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The FA Cup

Stadium of Light (ATT 43,140) 27th March 2012 - Kick off 20:00 Ref: L Probert

S'land Sunderland vs Everton Everton

S'land 0


Everton 2

N Jelavic (24)
D Vaughan (og 57)

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 10:15 pm, March 27th 2012

  1. Well thanks for your company and messages tonight. I got through as many as I could. I'm off to hear from the managers. All the reaction to come on

  2. 90+5

    And there goes the full time whistle. It has finished 2-0

  3. 90+3

    Now here from Sunderland, Campbell through on goal. But the ball gets caught in his feet and he loses his balance. Down he goes and Howard grasps the ball

  4. 90+3

    Osman and Jagielka keep the ball in the corner. Eventually it goes out for Sunderland throw.

  5. 90+2

    Everton change. Cahill off. Hibbert on.

  6. 90+2

    Good work from Stracqualursi to win a corner for Everton. They will take as long as they can over this.

  7. 90

    Five added minutes

  8. 90

    Bendtner goes down easily under a challenge from Heitinga. Ref not interested

  9. 90

    Bendtner beats Neville in the air for the ball. But can't link up with Larsson. Everton clear the ball into the Sunderland half

  10. 89

    Cattermole booked

  11. 88

    Another late corner for Sunderland. Everton with everyone back in the box get it clear. And it is Jagielka who breaks forward. Brought down by Cattermole. The defender would have been through on goal otherwise

  12. 87

    Everton change. Jelavic off. Stracqualursi on

  13. 86

    Sunderland give the ball away on halfway. Jelavic runs at Turner. Turns him one way, then the other, has a chance to shoot but decides to turn once more and the chance is gone.

  14. 85

    Sessengon breaks forward for Sunderland. Head up looking for a pass, but noone is making a run.

  15. 84

    McClean takes it short to Vaughan, they win another corner. This time McClean whips it in first time and appeals for handball go up against Distin. Ref no interested

  16. 83

    Vaughan wins a corner for Sunderland. Chance for Sunderland to make somehting happen

  17. 81

    Everton change. Gueye off. Jagielka on.

  18. 80

    McClean takes on and beats Fellaini. Gets a cross in, but for all the attacking changes, there was noone in the box for Sunderalnd. Distin clears.

  19. 80

    Poor pass from Cattermole allows Gueye to counter. Sumderland need do better when they have the ball.

  20. 79

    Gardner whips a cross in from the right wing. Cleared by Heitinga.

  21. 78

    McClean cuts inside, but that is where all the bodies were. Would have been better going to the touchline. Game has lost its shape.

  22. 77

    Baines goes down in the box. Tackle was by Campbell chasing back. No penalty

  23. 77

    Heitinga now booked for time wasting. He left the free-kick for Howard to take

  24. 76

    Yellow card of Larsson

  25. 76

    Larsson with a wild tackle on Neville. He got lucky Neville got to his feet quickly but still wants to have a go at him

  26. 75

    Martin O'Neill on the sideline was more worried with the time that was wasted by his own players rather than Neville's challenge which he had a close up view of.

  27. 74

    Jelavic booked as well for his part in the incident.

  28. 74

    And Bardsley gets himself booked.

  29. 73

    Neville and McClean challenge for the ball. And here comes Cattermole wanting to get invovled. Bardsley now has come right across the pitch as well getting right in the face of Neville.

  30. 72

    Fellaini booked. With Everton pushed forward the midfielder decides to take a yellow and break the game up

  31. 71

    Gibson sends Jelavic away down the right flank. Osman is challenged by Turner in the box. Everton fans behind the goal want a penalty but nothing doing.

  32. 70

    Cattermole has no options for the pass as he comes forward, cut out by Gibson and forward come Everton once more.

  33. 69

    Jelavic and Gueye don't quite link up that time however and it is a goal-kick. Sunderland defence has been all over the place tonight.

  34. 68

    Gibson has a go from distance. Always curling away from goal. But Sunderland struggling to get any prolonged spells in the Everton half. Blues seem to be able to come forward at will.

  35. 66

    Gueye booked for a foul on McClean. Larsson takes the free-kick from half way and it is out for a goal kick

  36. 65

    Jelavic brings a great save out of Mignolet. Another fast move from Everton. Sunderland's defence is all over the place.

  37. 64

    Sunderland change. Bridge off. Campbell on. Very attacking change

  38. 63

    And now Sunderland can't even find their own players with their passes.

  39. 62

    Everton getting everyone back when they don't have the ball. Not giving Sunderland any room to play.

  40. 61

    Turner plays a blind pass. Straight to Cahill, he gives it to Jelavic, one on one with Mignolet. But slots it wide from about 16 yards. Bad miss.

  41. 59

    Was a great ball whipped into the back post, and Howard was beaten by the dip. Sessengnon was stretching for the ball in the air hit the post

  42. 59

    Sunderland need a goal quickly. McClean wins a corner. Larsson takes. Sessngnon hits the post. Howard was beaten

  43. 57

    Fellaini played in Jelavic. The pass sent him wide, but his shot beat Mignolet. Vaughan then under no pressure makes a mess of his control. It hits his left ankle, then his right and goes into his own net.

