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Europa League

Vicente Calderon (ATT 25,000) 15th September 2011 - Kick off 20:05 Ref: P Rasmussen

A Madrid Atletico Madrid vs Celtic Celtic

A Madrid 2

Falcao (3)
Diego (68)


Celtic 0

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 9:59 pm, September 15th 2011

  1. Atletico Madrid have started their 2011/12 Europa League campaign with a convincing 2-0 victory over Celtic at home. Goals from Falcao and Diego secured them the win. I hope that you enjoyed our coverage here. From me, it's goodbye for now.

  2. 90+ 3

    The referee blows the final whistle and it is all over here at the Vicente Calderon.

  3. 90+ 2

    Atletico come close to adding a third goal in injury time. Reyes plays a lovely little ball to Arda Turan down the right but his attempt is cleared away from just yards out.

  4. 90

    We are now moving into additional time here, just as Gary Hooper pushes a pass inside the Atletico penalty area but without any end.

  5. 89

    It is fair to say that Atletico have wrapped up the points. They have been the better side over the course of the 90 minutes and deserve this win.

  6. 88

    Just two minutes of normal time remain in the match here at the Vicente Calderon.

  7. 87

    Loovens goes into the referee's books now.

  8. 86

    I have been very impressed with Arda Turan's performance especially in the second half. He has looked very active and has linked well with Atletico attacking players. What have you made of him? Send your thoughts at

  9. 85

    Udinese have taken the lead against Rennes in Udine. It is now 2-1 to the Italian side. Udinese-Rennes is the other Group I match taking place this evening.

  10. 84

    Atletico Madrid playmaker Diego is coming off, and on comes Tiago. Diego, if you remember, scored the second goal against Celtic.

  11. 82

    Celtic are still not giving up as Samaras and Gary Hooper try to combine on the edge of the Atletico penalty area, but Atletico clear the ball away eventually.

  12. 81

    Antonio Lopez floats in a lovely cross from the left wing but it is eventually cleared away by the Celtic defenders with relative ease.

  13. 80

    Matthews comes in for Wilson.

  14. 79

    Beram Kayal strikes the ball hard from a good distance but it just goes over the Thibaut Courtois' crossbar.

  15. 78

    Bangura comes in for Ledley.

  16. 77

    Ledley tries his luck with a shot but his attempt is way off target.

  17. 76

    It is almost 3-0 to Atletico Madrid, as Arda Turan's attempt from close range is tipped to the crossbar by Fraser Forster.

  18. 75

    15 minutes of normal time remain in this match. 15 minutes for Celtic to conjure up a fairytale comeback.

  19. 74

    Kayal is shown a yellow card.

  20. 74

    Atletico come close to scoring their third goal of the evening, as Arda Turan flicks the ball towards Falcao inside the Celtic penalty area. But Celtic defenders clear the danger away.

  21. 72

    Yes, it is still 1-1 in Udine. Here it is 2-0 to Atletico Madrid, and we have just under 20 minutes of normal time to play.

  22. 71

    From what I know, the other game in Group I between Udinese and Rennes is still 1-1. Let me confirm it for you in a moment...

  23. 70

    Adrian Lopez comes in for Gabi.

  24. 68

    GOAL Diego scores for Atletico. It is 2-0 to the home side.

  25. 67

    It seems that Atletico are planning to make another change.

  26. 66

    Charlie Mulgrew takes the free-kick and tries to curl it into the Atletico Madrid goal, but his attempt goes just wide. That was a good endeavour.

  27. 65

    20 minutes gone in the second half and it remains 1-0 to Atletico Madrid. Celtic line up to take a free-kick from around 30 yards out.

  28. 64

    Reyes tries to march down the right flank but he is brushed aside by Glenn Loovens.

  29. 63

    Joe Ledley tries to take a shot from distance into the Atletico penalty area but his attempt is blocked. I think it was Mario Suarez who blocked his shot...

  30. 61

    Celtic are playing with more purpose and urgency here at the Calderon and are pushing further and further into the Atletico half.

  31. 60

    Mario Suarez is shown a yellow card for that challenge on Samaras.

  32. 59

    Now Georgios Samaras tries to weave his way cutting inside from the left and down the middle, but he is caught by Mario Suarez and the referee awards the visitors a free-kick.

  33. 58

    Mario Suarez has been very active in the midfield and has connected well with his team-mates, I think. What do you reckon? Send me your thoughts at

  34. 57

    Celtic should expect more Atletico attack down the flanks as left-footed Reyes can be very lethal down the wings.

  35. 56

    Jose Antonio Reyes comes on for Atletico as Koke goes off the pitch.

