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UEFA Champions League

San Paolo (ATT 60,000) 21st February 2012 - Kick off 19:45 Ref: C Velasco Carballo

Napoli Napoli vs Chelsea Chelsea

Napoli 3

E Lavezzi (38, 65)
E Cavani (45+2)


Chelsea 1

J Mata (27)

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Live Commentary

Last Updated at 5:20 pm, February 23rd 2012

  1. Napoli could have had ten tonight, but Chelsea manage to reduce the damage to just three goals in Italy, grabbing a vital away goal in the process through Mata. Napoli were sharp in front of goal and Chelsea's defence was appalling tonight. It should be a cracker at Stamford Bridge if this game in Naples is anything to go by. Thanks for your company at the San Paulo Stadium and I'll see you all soon.

  2. FULL TIME. Napoli 3 Chelsea 1.

  3. 90+3

    Ivanovic's defending is shocking as he brings Maggio down tumbling, with the game surely ending after this free-kick from Napoli.

  4. 90+2

    It's all Chelsea as Napoli sit back, and Lampard unleashes a drive at goal which carries some swerve but ends up safely in the hands of De Sanctis.

  5. 90+1

    Drogba misses a great chance! Cole is played in by Mata on the by-line, and the left-back's ball in catches the striker unaware, with his volley amazingly launched over from close range. Three minutes added time to be played.

  6. 90

    Drogba is back sweeping up for Chelsea, and he looks for Sturridge with a cross-field ball, with Cannavaro clearing to safety as Chelsea look to end with another spell of pressure.

  7. 89

    The offside flag is again raised as Essien's ball catches Drogba marginally behind Campagnaro in attack.

  8. 88

    The ball comes off Drogba's hand and a promising run from the striker ends in a Napoli free-kick.

  9. 87

    Pandev gets his first real chance since coming on, with Gargano slipping past Ramires before finding the striker whose effort is fired over. This could have finished 4-4 such as the woeful defending of both teams.

  10. 86

    It's actually Mata who delivers in, but Sturridge is offside from Drogba's knock-down and Napoli again escape another penalty box scramble.

  11. 85

    Drogba and Mata are deep in debate as to who will take this but the Chelsea striker seems to be taking control of the situation.

  12. 84

    Cavani and Maggio link up on the right but Cole wins a throw-in for Chelsea as Drogba then wins a free-kick 25-yards out after going down under Cannavaro.

  13. 83

    Sturridge makes good progress down the left, but he can't sort his feet out and Campagnaro gets enough of his body in the way to intercept.

  14. 82

    Hamsik is replaced by Pandev in a Napoli switch.

  15. 81

    Napoli are guiilty of over-playing as a beautiful move with Cavani and Maggio results in the latter playing across goal to Hamsik whose effort is cleared off the line by goal!

  16. 80

    Mata's ball into the box causes all kinds of problems, and the fragile Napoli defence eventually clear but that ball could have ended up anywhere.

  17. 79

    A push from Cannavaro is spotted on Ivanovic and Hamsik's free-kick ends up in a free-kick to Chelsea.

  18. 77

    Luiz just about gets across to cut out Hamsik's ball to Cavani but such is the uncertainty of the defender there were some collective nerves around that interception felt around the ground.

  19. 76

    Ramires nicks the ball from Gargano, but Chelsea are again poor in the final third and Cannavaro easily deals with Mata's ball in.

  20. 75

    Lavezzi is taken off to a hero's ovation, and Federico Fernandez takes his place.

  21. 74

    Lampard spectulatively fires at goal but it's a poor effort when players were avaliable for passes.

  22. 73

    Inler heads the ball back into the Chelsea box but Luiz pushes up and Hamsik is caught offside as a result.

  23. 72

    Hamsik pounces on Ivanovic, and Napoli attack once more with Campagnaro down the right, forcing Cole into a solid tackle.

  24. 71

    Malouda is also replaced as Frank Lampard takes to the field as well.

  25. 70

    And that is Meireles' last touch, as he is replaced by Michael Essien.

