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Barclays Premier League

Ewood Park (ATT 23,571) 10th April 2012 - Kick off 20:00 Ref: A Taylor

Blackburn Blackburn Rovers vs Liverpool Liverpool

Blackburn 2

Yakubu (36, pen 61)


Liverpool 3

M Rodriguez (13, 16)
A Doni (S/O 25)
A Carroll (90+1)

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Last Updated at 9:55 pm, April 10th 2012

  1. Thanks for tuning in this evening. Stay with Sky Sports for the full match report.

  2. That's it! Blackburn 2 Liverpool 3 at FT as the Reds sneak a win through Carroll's goal.

  3. 90+4

    It looks all over for Blackburn after a last push comes to nothing, with a goal-kick given after Hanley gets forward in the box.

  4. 90+4

    Shelvey catches a boot in the face and goes to ground but gets back to his feet as the seconds trickle down.

  5. 90+4

    It's taken quickly as Liverpool maintain control and you have to feel for Steve Kean's men after a gritty display.

  6. 90+3

    Hanley seems to have gone to pieces a bit in these dying minutes as he gives away another free-kick for a foul on Carroll.

  7. Agger does brilliantly to flick on a long ball from Coates to Carroll in the box and he makes no mistake nodding it home.

  8. 90+1


  9. 90

    Agger is the man who takes it but it's deflected up and over the crossbar for a Liverpool corner as four minutes are added.

  10. 90

    Carroll and Agger are loitering near the ball...

  11. 89

    Hanley gives away a free-kick and earns a booking after Carroll gets the better of him.

  12. 88

    N'Zonzi wins a corner for the hosts as his cross is knocked behind by Skrtel. Rochina loops it in but Carroll clears.

  13. 87

    Rochina takes the kick but Yakubu can't get any power behind his header in the box. Rovers are the ones pushing in these dying minutes.

  14. 86

    Henderson sends Olsson flying with a rough tackle down the left to hand Blackburn a free-kick from a good position.

  15. 85

    It's Liverpool applying the pressure now as Henderson gets forward, but Dann is there with a crucial clearance.

  16. 84

    Rochina tries a shot but it lacks power and takes a deflection off Enrique, allowing Jones to make a comfortable save.

  17. 83

    Henderson tries to plant a long ball in the box but Hanley, who has been superb tonight, is there again to intervene.

  18. 82

    Hoilett gets to his feet and looks ok as play resumes. The ball goes to Jones for a Liverpool goal-kick.

  19. 81

    Yakubu does well to squeeze Hoilett into the box but Coates is there to close him down with a brilliant challenge. There's a lull in play as Hoilett receives treatment after the collision.

  20. 80

    Just over 10 minutes to go at Ewood Park and this one is in the balance. Rovers are pressing, with Hoilett and Olsson trying to break through.

  21. 79

    Agger makes a good determined run to skip away from Hoilett but Dann is there to close him down just inside the box.

  22. 78

    Rovers go close again as Scott Dann picks out Hanley at the far post with a great long ball but Andy Carroll is there to diffuse the threat.

  23. 78

    Liverpool make another swap as Jose Enrique comes on for goalscorer Maxi, who won't get his hat-trick.

  24. 77

    Jones is forced to tip over a dodgy headed back pass from Carroll as Rovers continue to apply the pressure.

  25. 76

    Jason Lowe comes on for David Dunn as Rovers make another change.

  26. 75

    Rovers press with a prolonged spell of attacking which culminates in Yakubu just failing to latch onto a cross from Orr.

  27. 74

    Bellamy's corner is met by the head of Agger but Dunn deals with the threat.

  28. 74

    Bellamy powers down the left wing and drives in a great cross from the left but N'Zonzi intervenes with a superb clearance before it can reach Henderson. Liverpool corner.

  29. 73

    Rovers make a change as Formica goes off, making way for Rochina.

  30. 73

    Skrtel drills away the initial effort then Spearing is there to clear as it's powered back into the box.

  31. 72

    Orr fires a cross in from far out and Skrtel stretches to make a crucial clearance, heading it behind for a Rovers corner.

  32. 71

    Bellamy goes down but the referee judges him to have dived and he earns a booking. Replays show any contact from Orr was very minimal.

