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The FA Cup

St Andrews Stadium (ATT 14,594) 7th January 2012 - Kick off 12:30 Ref: M Dean

Birm'ham Birmingham City vs Wolverhampton Wanderers Wolves


Wolves 0

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 2:45 pm, January 7th 2012

  1. Not exactly a game that will live long in the memories of those who watched it, but a credible 0-0 draw for both sides means both teams will be in the FA Cup fourth round draw. Wolves could have snatched it late on at the death through Jarvis and Fletcher but both teams defended solidly and 0-0 was probably a fair result. Thanks for your company at St Andrew's and I'll see you all soon.

  2. FULL TIME. Birmingham 0 Wolves 0.

  3. 90+3

    Rooney just can't get past Stearman and Wolves break with Jarvis, whose shot fires off the post, before Fletcher's head is cleared by Doyle!

  4. 90+2

    Ward gets his head to the corner which is caught by Doyle, and Blues storm forward on the break, with Redmond's cross into the box landing behind goal.

  5. 90+1

    Kightly crosses in towards the near post and Wolves earn a corner forcing an encouraging cheer from the away fans.

  6. 90

    Redmond misses the chance to play in Beausejour, before the winger finds himself with a great chance inside the area which is straight at De Vries again.

  7. 89

    Some fans are starting to leave, leaving the sparse few that attended from kick-off left to see out the final few minutes where hopefully we can witness a highlight of the game.

  8. 87

    Fletcher can't believe a free-kick goes against him for a collision with Caldwell, as Blues launch another ball upfield, with Rooney's shot hitting Berra with appeals for handball rife around St Andrew's.

  9. 86

    A good attack eventually breaks down from a handball by Jarvis, after Ebanks-Blake misses the chance to play in Kightly who was running into the box.

  10. 85

    Jarvis picks up the ball on the left, but is forced back by Spector, as Wolves play it back to Stearman.

  11. 84

    Rooney is booked for another foul by the Irishman.

  12. 83

    Fahey comes on and it's N'Daw who is replaced to a standing ovation from the St Andrew's faithful.

  13. 82

    Doyle goes down winded after claiming a cross from Kightly, as Keith Fahey prepares to come on for the hosts.

  14. 81

    Stearman goes in with his studs up on Beausejour, but he wins the ball cleanly and no foul is given despite protests from the home fans.

  15. 80

    Brilliant chance for Blues, as Redmond finds Beausejour, whose volleyed shot is defended by Jonsson, with Wolves again able to clear.

  16. 79

    Stearman searches out Ebanks-Blake, but the striker doesn't possesses the Usain Bolt like speed to keep his ball in play and it bounces behind for a goal kick.

  17. 78

    Blues look to break with Redmond, whose ball into the box is over-hit, but kept alive by Murphy before Stearman steps in to clear.

  18. 77

    Redmond's shot takes a deflection, but De Vries keeps it in play to avoid conceding a corner, as the game continues to roll on without any real moments of quality to speak of in the final third.

  19. 76

    Gomis is encouraged to shoot by Blues fans, but he definately shouldn't have, his effort landing with the fans behind goal after a 20-yard misfire.

  20. 75

    Doyle makes his way off the pitch and Fletcher arrives in his place.

  21. 74

    Jarvis looks for Doyle but it's a poor ball from the winger, with Blues on the attack moments later as Redmond's shot is charged down by Berra, before Elliott's half-volley is straight down the throat of De Vries.

  22. 73

    Spector is judged to have fouled Henry, as Wolves begin to press patiently, spreading the ball around well.

  23. 72

    Steven Fletcher is about to come on for Wolves, which will require some very important headed clearances from Caldwell and Davies for the rest of the game.

  24. 71

    Gomis looks to rifle away a shot under the pressure of Wolves defenders, before Jarvis breaks and immediately brings a quality to the game, with his cross collected at the near post after a solid run.

