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The FA Cup

Goodison Park (ATT 38,875) 17th March 2012 - Kick off 12:45 Ref: A Marriner

Everton Everton vs Sunderland S'land

Everton 1

T Cahill (23)


S'land 1

P Bardsley (12)

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 2:38 pm, March 17th 2012

  1. Thanks for your company this afternoon. Reaction to come on

  2. 90+3

    And that is it. It goes to a replay.

  3. 90+3

    In it comes. Noone can get a telling touch and it is out for a goal kick

  4. 90+3

    Cahill fouls Colback on the left wing. Larsson to take it. One last chance

  5. 90+2

    Turner and Stracqualursi challenge for the ball and the Everton man goes down. Referee not interested

  6. 90+1

    Gardner comes foward, ball comes to McClean, he crosses and it is terrible. Out for a goal kick

  7. 90

    3 added minutes

  8. 90

    Balls pumped long by Cahill towards Stracqualursi. Mignolet wastes as much time as possible

  9. 89

    Sunderland with everyone behind the ball. Sitting very deep. Bendtner on the edge of the box. Eveerton cross whipped in. Jelavic furious corner isn't given he feels it came off McClean's toe

  10. 87

    Baines whips it in. Mignolet and full stretch to saev from Heitinga, theng ets up to blocke the rebound from Jelavic. Another corner which this time Sunderland scramble clear

  11. 87

    Baines with a great turn to get away from Larsson and win a corner off Bardsley

  12. 86

    Gueye hits a cross from the left but it is over hit and goes all the way for a throw on the far side.

  13. 85

    Everton change. Drenthe off. Stracqualursi on

  14. 84

    Distin breaks forward, but gets tackled. Everton were one short at the back there but Sunderland couldn't make the most of it

  15. 83

    Gueye chips it into the box. Osman chests it down, but can't control the ball

  16. 82

    Not as many off the ball runs anymore. Fewer options for the Everton players. And even fewer for the Sunderland players

  17. 80

    But Drenthe goes down doesn't get a free-kick and allows McClean to come forwards. Drenthe didn't track back and stayed to complain to the linesman, which allowed Bridge to get forward and leave Neville outnumbered. And the Everton skipper is letting him know that

  18. 79

    Everton though get another chance and Gardner launches it out for a throw. It is all Everton at the minute

  19. 79

    Gueye breaks forward on the left. Hits a long hopeful cross but Jelavic can't reach it.

  20. 77

    Bardsley takes a throw in high up the pitch. Plays a one two with Larrson but can't achieve anything when he gets the ball back.

  21. 76

    Jagielka was ready to come on. But Heitinga didn't want to come off. Said he was ok to stay on and David Moyes doesn't make the change

  22. 75

    McClean runs at the Everton defence. Good tackle though. Sunderland look to be settling for a replay now with Bendtner upfront on his own. They will need more runs like that from McClean to give him support

  23. 74

    Sunderland change. Campbell off. Vaughan on

  24. 73

    Everton change. Coleman off. Gueye on.

  25. 72

    Sunderland can't clear their lines it is just wave after wave of Everotn attack. Finally Cahill pumps a long ball in, and it's a goal kick

  26. 71

    Gueye getting ready on the sidelines

  27. 70

    Heitinga takes the free-kick on half way. Distin heads it back into the danger zone, but Jelavic doesn't get enough power on his header to trouble Mignolet

  28. 69

    Turner booked

  29. 69

    Turner goes in on Jelavic from behind and concedes the free kick

  30. 68

    Waste of a corner. Passed low to the near post. Easily cleared. Everton look to counter. Great cross field ball from Drenthe. Fellaini holds the ball up on the left. Osman then crosses but over hits it.

  31. 67

    Distin heads the free-kick out for a corner.

  32. 66

    Distin booked

  33. 66

    Baines comes forward on th left. Beats Larsson, but loses out to Bardsley. Campbell is the fouled on half way by Distin

  34. 65

    Fellaini crosses deep from the right. Jelavic heads it onto the hand of O'Shea. Striker and fans want a penalty

  35. 64

    Baines whips it in. Jelavic gets ahead of O'Shea and heads just over. Mignolet was worried

  36. 63

    Back up the other end and Bardsley drags Fellaini to the ground. Free-kick

  37. 63

    Played in low at pace. Jelavic gets it away

  38. 62

    Everton deal easily with Bardsley's long free-kick, but Colback wins another of Coleman. Larsson to take

  39. 61

    Osman fouls Gardner in the centre of the pitch

  40. 60

    Baines whips a ball into the box. Cahill gets two attempts at it and Sunderland somehow scramble it away.

