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Barclays Premier League

Ewood Park (ATT 26,144) 7th May 2012 - Kick off 20:00 Ref: M Clattenburg

Blackburn Blackburn Rovers vs Wigan Athletic Wigan


Wigan 1

A Alcaraz (87)

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Blackburn are relegated

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 9:58 pm, May 7th 2012

  1. Alcaraz's header sends Blackburn down to the Championship on a poisonous night at Ewood Park. Fans invade the pitch and head for Kean to let their feelings be known. The win means Wigan are safe from the drop. That will be overshadowed by Blackburn's relegation, but is an excellent achievement by Martinez. Stay with us for all the post-match reaction.

  2. 90 + 3


  3. 90 + 2

    Sixty seconds left for Blackburn. It is a horrible night for Blackburn fans. There has been no response to going behind.

  4. 90

    ADDED TIME: There will be a minimum of three minutes added time before the final whistle. Blackburn are 180 seconds from relegation.

  5. 89

    Blackburn deserve to lose tonight. They have been poor and they really do appear to be a club with serious instability ahead. Fans are streaming towards the exit on this rain-soaked night.

  6. From a corner, the Wigan defender gets a power head to the ball and gives Robinson no chance from six yards despite the goalkeeper getting a hand to the ball. 'Kean out' quotes are deafening. Wigan are safe with a win and celebrate the goal in style. Blackburn are just a few minutes from relegation.

  7. 87

    GOAL ALCARAZ (0-1)!!!

  8. 86

    Moses sends a brilliant cross curling in front of the Blackburn goal, Sammon, seconds after his introduction, is just a yard away from connecting.

  9. 86

    Sammon comes on in place of Di Santo

  10. 85

    'Kean out' chants again ring around Ewood Park. This has been a sorry night.

  11. 84

    With perfect timing, Maloney misses a glorious chance. Unmarked on the six-yard line, he manages to send a header over the crossbar.

  12. 83

    If Wigan had taken their chances this evening, they could have put Blackburn a long time ago.

  13. 82

    Oh dear, in a passage of play that has summed up the night, McCarthy and Moses both somehow manage to make a hash of things inside the six-yard box with miskicks and a scramble before Robinson grabs the ball. Brave goalkeeping, though.

  14. 81

    It's a final roll of the dice from Kean as he replaces full-back Orr with striker Goodwillie.

  15. 80

    Olsson skips past Maloney on the left and crosses. Caldwell and Al Habsi go for the same ball. But the goalkeeper can then claim the ball.

  16. 79

    Al Habsi then makes an excellent clearing punch at the corner and smashes the ball well down field and out for a throw-in.

  17. 78

    Hoilett's shot deflects, but Al Habsi is unable to prevent t from going for a corner.

  18. 77

    This game really is limping towards its conclusion. Given the importance, it has been remarkably flat.

  19. 76

    McArthur is stunned that a foul is awarded to Blackburn in the centre circle. Robinson sends the free-kick into the Wigan box. But Dann commits a clear push on Alcaraz and it is a foul for Wigan.

  20. 75

    Replays of the earlier Boyce challenge on Hoilett show that it was a blatant penalty. Kean will likely have something to say about that if Blackburn are relegated. It did look, though, as if referee Clattenburg's view was obscured by another Blackburn player.

  21. 74

    Blackburn's formation has been sat so deep this evening. They have been unable to keep any sort of pressure on Wigan.

  22. 73

    Caldwell is lucky to get away with heading the ball from a goal-kick straight at Modeste. The Blackburn forward fails to control after being gifted possession.

  23. 72

    Moses is booked for 'simulation' (diving) inside the Blackburn penalty area. There was contact in a shoulder-to-shoulder challenge with Pedersen, but the Wigan forward was looking for the foul. Correct decision.

  24. 71

    Moses does well to out-muscle and out-pace two Blackburn defenders before laying the ball off to Beausejour.

  25. 70

    Blackburn launch an attack. Modeste, who has not had the best of nights, sends a daisy-cutter into the hands of AL Habsi.

  26. 69

    Maloney takes the corner. But it swings out of play and then back in. Goal-kick. Heavy rain is now falling.

  27. 68

    From the free-kick, 20 yards from goal, Maloney hits the wall and it deflects for a corner.

  28. 67

    Pedersen is booked for sliding in from behind on Maloney on the edge of the Blackburn box after Wigan had counter-attacked. That is what is known as taking one for the team.

