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UEFA Champions League

St Jakob Park (ATT 36,894) 7th December 2011 - Kick off 19:45 Ref: B Kuipers

Basel Basel vs Manchester United Man Utd

Basel 2

M Streller (9)
A Frei (84)


Man Utd 1

P Jones (89)

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 3:08 pm, December 14th 2011

  1. A frantic finale in which Jones' late consolation gave United a glimpse of hope sees Basel qualify after goals from A Frei and Streller. The unthinkable has happened for United and you can only imagine the kind of hairdryer treatement his players will get after this result. Thanks for your company in Basel and I'll see you all again soon.

  2. FULL TIME. Basel 2 Man United 1. Basel qualify and Man United will play in the Europa League!

  3. 90+3

    Welbeck flicks on Giggs' ball but again it's straight at Sommer, before hussling with Abraham moments later as time is all but over!

  4. 90+2

    Nani crosses in and Smalling jumps with Sommer, before fouling the Basel keeper and time is fading away rapidly for United.

  5. 90+1

    Shaqiri comes off and Valentin Stocker replaces him as Basel waste a few more seconds of time.

  6. 90

    Three added minutes for United to seal a priceless equaliser!

  7. 89

    It's Jones who puts the ball in the net after Macheda rifled a shot on to the crossbar, but the centre back heads the ball barely over the line to give United hope!

  8. 89

    GOAL! Evans is the man claiming a goal!!

  9. 88

    Alexander Frei comes off to a strong ovation, with Massimo Colomba replacing the goalscorer.

  10. 87

    Shaqiri goes down under Evra, and while making the most of it, Evra picks up a booking, perhaps unfairly.

  11. 86

    Rooney's ball is good in towards Welbeck, but the heroic Abraham heads away and Cabral clears.

  12. 84

    It's a complete smash and grab but Frei heads in from close range from Shaqiri's ball after Smalling fails to deal with it. Man United are surely out!

  13. 84

    GOAL! Alexander Frei scores!!

  14. 84

    Xhaha makes way, and Grant Chipperfield, the 36-year-old, takes his place.

  15. 83

    Welbeck has looked good since coming on, but Macheda's heavy touch puts the ball out for a goal kick as Rooney is again left frustrated.

  16. 82

    Basel just might do this. Xhaka goes for glory after a good passing move, but he fires over, as Park comes off for Federico Macheda.

  17. 81

    F Frei wastes a good amount of time by charging diagonally across goal, with Evans eventually stepping it to prevent the striker using up any more of the clock.

  18. 80

    It's been wave after wave of United attacks, but another Rooney shot is blocked by Dragovic and Nani picks it up on the right.

  19. 79

    Welbeck slips in behind Abraham, before playing in Jones, whose ball lands in the grateful arms of Sommer, with Giggs lying in wait for any spillage.

  20. 78

    Rooney looks tired now, and Xhaka dispossesses him easily and Basel keep the ball impressively with Welbeck chasing shadows.

  21. 76

    Rooney misses another chance. This time it was harder but it's a poor effort from 20 yards and curls tentatively wide as Basel's defence remains unscathed.

  22. 75

    The time is running out for United but Basel fans seem content enough as the rain continues to pour down, with a loose pass winning a corner for United.

  23. 74

    Shaqiri breaks on the counter, but his ball to A Frei is terrible and gifts United possession back straight away.

  24. 73

    Rooney blazes over from two yards! He's offside from Nani's ball in, which goes unnoticed, but his header is fired over from close range as United spurn another superb chance.

  25. 71

    Steinhofer, fresh off his nearly disastrous volley, charges forward but inevitably gives away possession despite a respectable run from the defender.

  26. 70

    United win a corner, which Nani takes, but Xhaka is back as the Basel bodies again clear the danger.

  27. 69

    The urgency seems to have increased for United, but Basel continue to stick a thorn in their attacks with Cabral intercepting possession, and not for the first time.

  28. 68

    Rooney gets on to Nani's cross, but good defending from Abraham makes the header challenging to say the least, and it's a simple save for Sommer.

  29. 67

    Smalling trips JH Park, much to his amazement, and a foul is given against the United man as the visitors continue to ascend in the final third.