  36. 55

    10 minutes gone in the second half and Atletico have continued to maintain the upperhand. However, Celtic are looking enthusiastic and active at the moment.

  37. 54

    I can see that Jose Antonio Reyes is about to come on for Atletico.

  38. 53

    Atletico are on the march yet again and earn a free-kick from just outside the Celtic penalty area on the left side. However, Diego's eventual attempt is easy for Fraser Forster to control.

  39. 51

    Gabi is shown a yellow card by the referee.

  40. 51

    Celtic make a promising move from the midfield and the ball is released to Ki Sung-Yong on the right, but his cross-cum-shot is disappointing and goes off target.

  41. 50

    Atletico come knocking on Celtic's doors yet again and earn a corner. However, the former Europa League winners are unable to garner anything from it.

  42. 49

    Diego goes down inside the Celtic penalty area and looks at the referee for a penalty, but the official is having none of it. Just as I was saying that Celtic have started the second half on a positive note, Atletico almost score.Strange,eh?

  43. 48

    Celtic have begun the second half on a strong note, it seems. They need to push forward more often in the second session.

  44. 47

    Ki Sung-Yong takes a brilliant shot from a long distance that forces Courtois to make a fingertip save and parry the ball away. Ambitious attempt there from Sung-Yong.

  45. 46

    Celtic kick off proceedings in the second half here in the Spanish capital. Could they score and take home a point...?

  46. The second half is about to kick off. Atletico have looked the better of the two teams in the first 45 minutes but can Celtic stage a comeback?

  47. So what have you made of the first half action so far? Do you think that Atletico Madrid could have got one or two more goals? What do you think Celtic's strategy should be in the second session? Send me your thoughts at

  48. 45+1

    The referee blows the half-time whistle here at the Vicente Calderon. Atletico go into the break 1-0 up against Celtic.

  49. 45

    We are almost at the end of the first half action here at the Calderon.

  50. 43

    Two minutes of normal time remain in the first half here at the Calderon. Can Celtic restore parity?

  51. 42

    In the other Group I match taking place this evening, Udinese have equalised against Rennes. So it is 1-1 in Italy.

  52. 40

    Five minutes left in the first half here at the Vicente Calderon. Atletico lead 1-0 and, on the balance of play, deservedly so.

  53. 38

    The tempo is not picking up here at the Calderon, Celtic are fending off Atletico but are unable to craft anything much of their own.

  54. 37

    Celtic get a free-kick down the right touchline of the Atletico goal, but they are unable to create anything effective from it as the home side regain possession. Celtic's attacking moves have not been convincing and have lacked real structure, in my opinion.

  55. 35

    Now Falcao tries to score his second goal of the evening but fails to keep his shot on target.

  56. 34

    Forster makes a brilliant save from a shot from Diego and keeps it 1-0. Atletico are once again looking threatening.

  57. 33

    Celtic now try to launch an attack on the Atletico goal with Ki Sung-Yong putting in a delivery but the Scottish giants cannot do anything with this.

  58. 31

    Antonio Lopez takes a free-kick from just outside the Celtic penalty area and curls the ball in. However, he cannot keep it on target and the ball sails over the crossbar.

  59. 30

    Half an hour gone in the first half and it remains 1-0 to Atletico Madrid.

  60. 28

    It has gone quiet here at the Calderon is the last few minutes as the tempo of the game has slowed down.

  61. 26

    So what have you made of this game so far? What should Neil Lennon need to do now? Send me your thoughts at

  62. 25

    25 minutes gone and it remains 1-0 to Atletico Madrid, thanks to a Falcao header from close range.

  63. 24

    The match is being played entirely in the Celtic half of the pitch at the moment but Atletico's pressure is not exactly paying off. Hooper is on his own as the lone Celtic marksman. One wonders what kind of a night it will prove to be for him...

  64. 23

    Luis Perea easily gets past Samaras down the right flank and drills in a cross, but Celtic clear it away. Samaras needs to be careful about not losing possession or not making the challenges at the right time. He has already committed two such mistakes this evening.

  65. 22

    I am getting news of a goal in the game between Udinese and Rennes in Udine this evening. The French visitors have taken the lead there. So Rennes are leading 1-0 against Udinese in Italy.

  66. 21

    Arda Turan flies in a ferocious shot from distance as he tries his luck but he does not draw Forster into any save whatsoever. But Atletico are making their intensions very much clear - they want to score their second goal of the evening.

  67. 20

    Falcao gets a touch of the left wing cross with his head but cannot turn it towards the Celtic goal.

  68. 19

    Once again Diego tries to place a ball for Falcao as he just about pushes it towards the penalty area from distance.