  29. 66

    McCarthy is not happy with Di Santo after making an excellent outside run at a counter-attack only to be ignored by his colleague.

  30. 65

    The Blackburn fans are still chanting against Kean, Venky's... you name it.

  31. 64

    Caldwell misjudges a long ball and is fortunate his defensive partner, Alcaraz, is covering to tackle back on Hoilett.

  32. 63

    Another free-kick wide on the left to Blackburn. Pedersen sends this one skidding into the six-yards box. It is a decent delivery but skims through to Al Habsi on the first bounce.

  33. 62

    The word from the touchline amid all the previous concerns is that Givet was only substituted because of a hamstring injury.

  34. 61

    Substitute Petrovic is booked for a clumsy challenge.

  35. 60

    There is a massive scramble in the Wigan box as swinging legs go everywhere at Pedersen's free-kick. Boyce appears to wallop Hoilett in the back of the calf when attempting to clear. That could easily have been penalty. Hoilett goes down and is screaming for a foul. Referee Clattenburg is not interested.

  36. 59

    Caldwell gives away a free-kick on the left. This is a chance for Pedersen to deliver into the box.

  37. 58

    Givet has emerged from the tunnel and is well enough to sit with the rest of his club-mates in the Blackburn dugout.

  38. 57

    Moses should have done better with a volley. Di Santo cushions a header towards his team-mate, but Moses sends his volley from eight yards well over the crossbar.

  39. 56

    Difficult chance for Modeste on the spin after Al Habsi had made a bit of a mess of an attempt at a punched clearance. Modeste hits the ball into the ground and Al Habsi can gather.

  40. 55

    Ten minutes gone in the second half and it is exactly the same pattern as the first half. Very little to get excited about.

  41. 54

    That was Blackburn's best chance of the night so far. There were too many bodies on the Wigan line for Yakubu to squeeze an effort into the back of the net.

  42. 53

    Blackburn move up the field and win their own corner. Chance for Yakubu from a volley at Dann's knockdown header, but it is cleared off the line by Beausejour

  43. 52

    Petrovic half clears the corner. McCarthy follows ups with a half volley but hits it wide of the target.

  44. 51

    Wigan break into the Blackburn box and a McArthur cross causes problems. Wigan then win a corner.

  45. 50

    Pedersen finally gets a free-kick right and when looping the ball into the six-yard box Al Habsi almost commits a costly hesitation before claiming the ball with Dann lurking.

  46. 49

    Scrappy start to the second half. No immediate improvement from Blackburn, who of course have to win to avoid relegation.

  47. 48

    The fan who invaded the pitch threw his ticket down in front of the dugouts. Final home game of the season!

  48. 47

    Givet has of course suffered from heart problems in the past and last December had to pull out of the game against Sunderland.

  49. 46

    A fan invades the pitch at Ewood Park in the opening seconds of the pitch. It is a really painful atmosphere for Blackburn.

  50. WE'RE BACK: The second half is under way. Reports now coming through from the medical room that Givet is okay.

  51. The players are now back out on the pitch ahead of the second half. Givet has been replaced by Radosav Petrovic.

  52. Just as we were ready for the start of the second half, rumours are circulating that paramedics have been called to treat Gael Givet. Unconfirmed at present. The players were temporarily called back to the changing rooms.

  53. An utterly forgettable first half. Blackburn booed off at the break and, at present, heading for the Championship. Wigan look relaxed, but have not quite made the most of their possession. The highlight of the first half was the early pitch invasion of the Ewood Park chicken.

  54. 45 + 2


  55. 45 + 1

    Kean will want the half-time interval. His team simply have not posed enough of a threat and need to get more players attacking through the centre of the pitch. If they are to be relegated, they could at least go down swinging.

  56. 45

    ADDED TIME: There will be a minimum of two minutes added on before half-time.

  57. 45

    More bad news for Blackburn. Injury forces off Dunn before half-time. Marcus Olsson comes on in his place.

  58. 44

    It seems a very strange atmosphere. Blackburn look very nervous. Wigan are relaxed. There is a sense that some Blackburn fans have long since given up.

  59. 43

    A good header from Figueroa puts Wigan on a counter-attack. McCarthy leads the charge forward. But his pass towards Di Santo is over-hit and Dann can intercept.

  60. 42

    Caldwell goes long towards Di Santo. But Di Santo is offside.

  61. 41

    Dreadful, again, from Pedersen at the free-kick. I'm not sure what he was trying as he blasts the ball well high over the six-yard box and eventually curling out for a goal-kick.