  25. 70

    That kick is Hunt's last of the game as Matt Jarvis replaces the winger, while Jordon Mutch is replaced by Jean Beausejour for Birmingham.

  26. 69

    Hunt picks the longer straw, and fires a left footed effort at goal but it's not troubling Doyle.

  27. 68

    The free-kick for Wolves is 20-yards out and in a very dangerous position as they queue up to take it.

  28. 67

    Kightly and Doyle exchange passes, before the former has a pop which cannons off Davies and to safety. Moments later, Davies hacks down Doyle and the first booking off the day occurs.

  29. 66

    Rooney battles with Stearman, and initially wins the corner before the striker is penalised for his efforts.

  30. 65

    Henry holds up play under pressure from Mutch, but Doyle is tumbled over by Caldwell before Henry then fouls Mutch trying to win the ball back.

  31. 64

    Murphy clears carelessly to Kightly but the winger can't find Ebanks-Blake as Davies steps in authoratively.

  32. 63

    Rooney backs into Stearman and Wolves win another free-kick just outside their area, as the action in the final third continues to lack quality from both sides.

  33. 62

    Blues' defence holds firm once more, with Caldwell the man this time heading away.

  34. 61

    Ward has looked dangerous when advancing forward, and on the overlap he wins a corner after a sliding tackle from Spector.

  35. 60

    Kightly gives the ball away cheaply, but Redmond is too vigorous chasing down Stearman moments later, conceding a foul.

  36. 59

    Rooney tests Berra, who keeps the ball and clears for Wolves, with the centre-back there again to head away Elliott's cross.

  37. 58

    Great chance for Wolves, as Kightly is played in, with his ball into the met into the box met by the arriving Ebanks-Blake who loses his composure and fires miserably over the bar.

  38. 57

    The hosts pick up the pace, and their attacking impetus, with Elliott again lively on the right, but Wolves get their bodies back and deny Rooney any space before clearing away calmly.

  39. 56

    Blues play their way out of danger on the right, but Elliott's cross upfield to Rooney carries far too much weight and De Vries gathers.

  40. 55

    Nearly a good chance for Rooney as Elliott crosses in, with the ball dropping nicely for the striker, whose effort is scuffed wide.

  41. 54

    There's more free-kicks than passes for the time being as Ebanks-Blake backs into Caldwell.

  42. 53

    Gomis takes a knock in a battle with Henry, conceding a free-kick in the process which Wolves knock back to De Vries.

  43. 52

    Kightly skips past Murphy but cuts his pass short to Ebanks-Blake. Wolves are closing in on the opening you have to feel at the moment.

  44. 51

    Wolves apply pressure through Doyle, with his ball across goal ending with Kightly, as the winger's cross is given as a goal kick to the dismay of the Wolves man.

  45. 50

    Caldwell looks for Rooney, who clatters into Berra, with the decision going in the favour of the Wolves man.

  46. 49

    Birmingham now face centre-back substitution woe as Ridgewell comes off with Steven Caldwell his replacement.

  47. 49

    Spector holds off the threat of Doyle as the striker looked to loom down on goal from Hunt's ball.

  48. 48

    Ridgewell, who looks to be carrying a knock, pushes up and catches Ebanks-Blake offside, with the striker's shot over regardless.

  49. 47

    A long kick from Doyle travels wide and the game kicks off right where the first half ended with some loose passes and poor touches.

  50. 46

    Wolves get the second half underway.

  51. Not too many clear-cut chances to shout about in a goalless first half at St Andrew's. Wolves finished on top but both teams have looked threatening and hopefully the second half will see some goals. Send your second half predictions to or tweet me @JWoodfield365

  52. HALF TIME. Birmingham 0 Wolves 0.

  53. 45+1

    Gomis keeps the ball in play impressively and feeds in Redmond, whose touch is too heavy and Stearman cuts him off as De Vries gathers.