  30. 66

    Welbeck finds Nani with a killer pass across goal, but the winger's shot is wild and high over the bar.

  31. 65

    The uninfluential Young comes off and Danny Welbeck arrives on to the pitch.

  32. 64

    Rooney lines up a shot after much hesitation, but after a good, patient run, he fires poorly wide.

  33. 63

    Nani crosses in and Sommer reads it perfectly to prevent Rooney with a free header. There's a great pace to the game now, although time will be going far too quickly for Man United fans.

  34. 62

    Truly maverick clearing from Basel, but they lead nonetheless and JH Park finally does well to dispossess Nani on the right side.

  35. 61

    United hit the bar! Steinhofer volleys a dreadful ball on to his own crossbar and is amazingly let off with it as Young can't capitalise from close range!

  36. 60

    Xhaka heads away Giggs' corner, before having the chance to cross again which is once more charged down by the resilient Basel defence.

  37. 59

    Giggs' plays a poor ball to Rooney, but Nani wins it back, and his deflected cross trickles dangerously across goal for a corner.

  38. 58

    From that corner, Dragovic wins the header but it's straight at De Gea who throws out to Young to get United rolling.

  39. 57

    F Frei gives Smalling a nightmare, but the United man recovers and tackles as the Basel man prepared to shoot from 10 yards out.

  40. 55

    Jones finally wins possession for United, but JS Park loses out to his namesake, and Basel break again, with A Frei marked out fantastically by Ferdinand.

  41. 55

    Basel have been much more efficient in possession, and eager to retain it as United struggle to maintain any fluidity early on in the second half.

  42. 54

    Alexander Frei curls a stunning free-kick into the top right corner but De Gea palms it away fantastically, as Evans heads away Shaqiri's ball back in.

  43. 53

    Jones is perplexed after being judged to have fouled Xhaka, and the midfielder seemed to be looking for it, but regardless it's a free-kick for United 30 yards out.

  44. 52

    Xhaha finds Shaqiri as Basel play the ball around United's midfield well before the latter fires at goal, with his lifted effort taking an age to drop as De Gea watches it land wide.

  45. 51

    Nani continues to plague JH Park, and this time gets a shot away but it's comfortable for Sommer.

  46. 50

    Another good chance for Rooney! Giggs finds him on the left, and with the angle against him, he fires narrowly wide as a static Sommer looked on.

  47. 49

    Vidic is set for a scan on ligament damage in news on the United centre-back's injury suffered in the first half.

  48. 48

    Shaqiri charges through the centre but plays in F Frei far too late, and the winger shows too much of the ball to Evans, who wins a goal kick for United.

  49. 47

    Nani again starts brightly, earning a throw in off JH Park, as JS Park looks for Rooney in the area, with Abraham reading the pass well to intercept.

  50. 46

    Basel kick off the second half.

  51. Basel are going through as things stand, with Streller's early goal the difference at the break. United haven't done much wrong, and Rooney could have easily equalised if he hadn't have botched a shot from close range. They will need to steamroll Basel in the second half though and I'm sure we expect a frenetic second half to volley. Send the e-mails to or @SLifeJackW

  52. HALF TIME. Basel 1 Man United 0.

  53. 45+3

    Young is booked for a tackle on Xhaka, after the referee had taken quite a long time to pull out the card. Questionable refereeing.

  54. 45+2

    Shaqiri shoots again, but it's straight as De Gea, with Jones shouting at the Man United keeper for a poor throw out to Giggs.

  55. 45+1

    Giggs charges down the ball but is judged to have used his hand, unfairly it would appear, and Basel regain possession from a free kick.

  56. 45

    F Frei finds Shaqiri on the edge of the area, and wants it back, but the winger fires at goal hastily and it rolls wide, much to Frei's annoyance.

  57. 44

    That's a massive blow for United, who will hope the injury isn't as serious as it looks, although Vidic's face told a rather worrying story as he left the pitch.

  58. 43

    Vidic looks a right state, as he is being carried off on a stretcher in worrying scenes for United, with Jonny Evans about to come on.

