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European Championships

Donbass Arena (ATT 51,504) 15th June 2012 - Kick off 17:00 Ref: B Kuipers

Ukraine Ukraine vs France France


France 2

J Menez (53)
Y Cabaye (56)

Live Commentary

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  1. Thank you for joining us this evening and I hope that you enjoyed the commentary.

  2. The game was delayed by 55 minutes due to heavy down pour and lightning but when it eventually got going, it was France that got into their stride quicker. In truth, they never got out of third gear but it was enough to give them a victory. Qualification from this group is still open wide and it will go down to the last game but France have certainly boosted their chances. As Ukraine, it's not all over. A win over England in their final game would put them through.

  3. Co-host Ukraine will be disappointed with that result but France are now up and running at Euro 2012.

  4. Ukraine 0 France 2

  5. 90+3

    Referee blows the final whistle

  6. 90+2

    Ukraine just can't find a way through this blue wall

  7. 90+1

    It's a late surge upfield from Ukraine. Could they get a goal to lift their fans?

  8. 90

    Three added minutes will be played

  9. 87

    The whistle cannot come quick enough for the Ukraine now. They are just going through the paces as we edge towards the final whistle.

  10. 85

    Nasri foces Pyatov into a save at his near post as his free-kick tries to eak inside the post.

  11. 83

    Lloris punches a free-kick clear but Ukraine retrieve the ball before Shevenchenko has an effort that takes a deflection that takes the sting off his shot.

  12. 82

    Twinkle toes Nasri dances into the area but he overhits his cross to the back post.

  13. 81

    Aliev has a great chance to get his team back in the game but fires his free-kick over from 25-yards. Chances are few and far between for the Ukraine.

  14. 80

    Mexes booked

  15. 78

    The fans are starting to ap back into life slightly but they have really gone quiet when their team needed them.

  16. 77

    Giroud's introduction will gave Arsenal fans a chance to see the striker who they have been heavily linked with.

  17. 76

    The pace of the game has dropped now as France look to see out the game from this winning position.

  18. 74

    Benzema replaced by Giroud

  19. 73

    Ukraine still have a lot of pride to play for in front of their fans and could still nick a goal.

  20. 72

    Martin replaces Menez

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