  26. 69

    Mata's tenacity regains possession from Inler, but Meireles immediately chooses the wrong pass and gives it away moments after. He hasn't had a good game at all.

  27. 67

    Ramires is eased off the ball by Inler and Napoli look increasingly dangerous as Lavezzi's ball to Cavani is barely cleared by Cahill.

  28. 66

    It's a bitter blow for Chelsea who have played well over the last ten minutes, but Luiz's failure to clear his lines has cost his side dear here.

  29. 65

    All of Chelsea's good play is undone as Napoli hit them on the break, with Luiz out-muscled by Cavani who squares the ball to Lavezzi with the striker burying the ball home from 10 yards.

  30. 65

    GOAL! Lavezzi scores another!

  31. 64

    Lavezzi wins Napoli a corner, which is played short, allowing Cech an easy gather from Maggio's long-range shot.

  32. 63

    Sturridge's control is again excellent as Chelsea look to work space in the final third, before Aronica does well against Mata.

  33. 61

    Chelsea are really peppering Napoli's goal now and the atmosphere is far more subdued as the hosts look to hold up the ball and take the edge off Chelsea's momentum.

  34. 60

    Luiz makes one of his trademark runs, which ends up in Drogba meeting Cole's cross before Napoli's centre-backs clear, with the resulting corner headed wide by Cahill!

  35. 59

    This is a good spell for Chelsea, as Ivanovic crosses in forcing a slightly nervy clearance from Cannavaro.

  36. 58

    Mata has a drive from Drogba's header towards him, but his effort again lacks the firepower to challenge De Sanctis.

  37. 57

    Lovely control from Sturrdge creates room for a Chelsea attack, but Drogba again loses control in the box and their move is pushed back to Meireles.

  38. 56

    As the errors continue, with Zuniga the latest player to lose control on the touchline, Lavezzi is then floored by a strong Cahill challenge which results in a booking for the centre-back.

  39. 55

    It's a huge let off for Chelsea as Ivanovic gets caught forward, with Cavani laying off Lavezzi who snatches at his shot and drags it wide. It should have been a third for Napoli.

  40. 54

    Meireles finds Drogba, but the striker's ball into the box is poor before Mata unleashes a shot which is comfortable for De Sanctis.

  41. 53

    Campagnaro's ball to Maggio is poor, and the fans are perhaps harshly judging of the pass after an initially lovely passing move by the Italian side.

  42. 52

    De Sanctis is on hand again, this time denying Malouda's half-volley after Mata's knock-down. There will definitely be goals in this second half.

  43. 51

    Cavani is picked out again by the dangerous Maggio, and the striker decides to fire at the near post with a quality keeper such as Cech standing no chance of being beaten from there.

  44. 50

    Mata picks up the ball on the edge of the area and does the right thing in shooting through a crowd of bodies as Chelsea win a corner, which is cleared off the line by Napoli!

  45. 49

    Another long ball nearly causes Chelsea problems as Cech sprints out to clear, before Ivanovic is on hand to cut out a run from Gargano.

  46. 48

    Compagnaro searches for Maggio, with Cole tugged by the Napoli man to concede a free-kick in Chelsea's favour.

  47. 47

    Napoli start strongly with Hamsik and Lavezzi pulling the strings, before a loose pass allows Luiz to make the interception.

  48. 46

    Chelsea kick off the second half.

  49. Chelsea took the lead through Mata, but their defensive frailties continue as Lavezzi and Cavani cut through the Blues to go in leading at the break. Send your second half predictions to or @JWoodfield365

  50. HALF TIME. Napoli 2 Chelsea 1.

  51. 45+2

    Inler drifts a sublime ball across the corridor of uncertainty, and neither Ivanovic nor Cahill can match the run of Cavani who heads home from close range. What a comeback from Napoli but Chelsea have completely imploded here.

  52. 45+2

    GOAL! Cavani scores!

  53. 45+1

    Inler is played short from the free-kick, but his effort from 25 yards is pretty poor as it sails high and wide of Cech.

  54. 45

    Ramires is guilty of losing control again, and the midfielder then fouls Gargano trying to retrive it. Free-kick to Napoli 40-yards out.