  33. 70

    Aggers lifts it, looking for Skrtel in the box, but it's headed away by Orr as a chance gets away from the visitors.

  34. 69

    Carroll and Hanley tangle in the Rovers end and the Liverpool man wins a free-kick for the visitors.

  35. 68

    Skrtel hoofs a long ball upfield but it's not his best pass as it goes straight out, gifting possession back to Rovers.

  36. 67

    Henderson is robbed of the ball by Yakubu in the Rovers half and Hoilett tries to break but loses his footing.

  37. 66

    Carroll is set up after some great work by Bellamy and Maxi but the flag goes up for offside as he approaches goal.

  38. 65

    Bellamy plays in the resulting free-kick from range but it's dealt with by Hanley and Formica clears it further to safety.

  39. 65

    Formica becomes the third Rovers player on a yellow card after committing a dodgy foul on Agger.

  40. 64

    Henderson plants a cross into the box but there's no-one there to greet it as Dann slides in with the crucial clearance.

  41. 62

    The striker shows his nerve, calmly rolling the ball home to send Jones the wrong way. Hoilett earns himself a booking in the aftermath.

  42. 61


  43. 61

    More drama here as Yakubu steps up to take it after missing his first...

  44. 60

    Jones fouls Yakubu in the box and the goalkeeper gets a yellow! Penalty to the hosts!

  45. 59

    Dunn gets in trouble in the Rovers half after losing out to Shelvey but the midfielder's long range shot sails well over, when he probably should have passed out to Bellamy.

  46. 58

    It's Rovers' turn for a free-kick, which Dunn lifts in from the left. Hanley gets his head to it in the box but Jones dives to keep him out.

  47. 57

    It's between Bellamy and Agger for the kick and the Welshman takes it. He maybe should have left it for his colleague after his effort flies wildly off-target.

  48. 56

    Liverpool are handed a free-kick from far out after Maxi is fouled by Dunn. Chance here for the visitors...

  49. 55

    Jones takes his time with a goal-kick and is put under pressure by Yakubu, but manages to hoof the ball upfield.

  50. 54

    Bellamy fires in a corner and Skrtel gets his head to it but his effort goes just over, and Liverpool have been called up for a foul anyway.

  51. 53

    Liverpool make another change as Glen Johnson makes way for Daniel Agger.

  52. 53

    Carroll does brilliantly to get the ball away and feed Bellamy down the middle but the forward can't control it under pressure from the Rovers defence.

  53. 52

    Blackburn win a corner, which Dunn steps up to take, but his effort is dealt with by Carroll in front of goal.

  54. 51

    Marcus Olsson curls a pass into the area, meant for Yakubu, but Skrtel is there to deal with the threat.

  55. 50

    Johnson gets away from Formica on the left but is stopped in his tracks by Orr on the edge of the Blackburn box.

  56. 49

    Johnson is robbed of the ball by Formica in the Rovers half as the hosts break. Dunn chips a cross into the box towards Hoilett but Jones snatches it to safety.

  57. 48

    It's a great chance for Liverpool as Carroll gets away from Dann and gets his head to the corner but the striker nods it wide.

  58. 48

    Bellamy's long free-kick is deflected behind by Hanley and Liverpool win the first corner of the game.

  59. 47

    Bellamy looks annoyed after he's denied a free-kick following what looked like a foul. Rovers aren't so lucky seconds later as Hanley brings down Carroll.

  60. 46

    We're off again at Ewood Park and Liverpool get things rolling this half, with Carroll taking the first touch.

  61. Thanks for all your feedback. We're about to get back underway at Ewood Park, wonder if this half will be as dramatic?

  62. The whistle blows to end an incident-packed first half at Ewood Park. Blackburn 1 Liverpool 2.

  63. 45+2

    Hoilett lifts a cross into the box from the right and Jones charges out to collect, giving the Reds some breathing room before the break.

  64. 45+1

    Maxi earns a booking for a rash challenge on Dunn.

  65. 45+1

    Hanley tries a hurried clearance but gives the ball away to Shelvey, whose powerful shot rebounds off Dann.

  66. 45

    The long kick comes to nothing for the visitors but the Reds are on the ball in the final regular minute of this half.

