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Scottish Cup

Tannadice Park (ATT 12,270) 11th March 2012 - Kick off 13:15 Ref: I Brines

Dundee U Dundee United vs Celtic Celtic

Dundee U 0

R Neilson (S/O 28)


Celtic 4

J Ledley (53)
G Samaras (71)
A Stokes (86)
S Brown (pen 90)

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Live Commentary

Last Updated at 12:11 pm, March 17th 2012

  1. Thanks for following the action with me - hope you enjoyed it - see you again soon

  2. Hard to say how much impact the one man advantage had but it seemed to turn the game. Well-deserved dismissal for the elbow but the Dundee United players left on the pitch gave it their all - in the end though Celtic showed their class in-front of goal

  3. Celtic romped to victory in the end 4-0 but there is no shame in that performance from Dundee United

  4. 90

    FULL TIME whistle goes

  5. 89

    GOAL!!!! Keeper chose correctly but Brown put it low and hard in the corner - 4-0 for The Hoops

  6. 88

    .......Scott Brown to take

  7. 88

    CELTIC PENALTY!!! Samaras clipped in the box

  8. 87

    Celtic sub - Anthony Stokes off for Kris Commons

  9. 85

    GOAL!!! Stokes was put through on goal and made no mistake. As more space opened up in the middle of the park Stokes was in acres of space

  10. 84

    Samaras has another chance in the box but fires high and wide

  11. 83

    Dundee are still trying to build but it just isn't coming off for them in the final third. With Hooper off there is less of a counter-attack threat but the clock is ticking down fast

  12. 81

    Celtic sub - Paddy McCourt comes on for Gary Hooper

  13. 79

    WOODWORK RATTLED!! Stokes hit the bar - it was a sitter but he took too long - overthought it and lifted it onto the bar

  14. 78

    Dundee United sub - Stuart Armstrong comes on for Wilo Flood

  15. 77

    The game has settled into the pattern of Celtic coming forward in waves. Dundee United look tired

  16. 76

    Celtic are controlling the game now and playing the ball around to 'Ola' from The Hoops' fans

  17. 74

    United have had the chances but it's Celtic who look like being able to punish them on the break

  18. 73

    Dundee United CHANCE!!!! It falls to Russell half-vollies it over the bar. You'd want it to fall to Russell but he snatched at that

  19. 71

    GOAL!!!! Mulgrew puts another beautiful ball in from a set-piece and Samaras heads it in from 6-yards - great ball - strong header

  20. 69

    Brown did just enough there to put the forward off but he'd have hoped to do better with that

  21. 69

    CHANCE!!!! Dundee United have a one-on-one with the keeper but Lany puts it wide under pressure from Scott Brown

  22. 68

    Celtic corner. Mulgrew puts it deep but Hooper is judged to foul the keeper

  23. 67

    Dundee United put it into the box but Celtic are holding firm. They break with Hooper

  24. 65

    Stokes is having more of an impact down the flank. He's dictating the pace much more now. United haven't had a decent spell of possession this half

  25. 62

    Samaras is up-ended again but the United player escapes a booking

  26. 62

    Samaras pours forward and links up well with Stokes to deliver into the box

  27. 61

    Celtic have looked much better this half and United don't seem to be able to offer much in response since the break

  28. 58

    Mulgrew dinks it in but United clear their lines

  29. 58

    Celtic build again through the midfield. Hooper gets a shove in the back and Celtic can deliver just outside the box

  30. 56

    The free-kick is charged down despite the wall not appearing to be back 10-yards

  31. 55

    United clear the corner but Mulgrew has a chance to deliver from a set-piece

  32. 54

    Celtic come forward again and win a corner - United need to hang on another quick goal will hit them hard

  33. 52

    GOAL!!! Celtic open the score from Joe Ledley. Ball in from Stokes and it falls to Ledley - takes one touch around the defender and scores with his second from 6-yards

  34. 52

    Mulgrew puts a free-kick in from the side-line - looked a great ball but no-one attacks the front post and United clear

  35. 51

    Neilson can be seen looking on from the tunnel as Daly unleashes a snap shot from the corner of the 6-yard box. Easy save for Forster

  36. 49

    They're going to struggle to get the ball and set-pieces should be capitalised on better

  37. 48

    United play some quick passes aound the half-way and try to set Russell through - it's cut out but it's a United corner

  38. 46

    United clear but Celtic collect and build from Forster

  39. 46

    Celtic win a free-kick which United out behind for a corner

  40. 45

    Celtic straight on the attack with a ball in from Mulgrew. The ball bounces in the box but just out of the reach of an attacking Celtic player

  41. 45

    And we're off

  42. The players are out onto the pitch as we get ready to start the second 45 minutes. Celtic to see it underway

  43. It was a lively start which was dampened by the red card. United started brightly Russell's chance in the box their best chance but he hit it into the ground. The sending off of Neilson has defiantly affected their play and you feel Celtic could grow into the one man advantage in the second half

  44. 45

    HALF-TIME! The ref blows for half-time

  45. 45

    Forrest brings it down the flank and puts a good ball in. No-one in green and white gets on the end of it though and United put it behind for a corner. It comes to nothing though as United get a foul in the box.