  62. 40

    Blackburn, though, then do win a free-kick on the right byline after Figueroa catches Hoilett.

  63. 39

    Yakubu wants a foul when going for a header with Caldwell, who lands on top of the Blackburn striker. Referee Clattenburg is close to the play and is not interested.

  64. 38

    Excellent goalkeeping from Al Habsi, who shows excellent hands to claim a Dunn cross before distributing the ball long up field.

  65. 36

    What a waste from Moses with a header at the back post. Di Santo's brilliant, teasing, looping cross from the right finds his attacking partner. But Moses seems to try and head back across goal rather than go for the target. No Wigan player was following up.

  66. 35

    Blackburn fans will be very disappointed that their side are, if things stay as they are, slipping out of the Premier League without putting up much of a fight. Kean's men look pretty soulless at present.

  67. 34

    This has been far from a classic, but Wigan have much more intent. McCarthy makes a good run to the byline and attempts to square possession. But, from a tight angle, he can only find the hands of Robinson.

  68. 33

    Maloney sends the free-kick to the back post and a clearly nervous Blackburn defence panic. Only Caldwell's toe takes a knockdown out of the path of his team-mate, Moses, who could have had a shot from six yards.

  69. 32

    Moses wins a free-kick for Wigan wide on the right and just about level with the corner of the Blackburn penalty area.

  70. 31

    Maloney spots a through ball to Moses' run, but cannot quite thread the eye of the needle and Blackburn can intercept.

  71. 30

    Dann is having a wretched game. The centre-back attempts to switch the ball to the left. But he horribly over hits the pass and sends it sailing out for a Wigan throw-in.

  72. 29

    Yakubu is furious with Pedersen. The striker wanted the ball crossed to the back post from the free-kick. But Pedersen went for the shot and it was a miserable effort that ballooned high into the stands.

  73. 28

    Free-kick to Blackburn some 35 yards from goal. It looks like Pedersen is going to take on the shot.

  74. 27

    Boyce almost sells Al Habsi a little short at a back-pass and the Wigan goalkeeper has to slide to kick up field before Yakubu can pounce on the ball.

  75. 26

    Yakubu attacks down the left and send a cross into the Wigan box. But, again, there are little options and Blackburn can head clear.

  76. 25

    Blackburn survive the corner and Dann will be a relieved man.

  77. 24

    Shocking defending from Dann as he allows Moses to skip past him close to the corner flag. Moses does not have any options as he advances into the penalty area and so has to take on a shot from a tight angle. Robinson saves and it is a corner.

  78. 23

    The additional strikers do not seem to be making much of a difference for Blackburn. There are very few options inside the penalty area when they are able to get forward.

  79. 22

    Lovely build-up involving McCarthy invites Boyce to cross from the right and close to the Blackburn penalty area. Unfortunately for Wigan, Boyce hits his cross straight at Robinson.

  80. 21

    Beausejour is able to gallop forward as much as he likes down the left for Wigan. Modeste is not tracking back and Orr is making it clear he needs some support.

  81. 20

    Wigan half clear the corner and, with no Wigan player closing down Dunn, the midfielder takes on a shot from 25 yards. It sails high into the stands.

  82. 19

    But Blackburn do win a corner, as McCarthy gives away a set-piece against Wigan.

  83. 18

    If the match continues in this pattern, Blackburn will be going down without so much as a whimper. The highlight so far has undoubtedly been the pitch invasion from what is likely to become known as the Ewood Park Chicken.

  84. 17

    It is 68 per cent possession to Wigan in this opening 17 minutes. Kean needs to come up with a tactic to give Blackburn a bit more control.

  85. 16

    Wigan have settled very nicely. They have not looked overly troubled and are attacking with intent.

  86. 15

    Good tracking back from Maloney on Givet, but it looks like the Wigan man commits a foul (or should that be fowl?). Referee Clattenburg gives a goal-kick.

  87. 14

    Orr misjudges a cross from the right and Beausejour is able to tee the ball up for Di Santo. The striker sends his effort spiralling over the crossbar.

  88. 13

    As against Newcastle, it also looks like a tactic to switch the play early to opposing flanks when Wigan are attacking.

  89. 12

    Wigan are clearly full of confidence. They are passing the ball around nicely.

  90. 11

    Blackburn fans are in full voice to raise their dissatisfaction. Chants of 'There's only one Jack Walker' and 'We're only here for the chicken'.

  91. 10

    Nice link up between Yakubu and Modeste. The former chests a high ball down to Modeste, who smacks a swerving half volley just over the crossbar from 20 yards.