  67. 44

    Bellamy and Maxi try a one-two to weave their way into the Rovers box but Dunn gets the ball away. However, the Reds are handed a free-kick when he fouls Maxi.

  68. 42

    Dunn hoofs in another ball and Olsson runs to greet it but Jones gets there first to snatch it to safety.

  69. 41

    Rovers are still pressing in the dying minutes of this half and Dunn tries a long-range shot, but Jones stoops to make a comfortable save.

  70. 40

    So close for the home side! Olsson boots in a great cross from the left and Hanley is inches away from getting his head to it.

  71. 39

    ...but Rodriguez gets his head to it this time to clear.

  72. 39

    It's even closer to goal this time and Dunn steps up again. This could be crucial for the hosts...

  73. 38

    Carroll can't win the ball with a header in the Rovers half and it rolls back to Hanley. The hosts win another free-kick, given away from Johnson.

  74. It's a peach of a free-kick from Dunn and Yakubu climbs to meet it, guiding it inside the far post to put Rovers right back in it before the break.

  75. 37


  76. 36

    Bellamy concedes a free-kick after he's adjudged to have handled 10 yards outside the Liverpool box.

  77. 35

    Spearing fires a long pass upfield but it goes straight to Hanley and Rovers try to build from deep once again.

  78. 34

    Hoilett tries to weave away from Johnson in midfield but the Reds man is too strong and wins a throw for the visitors.

  79. 33

    Orr is back on his feet and back on the pitch after that clash and the ball goes back to Jones for a goal-kick.

  80. 32

    Rovers are pressing in the Liverpool half as they try to stage a response before the break. Dunn looks for Orr with a long pass into the box and the Rovers man comes off worse from a clash of heads with Johnson.

  81. 31

    Rodriguez makes another run towards goal but can't quite slice open the Rovers defence to slot the ball through to Carroll in the box.

  82. 30

    Nothing comes of the set piece and Rovers are back on the ball in their own end, with Orr nipping forward down the right.

  83. 29

    Bradley Orr earns himself a booking for a foul on Glen Johnson and Liverpool win a free-kick from far out.

  84. 28

    Yakubu has another go with a sudden shot, prompting another save from newcomer Jones. What a half this is turning out to be.

  85. It's a tame effort from the striker, who rolls the ball feebly towards goal, and Jones makes the right call with his dive, going to the right to save.

  86. 27


  87. Yakubu steps up to take the resulting penalty for Rovers...

  88. 26

    So Liverpool are down to 10 men after the keeper hauls down Hoilett as he surges towards goal. Flanagan, who made the glaring mistake gifting Hoilett the ball, comes off for Brad Jones.

  89. 25

    There's been a red card after Doni fouls Hoilett in the box! Liverpool lose another goalkeeper!

  90. 24

    Bellamy, under pressure from the home defence, is forced to pull the trigger on a long-range shot and blasts it wildly off-target.

  91. 23

    Rovers win a throw on the right of the Liverpool half as they try to mount a response but it goes straight out as Reds get one of their own.

  92. 22

    Hoilett tries to plant a cross in the box from the right but his effort is off target as a chance goes begging for the hosts.

  93. 21

    Rovers win a free-kick in midfield which Dunn hoofs forward. Hanley makes a charge for it but is beaten to it by the Reds' defence.

  94. 20

    Shelvey makes another run and Carroll flicks the ball on to Henderson near the Rovers box, but he can't quite prod it to Rodriguez as Orr intervenes.

  95. 19

    N'Zonzi goes to ground feeling his back after a collision with Shelvey and it appears he caught an elbow in the ribs.

  96. 18

    A sigh of relief for Liverpool as the youngster gets away with a talking to from the ref. A red card would have certainly taken the gloss off their early lead.

  97. 17

    Worrying moment for Liverpool as Flanagan fouls Olsson after already earning a booking this evening...

  98. Liverpool take a 2-0 lead after Shelvey storms the pitch but sees his effort saved, before Carroll's rebounded shot falls to Maxi, who again slots it home with ease.

  99. 15


  100. 14

    Skrtel fires a sensational diagonal pass upfield in the aftermath of Rovers' free-kick which finds Bellamy on a pacey run down the right, and the Welshman makes no mistake with his pinpoint cross which Maxi taps home.