  41. 59

    Coleman and Neville link up on the right and get a cross in. Sunderland not convincing at the back

  42. 58

    Coleman bursting forward, runs into O'Shea and goes down. Everton fans want a free-kick. Andre Marriner tells him to get up

  43. 57

    Fellaini wins the header down to Cahill who doesn't get enough on the shot. Easy save

  44. 57

    Baines, Drenthe and Fellaini link up on the left, cross headed out for a corner.

  45. 56

    Impressive pace from Distin to deal with Campbell's runs in behind the Everton defence. They would be in trouble without his pace

  46. 55

    Sunderland starting to find their feet in this half. Getting their passing game back that they had in the first part of the first half

  47. 53

    Loose pass allows Sunderland to counter. McClean plays in Bendtner who slots past Howard but he is off side

  48. 52

    Everton throw in, ball allowed to bounce in the box, and Jelavic tries an overhead kick. Barsley hoofs it clear

  49. 51

    Cahill comes forward and shoots left footed, Mignolet palms it back into the box, and Bridge has to help his goalkeeper out

  50. 50

    Sunderland though on their first attack of the half win a free-kick high up the pitch. Larsson takes from the left flank, bends it back in, but it lands on the roof of the net goal kick

  51. 47

    Everton keeping the ball in the opening exchanges and win a throw high up the pitch but can't make the most of it.

  52. 45

    Back underway again then at Goodison

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  54. 45+2

    And that is half time. What a half.

  55. 45+2

    Larsson then to take. Towards the near post. Headed away by Jelavic.

  56. 45+1

    Corner headed away at the near post, Sunderland then come forward and have a corner of their own

  57. 45

    Sunderland had a chance to come foward but Gardner is tackled by Cahill. Everton keep the ball. Passing it around looking for an opening. Fellaini plays a long ball into the box. Jelavic wins the header and Barsley concedes a corner. 2 mins of stoppage time

  58. 44

    Hard to keep up with the pace of the game. End-to-end. Osman fires one from the edge of the box. Mignolet holds on

  59. 43

    Drenthe curls one from a good 35 yards, and hits the bar. Great strike

  60. 42

    Coleman then powers forward and goes down under a challenge from Bridge. Free-kick

  61. 42

    Campbell does really well to hold the ball up for Sunderland, but his pass to McClean is over hit and Everton get a throw

  62. 41

    Powerful header from Phil Neville as the ball was punted towards Bendtner.

  63. 41

    Jelavic gets a knock in the back of the head from Turner. The striker felt that one

  64. 39

    Great work from Jelavic to take on the entire Sunderland defence on his own. Holds the ball up well. That's what you need when you are playing just one striker

  65. 37

    Everton having a good spell. Pressing high up the pitch

  66. 36

    Osman takes it, Cahill wins the header, cleared off the line by Mignolet, falls to Distin who can't get his shot on target

  67. 35

    Bardsley is back on the pitch. And Osman wins a corner for Everton

  68. 34

    Sunderland continue to come forward though with ten men. But can't find a way through the Everton.

  69. 33

    Bendtner looks to play in Campbell but over hits it. In the meanwhile Bardsley is getting treatment off the pitch after crashing into the advertising

  70. 32

    Larsson then in the centre of the pitch. Fires it into the box, Turner wins the first header, Baines clears, Cahill fires it forward and the ball beats Bardsley, Jelavic one-on-one with Bridge, takes the shot on early but into the side netting

  71. 31

    Heitinga booked

  72. 31

    Lovely back heel from Campbell to flick it round the corner to McClean as Sunderland look to counter. Heitinga slides in and brings him down

  73. 30

    Baines plays it short to Osman. Colback and Gardner were alert to it though and scramble it clear.

  74. 29

    Everton's routine from a corner in a dangerous area doesn't work. But now they are the team spraying the passes around and Sunderland can't get the ball down and play. Turner concedes a corner

  75. 28

    Bendtner nudges Neville in the back and gets booked

  76. 27

    Long ball forward, falls to Cahill off Turner. Jelavic goes down off the ball. Nothing doing

  77. 26

    Heitinga's long punt forward finds Fellaini, who over hits his cross and it is a throw

  78. 25

    Bendtner goes up for the ball with a high foot and catches Neville in the head of half way. Referee awards the free-kick but no card

  79. 23

    Baines running at the Sunderland defence. Gets his cross in. Jelavic wins the header, it hits Tim Cahill and he directs it in

  80. 23

    GOAL!!!!!!! Cahill.