  55. 44

    Ivanovic clutches his side as he collides with Gargano. The defender gets to his feet though and should be fine to continue.

  56. 42

    The crowd are all over Maggio as he plays a blind pass out of play, but the mistakes from both sides have turned this into a thrilling first-half. Expect plenty of goals in the second half if it continues!

  57. 41

    Meireles joins Cavani in the book for a tackle on Inler. He will now miss the return leg at Stamford Bridge.

  58. 40

    Ramires waltzes through Napoli's troubled back three, before inexicably firing over after doing all the hard work during his run.

  59. 39

    In all the fracas, Cavani has picked up a yellow card for seemingly an over-exuberant celebration.

  60. 38

    It's a lovely goal from Napoli. Zuniga finds Lavezzi on the edge of the area and the striker isn't closed down, allowing him to pick his spot past a diving Cech. It's all square again!

  61. 38

    GOAL! Lavezzi equalises!

  62. 37

    Luiz comes within inches of doubling Chelsea's lead, shaking off Canavaro from the corner before beating De Sanctis to the ball which he heads narrowly over. Great chance for the Blues.

  63. 36

    Meireles works had to rid the danger for Chelsea, and Sturridge breaks down the right before cutting into the box and winning a corner. With Mata unmarked, the winger should really have crossed into the back post.

  64. 35

    Maggio is nudged by Malouda, and this time Napoli do win a free-kick in a dangerous position 25-yards out.

  65. 34

    Lavezzi goes down under Ivanovic, but no foul is given, despite a number of rolly-pollies from the Napoli man.

  66. 33

    A Chelsea throw-in ends up with Mata at the near post, but he can't find the target from a tight position, with his shot landing in the side-netting.

  67. 32

    Ivanovic searches for Drogba, and while the striker salutes the ball, it's easy for De Sanctis to come and clear.

  68. 31

    Mata hobbles back on, and Chelsea are spared having to make a second substitution inside the first half hour.

  69. 30

    Sturridge wins a foul off Zuniga, but worryingly for Chelsea Mata seems to have really taken a hit as the physios see to him on the sidelines.

  70. 29

    Mata takes a knock under Aronica but play continues through Maggio, who plays aimlessly forward to Cech. Villas-Boas is fuming that play was not stopped.

  71. 27

    A huge moment for Chelsea occurs as Cannavaro's shocking clearance ends up in Mata's path who coolly converts from close range. First blood to Villas-Boas' side!

  72. 27

    GOAL! Mata scores!

  73. 27

    The rather quiet Cavani is the man who meets the header, but Cahill does enough to put him off and his effort flies behind goal.

  74. 26

    Aronica is again floored under Drogba, and the free-kick finds Maggio on the right, whose delivery is hacked behind goal by a watchful Ivanovic.

  75. 24

    This is a good spell for Chelsea as they press patiently, maintaining some nice possession before a loose cross from Ivanovic eventually cleared by Campagaro.

  76. 23

    Cech punches clear Hamsik's corner, with the Chelsea goalkeeper already a contender for man-of-the-match.

  77. 22

    Drogba and Aronica come together, with a foul given against the Chelsea striker, before a Lavezzi ball causes havoc with Cahill doing well to clear.

  78. 21

    Ivanovic crosses in from the right, with Campagnaro the man clearing. Lavezzi looks to then break for Napoli with Luiz defending solidly.

  79. 20

    The corner is a disaster for Napoli as Hamsik picks it up short and crosses the ball out of play behind the near post.

  80. 19

    Chelsea move the ball around nicely, without ever really going anywhere and Drogba eventually heads aimlessly before Cech is exposed again as Maggio cuts across Cole and draws a strong save from the Chelsea keeper.

  81. 18

    Lavezzi's delivery is cleared by Luiz, as Malouda latches on to a long ball up field, with De Sanctis doing enough to clear away, before Sturridge loses control in the penalty area. Nearly calamitous defending from the hosts.

  82. 17

    A divine back-heel from Lavezzi finds Zuniga, whose cross is cleared before the former is tripped by Mata 25-yards out from goal.

