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European Championship Qualifying

Aviva Stadium 15th November 2011 - Kick off 19:45 Ref: B Kuipers

Rep Ire Republic of Ireland vs Estonia Estonia

Rep Ire (5) 1

S Ward (32)


Estonia (1) 1

K Vassiljev (57)

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Live Commentary

Last Updated at 9:34 pm, November 15th 2011

  1. Thanks for tuning in this evening! Well done Ireland. Stay with for the full match report.

  2. That's it! The final whistle blows to seal Ireland's qualification to Euro 2012! And now the celebrations can begin.

  3. 90

    Fahey takes the kick and Doyle arrives but the keeper punches clear.

  4. 90

    Late free-kick for Ireland from the left of goal. Can they finish on a high?

  5. 90

    We're in the final minute then and Ireland are seconds away from booking their spot in the Euros. Just waiting for that final whistle...

  6. 89

    There's a quick throw-in from Estonia but it looks like this is wrapped up. No time will be added on after an uneventful half in terms of injuries.

  7. 88

    Given takes his time with a goal-kick as we enter the dying stages. Ireland have been less than spectacular this half but they've got the job done and that's all that counts.

  8. 87

    Puri chips in a pass but Saag blasts a poor shot high after a flick-on from Rahn. Just about sums up Estonia's night.

  9. 86

    Estonia win a free-kick and pose a late threat but Saag's shot is cleared by St Ledger and Ireland breathe a sigh of relief.

  10. 85

    Whelan and Andrews pair up on the edge of the box but Doyle is called offside seconds later as Ireland try a late assault.

  11. 84

    We're into the final few minutes now and the Irish are sitting comfortably on the ball in their own half. Estonia look all but beaten.

  12. 83

    51,150 attendance at the Aviva tonight. Fantastic turnout and looks like they're going to get their celebration in a few minutes.

  13. 82

    McGeady has a go with a long range shot but misses his target. Probably should have passed out to Ward, waiting on the left.

  14. 81

    Dunne lofts a ball upfield for Doyle but the Estonia defence are there to intervene.

  15. 80

    Just 10 minutes remaining now and all Ireland have to do is defend. The crowd are already going wild.

  16. 79

    Keith Fahey comes on for Damien Duff.

  17. 78

    Estonia don't look likely to pull off any miracle comeback, with Ireland mostly in control. The hosts get ready to make another change.

  18. 77

    McGeady produces some great work down the left in a solo charge. He pulls off a stepover to get past Jaager but fires his cross straight at the keeper.

  19. 75

    Puri tries a shot for the visitors but it's a high one and cruises well over the woodwork, not troubling Given this time.

  20. 74

    Given makes no mistakes this time as he fists a Vunk shot clear to the left in a powerful save.

  21. 73

    Voskoboinikov comes off for Purje as the visitors make another swap.

  22. 72

    Simon Cox tries a shot from the right and forces another save from Londak, who bats it away.

  23. 71

    Replays of the Estonia goal show Given should have saved it fairly easily. The keeper looks extremely annoyed with himself.

  24. 70

    Estonia win a free-kick in their own half following a tussle between Doyle and Teniste. The Irishman does not look happy.

  25. 68

    Skipper Keane goes off to tumultuous applause from the home crowd, with Simon Cox replacing the veteran striker.

  26. 67

    It's almost 2-1 as Dunne gets his head to the free-kick but he nods it straight to the keeper.

  27. 66

    Martin Vunk is booked for a foul on Damien Duff. Ireland are awarded a free-kick from a good position.

  28. 65

    Londak leaps to snatch the ball to safety after a McGeady cross fizzes towards goal. The substitute has looked lively since coming on.

  29. 64

    Ireland are on the ball and in no hurry to relinquish possession as Duff and Dunne trade passes.

  30. 62

    Doyle nearly grabs another for Ireland as he fires a shot towards goal from outside the box, but Londak dives to save.

  31. 61

    Klavan does superbly to block a Keane shot from the left which looks on-target after a great pass from McGeady.

  32. 60

    Wonder if that goal will trigger an Estonia comeback? O'Shea takes a free-kick for Ireland in midfield.

  33. 59

    Stephen Hunt comes off for Aiden McGeady.

  34. A spot of lazy defending was all it took for Estonia to sneak that one. Ireland should have woken up now.

  35. Out of nowhere, skipper Vassiljev fizzes in a long-distance shot which Shay Given should have saved. Unexpected and most-definitely unwanted by Ireland.

  36. 57


  37. 56

    Substitute Kink tries a shot straight away from distance but it's well wide and causes no problems for Given.

  38. 55

    Before that swap Hunt tried a long-distance shot which was comfortably saved by Londak.

  39. 54

    Lindpere comes off for Tarmo Kink as Estonia make a change.

  40. 53

    Saag charges towards goal but it crowded out by the Ireland defence, who have been excellent so far.