  81. 22

    Larsson to take the free-kick. That's not his best though. And it is a goalkick

  82. 21

    Larsson flicks the ball forward, Campbell gets there ahead of Disitn. He passes to Bendtner who wins a free-kick after being clattered by Drenthe.

  83. 20

    End-to-end stuff. Now it's Campbell battling with Heitinga at the other end, but it's solid stuff from the Everton defender

  84. 19

    Heitinga joins the party, and the defender is the one to take it. It's a long way wide though

  85. 18

    Cahill wins a free-kick for Everton. Left hand edge of the penalty box. Baines, Jelavic, Cahill and Drenthe all over the ball

  86. 17

    Larsson then takes the corner. Howard doesn't get near it. And Neville has to dig his goalkeeper out of a hole. Throw on the right flank. Bardsley takes it to Colback. Gets it back and crosses. But McClean heads over

  87. 16

    Sunderland playing keep ball. But still looking to come forward. McClean and Bridge link up. Neville's clearance only reaches Campbell who plays in McClean in the box. Great covering tackle from Heitinga

  88. 14

    Long clearance from Howard though is won in the air by Cahill, Jelavic does just enough and it comes to Coleman. Sunderland get numbers back, but there is space wide. Instead Fellaini decides to shot from 35 yards and blasts high and wide

  89. 14

    Sunderland now playing with confidence. Passing the ball around nicely

  90. 12

    Sunderland were getting ready for a free-kick. As Larsson placed the ball on the right flank, Colback rolled it to Bardsley who's shcoked flew past Tim Howard. What a strike

  91. 12

    GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bardsley fires in a rocket.

  92. 11

    Looking at the replay of Gardner's challenge on Drenthe. Referee was only about three yards away. Gardner got all of the man and none of the ball

  93. 10

    Larsson's free-kick headed clear by Cahill, but here come Sunderland again. McClean to the by-line, but Coleman and Neville snuff out the danger. Everton now counter. But Drenthe's cross behind for a goal-kick

  94. 9

    Yellow card for Neville.

  95. 9

    Sunderland counter, McClean knocks it past Neville who blocks him off

  96. 8

    Drenthe cuts in from the wing and goes over a challenge from Gardner in the box. Referee not interested

  97. 7

    Wayne Bridge goes for a run on the left flank. Wins a corner off Fellaini. Sunderland though don't capitalise on their field position

  98. 6

    Cross into the near post is cleared and Everton look to counter. Sunderland though survive

  99. 5

    Whipped in to the back post. Cahill wins the header just infront of Turner. It's another corner. Colback to take this one

  100. 4

    James McClean drives foeward on the left. Takes on Coleman and Neville and wins a corner for Sunderland. Larrson to take

  101. 3

    Jelavic showing his aerial prowess. Finds Cahill who keeps the attacking. Coleman ruins to the by-line after a slip from Bridge sends him free. Cross finds Osman who heads over

  102. 2

    At the other end Sunderland habe won a free-kick on the right. Larsson and Colback stand over it. Larsson it is who who whips it in. McClean wins the header, but can't direct it goalwards

  103. 1

    Everton's first attack of the game sees the ball disappear into the crowd and then very much disappear. Bridge left waiting an age for a ball

  104. And Everton get us underway

  105. Very noisey in the stadium. Good to hear

  106. Well the teams are out on the pitch. Everyone is ready.

  107. Little bit of rain starting to fall. Should give the pitch a bit of pace, meaning the passes can be zipped about

  108. What do you think of the decision to go with two up top with Campbell and Bendtner, when Everton only have one out and out striker?

  109. So a lot of confident Everton fans. Where are the Sunderland fans today?

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  111. Fancy a flutter. Sky Bet have Everton at 10/11, a draw at 5/2 and Sunderland are 3/1

  112. These teams have met 14 times in the FA Cup. Everton have taken seven wins. Sunderland four. And three have ended in draws

  113. Win today and the players and fans will hjave a day out at Wembley in the semi final

  114. Good afternoon from Goodison Park for this FA Cup Quarter Final


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