  54. 45

    Slick passing from Blues lets Murphy in, but his ball is too pacey for Rooney and lands over the top of everyone in the box.

  55. 44

    Ward does really well to cut past Ridgewell and Spector, but his cross is met by Davies who clears away for the hosts.

  56. 43

    Redmond fires a stinging shot on goal, which tests the hands of De Vries, who collects well.

  57. 42

    Rooney looks to run with the ball played in by Mutch, but Stearman and Berra combine to block the striker's run.

  58. 41

    Wolves are coming closer, as Ebanks-Blake holds up play for Doyle, with the striker's half-volley blazed wide. The visitors are creating the better chances at the moment.

  59. 40

    Nervous moments for Blues, as Ebanks-Blake looks for Doyle, with Ridgewell intercepting but not clearing as efficiently as he should do, with Doyle charging in and nearly finding the net with his block.

  60. 39

    Henry plays a terrible ball, which is intercepted by N'Daw, but Wolves get bodies back and block out the attack.

  61. 38

    Great chance for Wolves, as a spillage from Davies allows Ebanks-Blake in, whose toe poke is blocked well by Doyle, allowing Davies into clear.

  62. 37

    From the looks of things, Foley will play at right-back while Stearman cuts inside to centre-back, as Wolves look to attack down the left with Ward.

  63. 36

    Johnson hobbles off to a mixed reception from Blues fans, as Kevin Foley replaces the Wolves man.

  64. 35

    Johnson looks in real distress here and McCarthy may be forced into the substitution of his captain.

  65. 34

    Johnson goes down in agony, and the physios are on immediately after landing awkwardly in a collision with Rooney.

  66. 33

    Ebanks-Blake is offside from Henry's ball, with the Wolves striker continuing to find life tricky against the vigilant Birmingham defence.

  67. 32

    A succession of headers nearly lands for Rooney inches from goal, but fortunately for Wolves, De Vries smothers it.

  68. 31

    Henry looks to hold off Gomis, and his ball to Berra is good before Blues intercept play, with Murphy advancing forward again to earn a corner.

  69. 29

    Doyle takes another tumble and he seems to be finding life rather hard right now against the duo of Davies and Ridgewell.

  70. 28

    Kightly bombs down the left, but his ball in is somewhere between a cross and a shot and ends up behind goal as Doyle waited. Disappointing from the winger.

  71. 27

    Wolves have picked up in the last ten minutes but Mutch finds space in the "hole" again, with a sliding tackle from Stearman eventually ending the danger.

  72. 26

    Doyle goes down in a crunching tackle from Ridgewell, which isn't deemed a free-kick, before Henry's drive from 30 yards is nearer the corner flag as the Wolves fans jeer the decision not to penalise Ridgewell.

  73. 25

    Blues spread play threateningly, with Murphy's cross to Mutch eventually headed out by Stearman, as Wolves' counter-attack is broken down by a loose pass from Hunt.

  74. 24

    Mutch finds himself in a bit of space, but ambitiously shoots from distance, which is comfortable for Dorus de Vries.

  75. 23

    Kightly's corner lands on the head of Johnson, whose effort directs the ball over the bar to the delight of the Birmingham fans.

  76. 22

    A quickly taken Wolves free-kick ends up with Ward on the left, whose deflected cross earns the visitors their first corner of the match.

  77. 21

    Stearman finds Hunt from the free-kick but his curled ball into the box is caught comfortably by Doyle.

  78. 20

    Stearman hacks down Redmond, in a tackle that has yellow card written all over it but the referee doesn't bring his card out this time.

  79. 19

    Redmond is claiming a throw-in on the left but it goes in Wolves' favour to the amused disbelief of the Blues man, before Rooney barely fails to latch on to Gomis' pass.

  80. 18

    It's all Blues right now, as Redmond whips in a peach of a ball into Jordon Mutch, who tries to wrap his foot around the ball but fires over from 15 yards. Best chance of the game so far.