  41. 52

    O'Shea looks for Doyle just outside the Estonia box but the striker is under pressure from the visitors' defence and can't pin the ball down.

  42. 50

    Andrews is fouled by Vunk in the middle of the park for an Ireland free-kick. Doyle wins the ball down the right but it bounces out for an Estonia goal-kick.

  43. 49

    Estonia are pushing for a route through but Vassiljev is off balance and Andrews clears.

  44. 48

    Whelan does well to keep hold of the ball in midfield under pressure from Lindpere. Klavan pulls off some good defending seconds later to close down Doyle.

  45. 47

    Saag is called offside by the linesman to frustrate an Estonia attack. Given takes a goal-kick for the Irish.

  46. 46

    Ireland have started brightly with Hunt and O'Shea linking up on the right, trying to break through.

  47. 46

    We're back underway and it's the final hurdle for Ireland now with qualification well within their sights.

  48. Time for the second half. Expecting some partying at full-time unless there's a massive collapse in these next 45 minutes. Enjoy!

  49. Great stuff from Ireland in that half. Want to have your say? Get in touch - or on Twitter @SkySportsRachG

  50. It's half-time in Dublin and the home side are leading 1-0 (5-0 aggregate). It looks like job done now unless Estonia pull off something very big in the next 45 minutes.

  51. 45+1

    Just a minute of injury time is added this half. Ireland look comfortable in possession as the clock ticks down.

  52. 45

    We're in the final minute of regular time this half and Ireland have been the dominant side so far, with a goal to show for their troubles.

  53. 44

    Hunt wins a corner for Ireland as he forces a panicked clearance from Klavan on the right of goal. Duff drifts the ball in but Londak snatches it to safety.

  54. 43

    Doyle plays in Keane and the striker tries an optimistic shot but can only fire it across the face of goal.

  55. 43

    Lindpere looks threatening as he advances on the edge of the Ireland box but he's off balance and stumbles, gifting the ball to the hosts.

  56. 42

    Given fires a goal-kick high up the pitch, looking for Doyle, but Puri gets it away. Ireland waste no time coming back as they keep the heat on.

  57. 41

    Dunne concedes a free-kick as he fouls Saag on the left of the Ireland half but nothing comes of the set-piece.

  58. 40

    Whelan darts in to snatch the ball and diffuse an Estonia attack as Ireland show off their solid defence once again.

  59. 39

    Ireland win a throw just inside their own half but the visitors reclaim possession as the minutes trickle down in this half.

  60. 38

    Given pulls off a great save, charging out of his net before jumping to seize a dangerous-looking cross.

  61. 37

    The visitors win their first corner which Vassiljev takes but O'Shea gets his head to it to clear.

  62. 36

    St Ledger fouls Lindpere for an Estonia free-kick in midfield. Puri fires in a cross from the right looking for someone in the box but he overshoots his target.

  63. 34

    Estonia are on the ball in midfield, looking for a reply. Voskoboinikov puts some rare pressure on Given as he forces a save, but the keeper makes a comfortable block.

  64. 33

    The party atmosphere seems to have gone up a few notches at the Aviva thanks to that goal. Ireland really are in a commanding position now.

  65. 32

    There's a corner after Klavan's clearance which Doyle initially nods towards goal, but his header is saved. Ward pounces on the rebounded shot from close range to drill it home.

  66. 31


  67. 31

    Ward lifts in a great cross from the left and Hunt makes a strong run in from the right to meet it, but Klavan gets there first.

  68. 30

    Saag gets forward for the visitors on the edge of the box but St Ledger is there to clear with Hunt lurking as back-up.

  69. 29

    Doyle battles with Vunk on the left and the Estonian eventually wins the ball to clear.

  70. 28

    O'Shea finds Hunt down the right wing and he tries to pick out Keane, but the Galaxy man can't keep hold of the ball.

  71. 26

    No goals so far. The Estonians keep trying to penetrate a solid Irish defence but the hosts have had most of the chances.

  72. 25

    Vassiljev tries to weave his way through the Irish defence but fires a misplaced pass out for an Ireland throw in their own half.

  73. 24

    The visitors exchange passes in the middle of the park, looking for a way through. Rahn lofts the ball upfield but no one is there in the box to meet his pass.

  74. 23

    Kevin Doyle sets up Duff after some good work down the right flank and he tries to pick out Keane but the Estonian defence close him down.

  75. 22

    Estonia win another throw after Given's clearance bounces out in midfield. Substitute Puri is on the ball for the visitors.

  76. 21

    The ball rolls back to Given, who boots it up the pitch. There's a collision as Puri and Andrews come together but the ref waves to play on.

  77. 20

    It's Estonia's turn for a free-kick in their own end after Andrews fouls Lindpere.

  78. 19

    Ireland win a throw-in in their own half, which Ward takes. The hosts have been in control of this one so far.

  79. 18

    A reshuffle already for the visitors as Puri comes on for Kruglov, who has picked up an apparent injury. Not good news for Estonia.