  69. 18

    Both sides are going at each other and trying to score the evening's second goal. Atletico fans are in full voice here at the Calderon as they are enjoying their team play with a 1-0 advantage.

  70. 17

    Atletico defender Miranda does a great piece of trick there inside his own penalty area to hoodwink Hooper and play the ball out of danger.

  71. 15

    Now Forrest gallops down the right flank and whips in an inviting cross but it is just about cleared away. Celtic are trying to make inroads into the Atletico citadel.

  72. 14

    Diego is on fire here as he tries another shot on target from distance after he is released by Arda Turan. However, the former Juventus playmaker's attempt is way off target.

  73. 11

    Now Diego tries to send Falcao through as he places a perfectly measured pass through two defenders. But no one in an Atleti shirt can read his pass, as the chance goes abegging.

  74. 10

    10 minutes gone in the first half and it is 1-0 to Atletico, thanks to a Falcao goal. It has been lively, entertaining and competitive here at the Vicente Calderon.

  75. 9

    I am just getting news that Braga are 1-0 up against Birmingham City at St Andrew's. No other goals to report of so far from the 21:05 CET kick-offs.

  76. 8

    Celtic have recovered now, it seems, as they are playing with better purpose and a more concrete structure. Atletico have been forced to go on the backfoot.

  77. 6

    Hooper goes close for Celtic as a great ball from Samaras from the midfield sends him through, but he fails to get the ball past Courtois. Atletico were caught exposed there at the back.

  78. 5

    Here comes Falcao once again but this time he cannot get control of the ball.

  79. 4

    Atletico take the lead just three minutes into the match as he heads a corner right into the net. Celtic are on the backfoot right from the start.

  80. 3

    GOAL! Falcao scores.

  81. 2

    Now Celtic try to sneak in as a ball is played in down the right and Hooper gets the ball, but he cannot get a proper hold of it and the chance goes abegging.

  82. 1

    Diego takes a shot from distance as Samaras loses possession.But the Brazilian's attempt is wild and goes way off target.

  83. 1

    And here we go with Atletico kicking off proceedings...

  84. The Europa League anthem is being played at the Calderon but I can barely hear it, so loud is the stadium tonight. The excitement is building and I personally cannot wait for the match to start.

  85. The players are coming on to the pitch now for what we hope - and I certainly do! - to be a hugely entertaining match,

  86. I can see a lot of Celtic fans at the Vicente Calderon and the players will need their support. The Calderon can be very daunting for the visiting team.

  87. What do you think? What are your predictions? Send me your thoughts and views at

  88. Some form guide for you on the two teams: Celtic arrive in Madrid on the back of a comprehensive 4-0 defeat of Motherwell in the Scottish Premier League. As for Atletico, they lost 1-0 to Valencia away from home in the Primera Division at the weekend.

  89. For those of you who are planning to place bets on this match, here are the odds from Atletico to win 4/11, Celtic to win 7/1 and a draw between the two teams 7/2.

  90. What do you think will happen in the match in Udine? I think that Udinese will garner a victory but let me know your thoughts at

  91. The other game in Group I also kicks off at 21:05 CET and it is between Udinese and Rennes in the Italian city of Udine. I will, of course, keep you updated on the score from that match from time to time.

  92. An interesting bit of fact for you. Atletico have lost just one of their last nine European games.

  93. The big team news for Atletico is that their big two signings in the summer - Falcao and Diego - both start. Falcao was one of Europe's best strikers last season and will hope to click with playmaker Diego.

  94. Here is how Celtic will start tonight: Forster, M. Wilson, K. Wilson, Ledley, Mulgrew, Loovens, Ki Sung-Yong, Kayal, Samaras, Forrest, Hooper. Subs: Zaluska, Matthews, F. Twardzik, Wanyama, Bangura, Commons, George

  95. Here is how Atletico Madrid will line up: Courtois, Godin, Antonio Lopez, Perea, Miranda, Mario Suarez, Arda Turan, Gabi, Koke, Falcao, Diego. Subs: Sergio Asenjo, Alvaro Dominguez, Tiago, Reyes, Pizzi, Adrian Lopez, Salvio

  96. Kick-off is still around 45 minutes away and I have just been given the lineup, which I shall paste here in a few moments. But we want to know what you think will happen tonight in the Spanish capital. Will Atletico win or will Celtic get an away victory? Send me your thoughts at

  97. Hello and welcome to's live coverage of tonight's Europa League clash between Atletico Madrid and Celtic at the Vicente Calderon. This is the opening round of matches in the group stage and stay tuned to this page for all the action from this Group I encounter.


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