  92. 9

    From the resulting corner, Di Santo almost meets the set-piece before Blackburn clear on the edge of their own six-yard area.

  93. 8

    Play resumes and Di Santo breaks through challenges from Dann and Orr before shooting straight at Robinson. That was a great chance and a real waste from Di Santo.

  94. 6

    Play stops as a real life chicken, dressed in the Blackburn flag, is wandering around in the Wigan penalty area. Completely bizarre scenes as a combination of Al Habsi and Yakubu catch the chicken before handing it over to a steward.

  95. 5

    Good positioning from Al Habsi sees the Wigan goalkeeper have the time to race out of his area and prevent Modeste from latching onto a through ball.

  96. 4

    Moses takes advantage after referee Clattenburg waves play on after a foul by Dunn on Maloney. He sets his sights from 25 yards, but hits well over the bar.

  97. 3

    Di Santo wants a free-kick when attempting to meet a throw-in. The Wigan forward thinks he is held down by Orr. Bur referee Clattenburg waves play on.

  98. 2

    Yakubu holds the ball up and then attempts a pass around the corner to Modeste's run. Caldwell, though, is again alert and can step forward to intercept.

  99. 1

    Not the best of starts from Wigan as they immediately gift the ball to Modeste from kick-off. But the Blackburn forward stumbles into Caldwell, who can clear.

  100. KICK-OFF: Wigan get the game going.

  101. 19.58

    Europe's 'The Final Countdown' blaring out of the Ewood Park public address system as the teams emerge from the tunnel ahead of kick-off. Seems a bit ironic given the circumstances. All they need is also a slightly overweight lady to be doing her vocal exercises.

  102. 19.55

    The usual 'Kean out' chants before kick-off at Ewood Park. He has been bold tonight in selecting two strikers, as Blackburn have to win, with Modeste partnering Yakubu. Probably too little too late, though.

  103. 19.53

    Whatever happens tonight, I think we can expect some goals. The last two Premier League meetings between Blackburn and Wigan have produced a total of 13 goals. Overall, there have been 49 goals in the 13 Premier League matches between Blackburn and Wigan, an average of 3.77 per game.

  104. 19.47

    If you fancy trying to win some money tonight, take a look at Sky Bet's full markets. The bookies say: "Little to separate these two but Wigan's impressive recent form sees them edge favouritism at 7/5. Rovers are available at 7/4 and the draw is 5/2. We offer 40/1 for Yakubu to score the goal in a 1-0 success for Rovers. Alternatively, Latics backers can have a 2-1 win at 9/1."

  105. 19.41

    I covered Wigan's win over Newcastle in their last match and it was one of the most impressive first-half performances I can remember seeing. What has been key to Wigan's resurgence? Taking chances in front of goal? Switching to a three-man defence? Send me an email at or via tweet me @SkySportsPeteF.

  106. 19.38

    I cannot see how Blackburn can get out of this. Will Kean still be looking for positives after the final whistle even if they are relegated? Should Kean still be Blackburn manager next season? Let me have your thoughts. The word is that Blackburn's owners, Venky's, are not at Ewood Park tonight.

  107. 19.35

    In contrast to a somewhat swaggering Wigan, Blackburn have lost six of their last seven matches. Kean's men have hit a slump in form at completely the wrong time. If they do not win tonight, they are relegated. Even if they win, they then have to also record a victory in their final game of the campaign against Chelsea and hope for Wigan and/or QPR fail to win for the rest of the season. On top of that, they also need at least a six-goal swing in goal difference. It is a tall order.

  108. 19.25

    Tonight's referee is Mark Clattenburg

  109. 19.21

    Blackburn team: Robinson, Orr, Dann, Givet, Martin Olsson, Hoilett, Dunn, Lowe, Pedersen, Modeste, Yakubu. Subs: Kean, Formica, Petrovic, Nzonzi, Rochina, Marcus Olsson, Goodwillie.

  110. 19.20

    Blackburn manager Steve Kean has made two changes to his side in response to the miserable, shot-less defeat by Tottenham in their last outing. Anthony Modeste and Martin Olsson are starting.

  111. 19.12

    Roberto Martinez's Wigan have named an unchanged side from that which dealt the remarkable thrashing of Newcastle in their last outing.

  112. 19.09

    Hello and welcome to a crucial night at Ewood Park. Blackburn will be relegated from the Premier League if they do not defeat Wigan. Stay with us for all the team news.



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