  83. 16

    Ivanovic looks for Drogba but his ball over the top is impossible for the striker to meet and De Sanctis collects.

  84. 14

    Chelsea look to settle with some controlled possession, but Drogba's touch allows Cannavaro to step in and play back to De Sanctis.

  85. 13

    Ramires clumsily concedes possession, and Napoli break dangerous as Lavezzi plays in the offside Cavani who fortunately for Chelsea blows the chance anyway.

  86. 12

    Bosingwa is replaced and Cole comes on, which probably will actually delight most Chelsea fans out there as a result.

  87. 11

    After the initial controversy over Villas-Boas' snubbing of Ashley Cole tonight, it looks as if he will play most of the game as Bosingwa is set to come off with a hamstring injury.

  88. 10

    Great save by Cech! Cavani is found in acres of space behind Luiz, the striker latching on to Gargano's ball before shooting low and hard at the near post with the Chelsea keeper sticking a leg out to deny the striker.

  89. 9

    Campagnaro is bandaged up after that clash with Drogba, and the Napoli man is set to be re-introduced as Chelsea enjoy a spell of possession.

  90. 8

    A Chelsea throw-in is cleared, and as Raul Meireles looks to keep the ball in play he ends up swiping the ball out of play.

  91. 7

    While Drogba gets patched up, Chelsea look to break with Florent Malouda, whose run is cut off by the strong Cannavaro.

  92. 6

    The lively Juan Zuniga drifts a floating ball into the box which ends harmlessly in Cech's arms, before Didier Drogba goes down after a collision with Campagnaro.

  93. 5

    I nearly ate my words completely as Cannavaro finds Lavezzi with a stunning ball, with only a brilliant parry from Petr Cech denying the striker providing a finish.

  94. 4

    Paulo Cannavaro looks for Cavani with the long ball, and seeing as that's not Napoli's game at all, it predictably lands behind goal, taking a huge bounce off the soaking wet pitch.

  95. 3

    Ivanovic does well to dispossess Lavezzi on the wing, with Chelsea working the ball up to Juan Mata, before Jose Bosingwa's delivery is caught easily by Morgan De Sanctis.

  96. 2

    Ezequiel Lavezzi's movement is good as he looks to latch on to Edinson Cavani's pass, the striker's touch is heavy though and David Luiz clears the first attack of the game.

  97. 1

    Napoli get this game underway!

  98. Ashley Cole joins John Terry in failing to make Chelsea's starting XI tonight. Cole (calf) is not risked, meaning Jose Bosingwa starts at left-back. Manager Andre Villas-Boas makes a huge decision by drafting in Florent Malouda instead of Frank Lampard, but he does axe Fernando Torres for Didier Drogba, as expected. Napoli recall fit-again goalkeeper Morgan De Sanctis and make three further changes.

  99. Our friends at Sky Bet are backing Napoli at 6/5 to triumph tonight. Their form at home in this competition has been more than impressive, and Chelsea's 12/5 of reflect the challenge the beleagured Blues face tonight. For those fancying the draw, odds are avaliable at 11/5.

  100. Napoli team to face Chelsea: De Sanctis, Campagnaro, Cannavaro, Aronica, Maggio, Inler, Gargano, Zuniga, Hamsik, Lavezzi, Cavani. Subs: Rosati, Grava, Dossena, Dzemaili, Fernandez, Pandev, Britos.

  101. Chelsea team to face Napoli: Cech, Ivanovic, David Luiz, Cahill, Bosingwa, Ramires, Meireles, Malouda, Sturridge, Drogba, Mata. Subs: Turnbull, Cole, Torres, Kalou, Lampard, Mikel, Essien.

  102. Good evening and welcome to the San Paolo stadium for live coverage of Napoli v Chelsea in their Champions League first knockout round first-leg clash. In some early team news that broke earlier today, Chelsea captain John Terry will be out for two months with a knee injury, leaving the Blues in dire straights against a Napoli side that have one of the more dynamic frontlines in the competition. If you would like to drop me a line you can e-mail me at throughout the night or tweet me @JWoodfield365

  103. Kick-off is at 1945 GMT...



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