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Capital One Cup

Amex Stadium (ATT 21,897) 21st September 2011 - Kick off 19:45 Ref: M Oliver

Brighton Brighton and Hove Albion vs Liverpool Liverpool

Brighton 1

A Barnes (pen 90)


Liverpool 2

C Bellamy (7)
D Kuyt (81)

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Live Commentary

Last Updated at 9:42 pm, September 21st 2011

  1. 90+5

    It's not to be, full-time Liverpool win 2-1 after an excellent game.

  2. 90+4

    Kuyt can't hold the ball up by the corner flag as he'd like and Brighton have a goal-kick, last chance saloon!

  3. 90+4

    Bellamy is brought down and Liverpool will be in no hurry to get on with this.

  4. 90+3

    Four minutes have been added by the way, as Vicente is flagged offside from a deep cross.

  5. 90+2

    Lucas goes into the book for a cynical foul. Brighton are sensing an equaliser here!

  6. 90+1

    Four minutes have been added, can Brighton take this to extra time and win @Killerallen that much-coveted £1,400?

  7. Spearing makes the error that leads to the penalty award and Barnes thumps it home into the top corner.

  8. 90


  9. 89


  10. 87

    Flanagan comes on for Kelly, who looks tired after a busy shift tonight.

  11. 86

    Vicente's cross is headed clear by Gerrard and the Reds have the ball again and look more assured in possession with their captain on the field.

  12. 85

    It's not over yet, though, Brighton have a free-kick on the edge of the box which Vicente will take.

  13. 84

    Despite courageous displays from Brighton pair Noone and Buckley, Bellamy gets my vote for man of the match. He's been excellent.

  14. 83

    Liverpool fans can now clearly be heard over the home side and they're in search of a third.

  15. 82

    The goal has somewhat dampened the previously buoyant atmosphere.

  16. A classic counter-attack from Liverpool should kill off Brighton as Bellamy picks up wide left and plays a fine cross-field ball to pick out Maxi. Maxi holds up the ball before teeing up Kuyt on the overlap and the Dutchman neatly tucks the ball home off the far post with a low finish.

  17. 81


  18. 80

    Brighton are upping the tempo once more after injecting new blood into their side.

  19. 79

    The hosts have had 61% possession in the second-half, will Liverpool be made to pay for not capitalising on that dominant first-half? Meanwhile, Gerrard is penalised upon his first touch of the ball.

  20. 78

    Double change for Brighton as Sparrow makes way for LuaLua while the Navarro comes off for Barnes.

  21. 77

    Brighton look as though they're preparing to make a counter-change, but they have another corner first.

  22. 76

    Gerrard returns from six months out in place of Suarez, who has had a disappointing night.

  23. 75

    Bellamy bends in the delivery and Coates is penalised for climbing, queue the change...

  24. 74

    Suarez takes a Liverpool free-kick from around 25 yards and it deflects off the wall for a corner to the visitors.

  25. 73

    ...or maybe I should eat those words, Gerrard is now stripping down to his kit on the touchline.

  26. 72

    Liverpool fans will be hoping for a Gerrard introduction soon, but they might have to wait as Dalglish is reluctant to throw him on while the prospect of extra time remains in touching distance.

  27. 71

    The hosts have had six corners to Liverpool's four, incidentally.

  28. 70

    Coates concedes a corner and Brighton have another chance to deliver into the box.

  29. 69

    Brighton boot into touch amid a rare Liverpool attack, the hosts have been much the better side this half.

  30. 68

    Vicente gets his first sight of goal as he cuts in from the right and fends off a challenge before bending an effort wide of the far post.

  31. 67

    Kuyt is brought down by Vincelot and that's Brighton's third booking.

  32. 66

    Spearing tracks back to win back possession for Liverpool.

  33. 65

    Kelly's inviting ball in is not connected with and Brighton have a goal-kick.

  34. 64

    Gerrard is warming up and the Reds are back on the ball, they need to keep it now just to kill Brighton's momentum.

  35. 63

    Suarez wins a free-kick and Calderon goes down in a heap after taking an accidental knock to the chin.