  80. 17

    Kruglov hoofs a lofty ball in from the left, looking for Voskoboinikov in the box, but St Ledger is there to get his head to it and clear.

  81. 16

    Hunt does well to win the ball in the Ireland half and the hosts enjoy some possession in midfield.

  82. 15

    Londak atones for an error made seconds earlier by spreading himself wide and closing down the advancing and unmarked Keane with a low block.

  83. 14

    Estonia try an assault as Teniste attempts to break through but Ward is there with some solid defending.

  84. 13

    Doyle is fouled as Ireland win a free-kick in their own half and Whelan takes it quickly before they earn another seconds later.

  85. 12

    Voskoboinikov can't quite rise to meet a long pass in the Ireland box and St Ledger is there to diffuse the threat.

  86. 11

    Whelan lifts in the resulting free-kick but goalkeeper Londak keeps his cool to charge out and make a confident save.

  87. 10

    An advancing Duff is taken down by centre-back Rahn on the left in a reckless challenge and the Estonian is rightfully booked.

  88. 9

    Ireland take a quick free-kick in the Estonia half but nothing comes of the set piece and you have to wonder why they're rushing. Opportunity wasted there.

  89. 8

    Kruglov does well to make a clearance on the right as Ireland get forward again. The visiting defence are under pressure at the minute.

  90. 7

    Two chances in quick succession for Ireland there. It's going their way so far in these early minutes.

  91. 6

    Another chance for Keane! Ireland win a free-kick which Hunt takes and Duff tries to fire home. It rebounds off the post before Keane pokes it wide.

  92. 5

    Early chance for the Irish as Robbie Keane goes on the assault after a flick on from Doyle but the ball just won't come down for the striker in the area as keeper Londak shuts him down. There's a weak call for a penalty but the ref is unmoved.

  93. 4

    Keane and Whelan link up with some neat passing play in midfield but the visitors intervene and Klavan latches onto a loose ball.

  94. 3

    Klavan hoofs a misplaced pass between two of his team-mates and it rolls out for an Ireland throw, much to the delight of the home faithful.

  95. 2

    Ward and Duff link up down the left wing but the latter, under pressure from the Estonian defence, fires a wayward cross behind.

  96. 1

    Estonia win an early throw which Jaager takes and it goes straight out for another. Klavan pounces on the ball for the visitors in their own half.

  97. 1

    We're underway in Dublin and the men in green get things started in front of a jubilant home crowd.

  98. Almost time for kick-off guys, enjoy the match!

  99. The referee for this evening's game is Bjorn Kuipers (Holland).

  100. Ireland bench: Westwood, McGeady, McCarthy, O'Dea, Fahey, Cox, Walters. Estonia bench: Kotenko, Sisov, Dmitrijev, Puri, Kink, Purje, Barengrub.

  101. Just under 15 minutes to go until the big KO but still time to have your say on the clash or show your support. Get in touch - or on Twitter @SkySportsRachG

  102. Estonia boss Tarmo Ruutli is without banned trio Sergei Pareiko, Andrei Stepanov and Raio Piiroja. He's also made a further three changes, drafting in Joel Lindpere, Pavel Londak, Taavi Rahn, Taijo Teniste, Kaimar Saag and Vladimir Voskoboinikov.

  103. Here's the Estonia XI - Londak; Jagger,Rahn,Klavan,Kruglov; Teniste,Vunk,Vassiljev,Lindpere; Saag,Voskoboinikov.

  104. In Trapattoni's only other change, Stephen Hunt is handed a rare start in place of Aiden McGeady.

  105. Stalwarts Kevin Doyle and John O'Shea return to Giovanni Trapattoni's starting line-up, replacing Jon Walters and Stephen Kelly on their returns from suspension and injury respectively.

  106. There's a party atmosphere in Dublin tonight, with a sell-out 50,000 crowd expected at the Aviva.

  107. A quick update from our friends at SkyBet - Having all-but booked their place at Euro 2012, Republic of Ireland are 4/11 to go through with a win with the draw 4/1 and Estonia available at 7/1. The Irish are 12/1 to win 4-0 again, while Robbie Keane and Jon Walters both to score at the Aviva Stadium is 9/4.

  108. Will be a massive feat for Ireland tonight if they qualify. Fancy having your say on the match ahead of kick-off? Get in touch - or on Twitter @SkySportsRachG.

  109. Here's the Ireland line-up for you: Shay Given; John O'Shea, Sean St Ledger, Richard Dunne, Stephen Ward; Damien Duff, Keith Andrews, Glenn Whelan, Stephen Hunt; Robbie Keane, Kevin Doyle.

  110. Ireland are on the brink of qualifying for their first international tournament in 10 years and will do so tonight so long as Estonia don't produce a massive upset.

  111. Good evening all and welcome to the second leg of the Republic of Ireland's Euro 2012 qualifying play-off tie with Estonia at the Aviva Stadium.



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2 Czech Republic 3 9
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