  46. 45

    The ref shows one minute extra-time

  47. 44

    Celtic are unable to create anything decisive when it counts. United are holding their line well

  48. 42

    The fast-paced start to the game has been replaced now with the more familiar sight of Celtic having most of the ball. Still 0-0 though and the 10 men of United are certainly not being played off the park

  49. 40

    United win a corner - it's thumped in and Kenneth bundles in behind for a goal-kick

  50. 38

    Mulgrew puts it into the box but it is too close to the keeper and under pressure the ref gives a free-kick

  51. 37

    The game has died down - United havn't really been able to build anything since the red card

  52. 34

    The ball comes out to Forrest on the edge of the box but fires over - high and wide - he didn't have much time to settle himself

  53. 34

    Ledley has a shot on the turn in the United box but it's blocked - Celtic piling on the pressure and win another corner

  54. 34

    Celtic put it in and win a corner

  55. 33

    Early on the one man advantage isn't showing - United look to be holding their shape well

  56. 32

    That is cruel for United they looked to be building some good play together - how will the red card effect the spirit of these 10 men

  57. 30

    Dundee United sub - Garry Kenneth comes on Gary Mackay-Steven

  58. 29

    RED CARD!!!! Robbie Neilson has been given a red for an elbow on Samaras - that looked bad Samaras is getting treatment as Neilson heads down the tunnel - foolish from the United player

  59. 25

    Dundee United are having some play with Dixon on the wide flank

  60. 25

    CHANCE!!!! United had a glorious chance - Mackay-Steven puts a great ball in right across the box which falls to Russell who got a weak shot in - on target but Forster could block

  61. 23

    Celtic have had more of the ball in the last couple of minutes but United are pressuring the ball well - they're snapping at Celtic's heels and forcing the wayward pass

  62. 21

    Free-kick comes in but it's too long and Perris collects

  63. 20

    Samaras was up-ended by Neilson on the break. Cynical trip but he'll take it you feel - Samaras was away there

  64. 19

    Celtic come forward with some good possession around the box but United are able to close it down and the ball goes through to Perris in goal

  65. 18

    Dixon sells his full-back short but the ball is cleared. Dundee United are much more patient with the ball and are looking more dangerous. You feel they have to capitalise on this possession soon though

  66. 16

    Russell brings it forward and wins another corner - good chance to pile on some pressure. Celtic look nervous in the back and give the ball away too easily but do clear

  67. 15

    Celtic launch it into the box from a thrown which reaches the 6-yard box but United clear their lines

  68. 14

    Neilson gets a thud in the face bocking a cross and Celtic have a corner - the ball comes in and Dundee United can clear

  69. 12

    United have made the brighter start and look to be creating more in the final third. Hooper and Forrest are always a threat for The Hoops though

  70. 11

    CHANCE!!! Daly tries to get on the end of a ball knocked into the 6-yard box and Daly takes a tumble in the box after getting on the end of the ball but the ref waves it away

  71. 10

    United come forward again - they're playing without fear. Corner for United as Celtic close it out on the byline

  72. 8

    CHANCE!!! Jon Daly puts a diving header just wide. Flood jinxed near the corner and put a great ball in that Daly threw himself onto - just wide - good header from the Dundee frontman

  73. 6

    Dixon gives the ball away and Forrest steals it from him. The attack comes to nothing as Forrest's though ball is cut out. Dundee can bring it away

  74. 5

    Celtic want a free-kick in the Dundee final third but the ref gives a goal-kick

  75. 4

    Celtic are switching the ball well but Dundee steal it from them and look to break. A high energy start to this Quarter-Final

  76. 2

    It's a fast-paced start - there's no time on the ball for anyone. Dundee lump into the box but give a foul on the edge of the box and Celtic can clear

  77. 1

    Dundee are pressing high early on. Their snapping at the heels of the Celtic players

  78. Celtic player go in for a huddle before the kick-off - they look focused. Dundee United get us underway!

  79. The teams are coming out on the pitch as the orange and black ballons of Dundee litter the pitch - both sets of fans seem up for this super cup clash!

  80. I agree with you Duncan the Cup is more of a priority this year as The Hoops look to have the SPL wrapped up. Free-scoring Dundee could cause an upset

  81. Duncen McNiven - "I think this will be Celtic's biggest test for some time against a pretty strong confident Utd. I fancy Johnny Russell to score today and at least win a replay at Celtic park."

  82. DUNDEE: Perris, Neilson, Dillon, Dixon, Gunning, Rankin, Flood, Mackay-Steven, Robertson, Daly, Russell

  83. Email me at with your predications and thoughts throughout the game

  84. My predication is 3-1 Celtic - I think the Hoops will have too much to offer

  85. Celtic are stomping away with the SPL and start this clash favourites but Dundee have been in fine form in the league and could cause an upset

  86. Hello and welcome to our LIVE minute-by-minute commentary of this crunch Cup game at Tannadice

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