  36. 62

    Noone, who has been Brighton's best player this half, shoots at goal but gets too much underneath it and Reina watches it sail over his crossbar.

  37. 61

    The home crowd cheer wildly as Vicente takes off his tracksuit top, he replaces Buckley who has pulled up with an injury, looks precautionary though.

  38. 60

    Bellamy looks for the run of Suarez but the Welshman plays it behind the onrushing Uruguayan.

  39. 59

    Spearing goes into the book for tugging back Buckley inside the centre-circle.

  40. 58

    Reina gets a fist to Buckley's corner as Brighton continue to put pressure on the visitors.

  41. 57

    Kelly produces a fantastic last-ditch tackle on dangerman Noone inside the box to win back the ball for the Reds.

  42. 56

    The home support are in full voice and why not? Their team are on top in play at the minute but remain a goal down.

  43. 55

    Brighton's long spell on the ball ends with Noone forcing Reina into a low save which the Liverpool keeper collects at the second time of asking.

  44. 54

    Brighton are having a good spell of possession.

  45. 53

    Vicente is warming up for the hosts.

  46. 52

    Coates halts a charging run from Noone, making a slight amends for that earlier error.

  47. 50

    Liverpool are stroking it about now to regain their composure.

  48. 49

    Neat footwork from Maxi and he releases Bellamy down the left flank. But Liverpool's attack ends as Spearing misplaces a pass.

  49. 48

    Not what Coates should be doing, a cross-field pass gone well-wrong almost culminates in a Brighton equaliser, but his side are back in possession.

  50. 47

    A mistake from Coates sets up Noone, who whacks the crossbar with a fine 25-yard effort. An early second-half warning to Liverpool!

  51. 46

    Liverpool, unchanged, get the ball rolling once more. Brighton are also unchanged.

  52. The sides are back out, keep the feedback coming folks.

  53. 45+3

    Half-time at the Amex Stadium.

  54. 45+2

    Big chance for Brighton as Mackail-Smith's shot is spilled by Reina but Noone is beaten to the loose ball by a heroic last-ditch block by Kelly.

  55. 45+1

    Buckley is lively on either flank but he overruns the ball this time under pressure from Maxi. Two minutes will be added to the half.

  56. 45

    Carragher concedes a corner as we edge closer to half-time, he had little choice to be fair.

  57. 44

    A fantastic left-foot shot from Spearing sees Ankergren produce a fantastic one-handed save as he tips it onto the post, that's three times now the Reds have hit the woodwork.

  58. 43

    Down goes Buckley inside the area under a clumsy challenge from Kelly, but the referee waves away protests to the disgust of everyone involved with Brighton.

  59. 42

    Let's hope for more of that from Bellamy tonight, he's been one of Liverpool's best players.

  60. 41

    My word! Bellamy whacks a free-kick from over 35yards and it crashes back off the crossbar and back into play, what a goal that would have been.

  61. 40

    Cook hacks down Bellamy and the home crowd sing "the referee's a scouser". Rest assured, it was a clear foul and a yellow card.

  62. 39

    Former Red Navarro goes into the book for a late challenge and Bellamy is preparing to deliver.

  63. 39

    Buckley whips in a dangerous ball towards the near post but Reina is alert and makes it his own.

  64. 38

    With better decision making in the final third, Liverpool could be well clear by now but as it stands they have a slender lead.

  65. 37

    Maxi plays in Suarez out wide and he scoops back in towards the former, but Brighton intercept and boot clear.

  66. 36

    Mackail-Smith runs into traffic and Lucas emerges with possession.

  67. 35

    The Liverpool visiting fans cheer as Gerrard warms up with a jog on the touchline.

  68. 34

    Spearing is spraying the ball about nicely.

  69. 33

    Excellent defending by Carragher who steals the ball from the toe of Noone, who was shaping to shoot at goal from inside the Liverpool penalty box.

  70. 32

    Suarez skims the post with a glancing header from a fantastic Bellamy delivery after Liverpool won a free-kick out wide right.

  71. 31

    Suarez tries to cut inside from the flank but Greer reads his game well and clears for Brighton.