  81. 17

    Ebanks-Blake loses out to Liam Ridgewell and the striker looks rather isolated as the target man for Wolves.

  82. 16

    Spector seeks out Elliott down the right, and the winger's ball into Rooney is cleared strongly by Johnson, who inadvertantly floored the striker in the process.

  83. 15

    N'Daw floors Kightly from the second corner and Wolves earn a respite, as well as a free-kick in their own half.

  84. 15

    Berrra heads away Elliott's free-kick but it's now another corner for Blues.

  85. 14

    This is a good spell for Blues, who maintain possession in Wolves' half, with Redmond winning a free-kick from the over-zealous Berra,

  86. 13

    Redmond makes a lively run down the left before playing back to Morgaro Gomis, with Hunt tracking well to intercept play off Elliott.

  87. 12

    From a Wolves throw, Henry rifles a shot away but it's well wide and nothing for Doyle to fret about.

  88. 11

    Michael Kightly loses possession after a poor touch but Wolves regain play again, forcing Murphy into a solid tackle on Karl Henry.

  89. 10

    N'Daw picks up play, with Jonathan Spector venturing forward, before Elliott's ball into Rooney is cleared away by Johnson.

  90. 9

    Richard Stearman clears away a long ball up from Colin Doyle as both teams lose control of the ball a bit too frequently.

  91. 8

    Doyle chases Ward's ball, but Curtis Davies is on hand to clear Birmingham's lines as both teams look threatening at early doors.

  92. 7

    Elliott shimmies and twists but can't escape Stephen Ward, before David Murphy breaks forward, with his ball into the box hacked away by Christophe Berra.

  93. 6

    Adam Rooney backs into Johnson and concedes a foul, before N'Daw is again on hand to break up Wolves' play in Blues' half.

  94. 5

    Doyle again takes a tumble before Wolves new-boy Eggert Jonsson has a speculative pop from range which is fired well over.

  95. 4

    Wade Elliott's ball from the right curls out to Nathan Redmond, but the winger can't deliver the ball back into the area and Roger Johnson heads away.

  96. 3

    Kevin Doyle and Stephen Hunt work the ball down the left side, before Doyle goes down in the area. It looked like he tripped though and no spot kick is awarded.

  97. 2

    Guirane N'Daw shows his strength with a couple of solid defensive blocks as the tackles fly in early on.

  98. 1

    Birmingham kick off proceedings.

  99. Birmingham manager Chris Hughton and his Wolves counterpart Mick McCarthy have made wholesale changes for this clash at St Andrew's. Defenders Jonathan Spector, Curtis Davies and David Murphy plus midfielder Guirane N'Daw are the only survivors from the Blues side which drew at Peterborough. McCarthy has made five changes from the side which lost at home to Chelsea and gives a debut to Icelandic international midfielder Eggert Jonsson. Former Blues defender and Wolves skipper Roger Johnson retains his place.

  100. For those fancying a flutter, Sky Bet price Birmingham to beat their Premier League Midlands rivals. A win for Mick McCarthy's side is at Wolves 2/1 while the draw is at 9/4.

  101. Birmingham: Doyle, Spector, Davies, Ridgewell, Murphy, Elliott, Mutch, N'Daw, Gomis, Redmond, Rooney. Subs: Butland, Caldwell, King, Beausejour, Fahey, Zigic, Reilly.

  102. Wolverhampton: De Vries, Stearman, Johnson, Berra, Ward, Kightly, Henry, Jonsson, Hunt, Ebanks-Blake, Doyle. Subs: Hennessey, Elokobi, Edwards, Fletcher, Frimpong, Jarvis, Foley.

  103. Referee: Mike Dean (Wirral).

  104. Good afternoon and welcome to St Andrew's for live coverage of Birmingham v Wolves in the FA Cup Third Round. The teams will be uploaded momentarily, you can send your e-mails to or tweet me @JWoodfield365

  105. Kick-off is at 1230 GMT.