  101. 13


  102. 12

    Flanagan earns the first booking of the match after fouling Marcus Olsson down the left. Free-kick to Blackburn.

  103. 11

    Blackburn exchange passes inside the Reds' half, trying to find a way through, but Dann can't quite pin down Yakubu with a pass.

  104. 10

    The Olssons trade passes down the left until Marcus fires a cross into the box but Formica can't quite get his head to it.

  105. 9

    Martin Olsson goes solo with a charge down the left and shrugs off a couple of defenders but his cross is ultimately dealt with by Coates.

  106. 8

    Henderson does well to win the ball from Dunn in midfield but hesitates in trying to pick out Bellamy with a pass and leaves it too late.

  107. 7

    Martin Olsson steps up to take the free-kick but his curling effort is too high and sails over the crossbar.

  108. 6

    Hoilett looks to wriggle through the Liverpool defence, prompting a challenge by Coates which hands Rovers a free-kick on the edge of the box.

  109. 5

    Carroll finds some space in the Blackburn half but can't pick out Bellamy as the Rovers defence intervene, with his pass rolling back to Robinson.

  110. 4

    Orr takes another throw for the hosts and tries to build something down the right wing but Skrtel makes a good block.

  111. 3

    N'Zonzi drags down Henderson just outside the Liverpool box and Doni takes the resulting free-kick, lofting the ball upfield towards Carroll.

  112. 2

    It's Rovers' turn for a throw in the Liverpool half and Orr launches it in but Doni, deputising for Pepe Reina, snatches the ball to safety.

  113. 1

    We're underway at Ewood Park and Blackburn get things rolling but Liverpool win an early throw, which Flanagan takes.

  114. Thanks for your comments, sorry I couldn't get through them all! We're about to get underway, enjoy the first half guys.

  115. The teams are out at Ewood Park. Martin Skrtel is wearing the captain's armband for the Reds tonight in the absence of Gerrard.

  116. There's still plenty of time to have your say before things get started at 8. Tweet me @SkySportsRachG or email

  117. Dalglish has confirmed in his pre-match chat with Sky Sports that Gerrard is being rested tonight and isn't injured. Big sigh of relief all round for the Reds fans.

  118. Relegation-threatened Rovers have slipped back into the drop zone following three back-to-back defeats and will be desperate to halt that slide tonight.

  119. Liverpool will be looking to break a woeful run this evening, having won just one of their last nine Premier League encounters.

  120. A quick update from our friends at Sky Bet - The latest odds have Rovers at 21/10 for a home win, while Liverpool are 5/4 and a draw is 12/5.

  121. Apparently Reds captain Gerrard has travelled to Ewood Park but is not involved ahead of Saturday's semi-final.

  122. Steve Kean, meanwhile, makes two changes, with Mauro Formica and Marcus Olsson replacing Jason Lowe and Morten Gamst Pedersen.

  123. Dalglish has made six changes for the clash, with Glen Johnson making his first appearance since February's Carling Cup final victory, while Sebastian Coates, Jay Spearing, Maxi Rodriguez, Craig Bellamy and Andy Carroll all return.

  124. There's no place for Steven Gerrard, Luis Suarez or Jose Enrique in Kenny Dalglish's XI, who could be keeping one eye on Saturday's FA Cup semi-final against Everton.

  125. Refereeing this evening's encounter is Anthony Taylor.

  126. Blackburn: Robinson; Orr, Hanley, Dann, Martin Olsson; Marcus Olsson, N'Zonzi, Dunn, Formica; Hoilett, Yakubu. Subs: Kean, Lowe, Givet, Petrovic, Rochina, Goodwillie, Pedersen.

  127. Liverpool: Doni; Flanagan, Skrtel, Coates, Johnson; Henderson, Shelvey, Spearing, Maxi; Carroll, Bellamy. Subs: Enrique, Agger, Aurelio, Suarez, Kuyt, Carragher, Jones.

  128. Here are the line-ups...

  129. I'll be bringing you the team news in just a sec but first why not drop me a line with your thoughts ahead of kick-off at 8pm? You can Tweet me @SkySportsRachG or email

  130. Good evening all and welcome to our live coverage of Blackburn v Liverpool.



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