  44. 57

    GOAL!!!!!!!! Vaughan scores and own goal

  45. 56

    Baines bursting forward for Everton, but loses out. Toffees a man light at the back as Sunderland counter, but Gardner and Larsson don't make the most of the chance. Gueye gets a ball to Jelavic who's shot is saved easily.

  46. 55

    Cahill wins a throw high up the pitch. Neville's long throw is allowed to bounce by Turner. And Mignolet had to be alert to spare his defenders blushes

  47. 54

    Bardsley slots into centre-back and Gardner has gone to right back.

  48. 53

    Sunderland change. Kyrgiakos off. Vaughan on. Attacking change from O'Neill

  49. 52

    Howard has the ball at his feet. long towards Jelavic. Kygiakos gets it away. But Heitinga sends it straight back at them. When Sunderland do get it away. It's a very, very poor pass into Bendtner from Bardsley

  50. 51

    Second half starting to come alive. Both sides playing with pace, end-to-end stuff

  51. 49

    Gueye does some fantastic work on the left wing. Cuts the cross back to Gibson on the edge of the box who shoots, and Sunderland throw themselves in front of the ball and get a block on it.

  52. 48

    Good tackle from Kyrgiakos on Jelavic, gets the ball, but once again the Everton striker goes rolling on the deck. But surprise, surprise once the ball is put out of play he is back up on his feet.

  53. 47

    Gueye takes it. It's a Sunderland head that flicks it on. Comes to Osman at the back post. What a great volley. Mignolet beaten all ends up. But goes narrowly wide.

  54. 47

    Mix up at the back already between Bardsley and Kyrgiakos. Could have been danger. Everton corner

  55. 46

    Let's see if Martin O'Neill has inspired his team dring the break. Both sides now attacking goals with their own fans behind it.

  56. 45

    Sunderland get us underway again

  57. And you can get 10/1 Sunderland to win on pens, and the same price for Everton with Sky Bet

  58. Latest Sky Bet odds then at half time. Sunderland 6/1 Draw 5/2 Everton 1/2

  59. 45+3

    And that is half time. Jelavic's strike seperates the two teams

  60. 45+2

    Few sloppy free-kicks concdede by both sides in the last minute for pushing in the back

  61. 45+1

    McClean running down the left wing, beats Neville and then gets body-checked by Fellaini, referee doesn't give the free-kick. Straight up the other end and it is Jelavic challenging Kygiakos. The defender goes down, and the ref eventually gives a free-kick. Everton don't feel there was much of a foul committed

  62. 45

    2 added minutes

  63. 44

    Sunderland pushing for an equaliser before half-time, but that has left them short at the back after Jelavic wins it off Turner. He cut back and tried to find Cahill but Sunderland cut it out. Maybe he should have kept going and taken on Kyrgiakos or shot from the edge of the box.

  64. 43

    In the end Bradsley and Bendtner were on different wave lengths when he tried to play the ball forward

  65. 42

    Still the Black Cats pass it around. Looking for an opening

  66. 41

    Sunderland trying to pass the ball around and keep possession for a few minutes. Everton with everyone behind the ball.

  67. 40

    Cahill tries a delicate flick over the top for Jelavic to chase, but the striker had to check his run. Needed the pass sooner

  68. 39

    Great defending from Neville. Showing all his experience to deal with McClean's threat. Sessengnon then runs at the heart of the Everton defence, Fellaini brings him down from behind. Ref says nothing doing

  69. 37

    Fellaini wins the flick on from Neville's throw. Jelavic hits it goalwards, but no power in the shot

  70. 37

    Jelavic, Cahill and Osman try to link up, Sunderland crowd them out with sheer numbers. But here come Everton again. Neville wins a throw high up the pitch

  71. 36

    Free-kick on the left wing. Larssona dn McClean over it. Larsson goes for goal, but curls it wide. Howard wasn't worried

  72. 35

    Gibson booked

  73. 35

    Sunderland looking to get theur passing game going. Gibson holds back Sessengnon after a mix up between Gibson and Heitinga nearly let the Sunderland man in. Free kick

  74. 34

    McClean whips it in. Howard punches it to Bardsley. Chests the ball down and hits it on the volley. Just over

  75. 33

    Sunderland free kick. Larsson takes, driven in. Cahill gets his head on it. Kyrgiakos sheperds it out for a corner

  76. 32

    But as I say that Bendtner has a great chance to level, ball is whipped into the six yard box. Baines gets across to help out his centre backs

  77. 31

    More good build up play from Everton, Osman once again involved but Sunderland survive. They are looking the more threatening side when the get into the final third

  78. 30

    Thanks to Opta for the stat - Everton have now scored in their last 10 consecutive away games in the FA Cup

  79. 30

    All the noise at the minute coming from the away fans.