  72. 30

    Noone whips in a better effort this time but Reina reads it well and immediately attempts to ignite a counter, which breaks down before it even gains momentum.

  73. 29

    Brighton have another corner now...

  74. 28

    Kelly concedes a foul against Buckley, who has been one of Brighton's liveliest performers so far.

  75. 27

    That was Liverpool's sixth attempt at goal to Brighton's one, by the way.

  76. 26

    Kuyt lays off a clear chance for Suarez but the Uruguayan's finish is uncharacteristically rash as he flashes it wide of the far post when in acres of space.

  77. 25

    Liverpool are back on the ball and looking confident, but the home support remain in full voice.

  78. 24

    And the Seagulls waste the opportunity as the deliver sails out of play at the near post, troubling no-one.

  79. 23

    Noone wins Brighton's first corner of the game in a positive spell for the hosts.

  80. 21

    Buckley embarks on a positive run to the byline but the referee's assistant rules he overran the ball before his cut-back.

  81. 20

    Former Liverpool player Navarro hacks down Bellamy and concedes a free-kick in the centre of the field.

  82. 19

    Brighton need to get the ball and keep it to find their feet again.

  83. 18

    Suarez flicks on an orthodox header when on his knees and Kuyt keeps it alive at the back-post, but nobody had made the gamble run into the six yard box and Brighton clear.

  84. 17

    Maxi looks for the backpost run of Kuyt but Liverpool must be content with a corner.

  85. 16

    Robinson makes a darting run forward but is forced wide and eventually concedes possession.

  86. 15

    A fantastic tackle from Lucas ignites a Liverpool attack but Bellamy's cut-back is turned away from goal by a last-ditch Brighton foot.

  87. 14

    Keep the e-mails and Tweets coming folks, I'll post more views at the break.

  88. 13

    Buckley leads a Brighton counter-attack but Robinson does enough to put him off-balance at the last. Goal-kick to the visitors.

  89. 12

    Kuyt streams forward after cutting inside but his effort on goal is blocked by Cook.

  90. 11

    Bellamy loops a deep cross and Carragher is eventually teed up, but the defender misfires an ambitious 30 yard drive.

  91. 10

    Kuyt plays in Suarez who in turn wins another Liverpool corner, and the Reds look a lot bigger than Brighton in the box.

  92. 9

    Liverpool are back on the ball again and are in search of a quick-fire double.

  93. 8

    Brighton did start well but once Liverpool were allowed to play they carved the hosts open with ease.

  94. It's a fine move from Liverpool as Maxi plays in Suarez wide and the Uruguayan spies the run of Bellamy, who is played in and the Welshman tucks away a neat finish across the keeper and the face of the goal.

  95. 7


  96. 7

    Kelly, Carragher and Coates were all up but Ankergren rises highest to punch clear a good delivery.

  97. 6

    Suarez wins a corner off Cook and Liverpool are getting the big men forward.

  98. 5

    Kelly wins a throw for the Reds down their right flank.

  99. 4

    Liverpool win possession and immediately show a danger, as Suarez's step-over creates space for Spearing to shoot too high and over the crossbar.

  100. 3

    Brighton are stroking it about nicely in these opening stages but without probing at Liverpool's defence.

  101. 2

    Liverpool briefly win possession from a free-kick but the hosts reclaim it in the centre of the field.

  102. 1

    Brighton kick-off the first meeting between these sides for 20 years and retain possession deep in their own half from the off.

  103. Kick-off hasn't quite happened at it's 19:45 schedule, but the sides are taking up their positions now.

  104. The referee for tonight's game is Mr Michael Oliver of Northumberland.

  105. Brighton: Ankergen, Calderon, Greer, Cook, Vincelot, Buckley, Bridcutt, Navarro, Sparrow, Noone, Mackail-Smith. Subs: Brezovan, Dunk, Barnes, Vicente, LuaLua, Taricco, Kasim.

  106. Liverpool: Reina, Kelly, Robinson, Carragher, Coates, Lucas, Spearing, Maxi, Kuyt, Bellamy, Suarez. Subs: Doni, Gerrard, Carroll, Downing, Wilson, Shelvey, Flanagan.

  107. Kick-off is 1945 BST.