to Benzema but it is easily cut out. For Bayern, Gomez takes another pop from range but it's well wide. Casillas is not happy with the closing down though.

  109. 20

    Kroos puts the ball into the box and there is briefly some panic as Real are unable to clear.

  110. 19

    Di Maria with a powerful run down the right as Real showcase their threat on the break once again. It's soon down the other end though with Ribery and the home side are forced to concede a corner.

  111. 17

    Lahm advancing now but Ribery cannot play him in with the return pass. Bayern have had plenty of the ball but Real are so incisive.

  112. 16

    Robben, cutting in from the right, curls a ball towards the far corner but it's weak and easy for Casillas.

  113. 14

    Goal! Ronaldo again! Calm finish from the Portuguese star after Ozil's languid disguised pass. Beautiful goal and it looked easy.

  114. 13

    Ribery on the ball trying to pick a pass. Impressive response from the visitors.

  115. 12

    Gomez tries his luck from range and Casillas fumbles. The ball nearly comes out to Ribery but in the end Bayern must settle for a corner.

  116. 11

    Di Maria with a chance to slide in Benzema but the ball hits the back of the Frenchman's heel and the chance is gone.

  117. 10

    Alaba in space again and takes a shot from range but it's high and wide.

  118. 9

    What a start here. The onus is on Bayern to attack and they're showing a bit of adventure now.

  119. 8

    Chance for Robben to score at the other end. Great ball from the man who conceded the penalty, Alaba, but the Dutchman can't find the net. He tried to measure the ball with a sidefooted finish but it flies over the bar.

  120. 6

    Goal! It's in! Ronaldo slots it home to Neuer's left having sent him the wrong way.

  121. 5

    Alaba is booked for the handball. He will miss the final should Bayern get there.

  122. 5

    Penalty awarded! Di Maria smashes it against Alaba and the ref points to the spot.

  123. 5

    Neuer with the long kick but it's Real back on the attack down the left. Marcelo going forward again.

  124. That was a great chance for Khedira.

  125. 3

    Incisive pass by Alonso finds a fantastic run from Di Maria down the right and he reaches the by-line but Khedira cannot put the pull back away. He's aimed it straight at Neuer.

  126. 2

    Attacking run from Marcelo and he is fouled. Real on the ball in the early stages.

  127. 2

    Now Di Maria miscontrols the ball and it runs out of play. Both teams feeling the pressure of the occasion?

  128. 1

    That was a nervy start from Neuer. Horrible miskick as he caught the ball with his standing foot. Benzema wasn't close enough to capitalise.

  129. 1

    Bayern kick-off and we're up and running.

  130. Thanks for your feedback but we're about to get underway!

  131. Real have exited the competition on six of the eight occasions they have lost the first leg of a Champions League knockout tie. The last time they prevailed after a first-leg defeat was back in 2002, when they lost the first quarter-final leg at Munich 2-1, but won the return fixture at Madrid 2-0.

  132. Karim Benzema has been given the nod ahead of Gonzalo Higuain. Benzema has been directly involved in 12 Champions League goals this season (seven goals + five assists). Only Lionel Messi has had a hand in more (18).

  133. Very few changes to the line-ups from the first-leg. In fact, only one. Jupp Heynckes goes with the side that won in Munich while Mourinho brings in Marcelo for Fabio Coentrao.

  134. They have a perfectly balanced record when facing each other in European Cup/Champions League knockout ties: both have progressed to the next round on four occasions.

  135. This will be the 14th meeting between Real and Bayern in the Champions League which makes this fixture the most frequent in the history of the competition.

  136. Our friends at Sky Bet rate the home side as slight favourites to qualify despite being a goal behind before kick-off. Real Madrid are 8/13 while Bayern Munich can be backed to progress at 6/5.

  137. Real Madrid: Casillas; Arbeloa, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo; Alonso, Khedira; Di Maria, Ozil, Ronaldo; Benzema.

  138. Bayern Munich: Neuer; Lahm, Boateng, Badstuber, Alaba; Gustavo, Schweinsteiger; Robben, Kroos, Ribery; Gomez.

  139. The teams are in and will be up shortly.

  140. If you'd like to drop me a line tonight you can email me at or tweet me @GhostGoal

  141. Good evening everyone and welcome to our live coverage of the Champions League semi-final second leg between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.

  142. Kick-off is at 1945 BST...

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