  80. 28

    Gardner puts his defence in trouble, cuts out an Everton pass and then chips the ball into his own penalty area. Madness. Sunderland scramble it away

  81. 27

    Sunderland trying to press high up the pitch as they look to get back into this one. Good ball into the box, Baines plays Larsson onside, but the winger couldn't control the ball. Good chance.

  82. 26

    Heitinga and Bendtner come together whilst challenging for the ball. Last thing the striker needed was another blow to the face, when he is already wearing a protective mask

  83. 24

    From a Sunderland free-kick at the other end of the pitch, Sunderland make a mess of it. Everton win the ball back. Fellaini breaks forward. Gives it to Gueye who fires it across the six yard box and Jelavic slots it past Mignolet. Great finish

  84. 24

    GOAL!!!!!!!!!! Jelavic

  85. 24

    End to end stuff in the opening periods

  86. Latest odds from Sky Bet: Sunderland 13/8 Draw 7/4 Everton 15/8

  87. 22

    Cahill wins the header, but that one was easier for Mignolet

  88. 21

    Baines now on the left, beats Larsson, gives it to Gueye, who wins a corner off Bardsley. Gueye to take

  89. 20

    Fellaini cross from the left wing, Jelavic wins it at the back post. Good save from Mignolet.

  90. 19

    Everton working it short. Gibson whips it in. Great header by Cahill and Mignolet makes an instinctive save.

  91. 19

    Tactical foul there from Cattermole to stop the Everton counter attack. Escapes without a booking. Free-kick leads to a corner

  92. 18

    Into the near post it comes, low and hard. Heitinga scrambles it away.

  93. 18

    Gardner hits it into the wall however. Corner. McClean to take

  94. 17

    Cattermole does well to battle for the ball in the middle of the park and wins a free-kick high up the pitch. Gardner and Larsson eyeing this one up.

  95. 16

    Larsson then takes the corner, whipped in below the bar, Howard punches as far as Bardsley who shoots from distance, but can't repeat his effort of the first match

  96. 15

    Gibson gives the ball away to Sessengnon in midfield. He gives it to McClean who fires it in with pass to the six yard box. Heitinga concedes a corner

  97. 15

    Sunderland now get forwards, Larsson whips the cross in from the right, McClean climbs highest and wins the header. But Howard takes it easily

  98. 14

    Gueye and Baines linkup on the left wing, and nearly get in behind, Baines just couldn't quite control the ball inside the box.

  99. 13

    Bardsley launches the free-kick into the box, Turner wins the header but it falls to an Everton player

  100. 12

    Darren Gibson clatters into Gardner and it is a free-kick on half way

  101. 11

    Nice approach play from Everton. Final ball from Fellaini was lacking, as after a nice passing move, he over hits his cross and it is a goalkick

  102. 10

    Larsson whips it into the back post, but Sessengnon can't get his header on target

  103. 10

    McClean gets his first chance to run at the Everton defence. Gets a cross in and Distin concedes a corner

  104. 8

    First test for Mignolet. Kyrgiakos was down wanting treatment, a free Cahill was allowed to run into the box, but his shot was tame

  105. 7

    Gibson caught in possession by Gardner, but the Irish international did well to get back and get a block on Gardner's shot

  106. 7

    Cahill gets a knock to the face, he wants to play on the ref insists he goes off the pitch for treatment

  107. 6

    Bendnter wins another header as the ball is fired up the pitch, noone can get onto the flick on however

  108. 5

    Good chance for Everton. Osman gets in behind the defence and plays in a great cross. Jelavic cant direct it goalwards however

  109. 4

    Bendtner causing the Everton defence problems early on. Challenging well in the air and wins a throw for Sunderland. But it comes to nothing

  110. 4

    Played long towards Kyrgiakos, but it goes out for a goal kick.

  111. 3

    Gyeye takes, deep towards Cahill, Bendtner wins the header, and Gardenr breaks forward, McClean was free but he was knocked over by Gueye free-kick

  112. 2

    Everton win a corner

  113. 1

    Fantastic noise around the ground tonight

  114. And Everton get us underway.

  115. And here the come, the roar goes up around the ground. 90 minutes seperates these two sides and a place at Wembley for a semi-final against Liverpool.

  116. The players are in the tunnel. We are nearly ready to go at the Stadium of Light

  117. Lot of confident Sunderland fans out there tonight then who feel the Black Cats can win for the first time in 16 games against Everton.

  118. You have to go back to New Years Day 1979 for Sunderland's last FA Cup win over Everton. A 2-1 home victory

  119. Before this season the last time the sides met in the cup was in 2005, with Everton winning 3-0

  120. Head to head then in the FA Cup. It is four wins for Sunderland. Seven for Everton. And four draws

  121. I covered the first game for Sky, and I have to say the second half was a let down compared to the first. Was also interesting how both sides had 10 or 15 minute spells with the ball, rather than it being an end to end cup game

  122. If you want to get in contact tonight - Email me: or Tweet me: @WillEslerSport

  123. Good evening, it's Sunderland v Everton in an FA Cup replay at the Stadium of Light


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