  59. 42

    Evra whips two balls into the box, and Basel look rattled as they barely clear, before Vidic goes down in an awkwatrd clash with Xhaka and stays down.

  60. 41

    Basel press slowly, such is their lack of attacking impetus at the moment, and the ball falls to Shaqiri who fires recklessly over. It wastes a few extra seconds for the hosts who seem hellbent on maintaining this lead.

  61. 40

    Young, who has been quiet, cuts inside with his trademark move, before letting a shot away but it's straight into the arms of Sommer.

  62. 39

    Xhaka pulls at JS Park, but the United man stays on his feet, respectably, but he might have earned a free-kick in a threatening area if he had have gone down.

  63. 38

    Giggs plays the free-kick short to Jones, but Basel pile the bodies forward and clear, with Frei looking to counter before Evra chases back to defend well.

  64. 37

    Nani draws a foul from JH Park on the edge of the area and it's a free-kick in a very dangerous position.

  65. 36

    The water on the pitch nearly undoes Basel and things start to become desperate, with a loose pass rolling to Nani who is charged down by Sommer and United are denied again!

  66. 35

    Cabral fouls Jones this time, and the fouls are running up for the holding midfielder, before Giggs plays a ridiculous reverse pass for Rooney who can only fire straight at Sommer.

  67. 34

    Nani does excellently to stay on his feet and turn past Xhaka and JH Park, but his cross into the back post catches Rooney off-balance and his speculative half volley is well over.

  68. 33

    The ball is in towards Vidic, but Abraham clears Basel's lines, and a throw-in for the hosts is very slowly taken by JH Park, and they can afford to waste time all night as things stand.

  69. 32

    Nani again torments JH Park but the left back does well to concede a corner. Nani is without doubt the danger man for United tonight.

  70. 31

    Cabral links up play well for Basel, with the two Frei's exchanging passes, before Streller is closed down by Evra and Young is floored by Cabral.

  71. 30

    Great chance for United! Nani drifts a superb ball into the area and Rooney completely miscues his kick from close range, allowing Dragovic to slide in and clear into the arms of Sommer.

  72. 29

    Dragovic has been everywhere as heads away another Giggs cross, with United's crosses getting nowhere as the taller centre backs head away under the minimal threat of United's smaller attack.

  73. 28

    Xhaka fouls Nani, who was breaking down the right, and is deservedly booked for his trip.

  74. 27

    Nani takes too long to shoot and ends up wasting a chance to play in Rooney, and Basel break with Xhaka, whose cross is cleared away by Ferdinand.

  75. 26

    Shaqiri has started brightly on the left, and he looks for Streller, but Vidic deals with it well and allows United to clear.

  76. 25

    Rooney claims a foul against Dragovic and doesn't get it, with the England striker showing signs of frustration, which may worry Sir Alex Ferguson should his mood not change.

  77. 25

    Shaqiri's effort smacks Jones rather painfully, and Basel retain possession by negatively, perhaps, playing it back to Sommer.

  78. 24

    Evra concedes a soft foul on Streller, who was looking for the free kick, and the hosts win a chance to fire the ball into the box from 35 yards.

  79. 23

    JS Park is offside from Giggs' delicate chip, and Basel win a free kick after a good United spell.

  80. 22

    Abraham cuts out an intricate ball from Rooney to Giggs, but United win it back as they look to carve through the centre of Basel's defence.

  81. 21

    JS Park clears rashly, as Smalling's searching ball for Rooney results in a fine claim from Yann Sommer.

  82. 20

    Man United are seeing more of the ball but Basel are sat so deep they are finding it impossible to penetrate them, with Park charging at goal being forced to spread wide to Nani.

  83. 19

    United retain possession through their defence, as Basel sit back and allow the visitors to keep the ball, before Rooney's good run allows Young in, with Abraham heading away.

  84. 18

    Nani looks for Smalling on the right, but his ball is poor and runs out, much to the disgust of Sir Alex Ferguson.

  85. 17

    A Frei charges into midfield, forcing Ferdinand into a smart interception. Basel look superb right now. Their defense is organised and they look threatening whenever they break.

  86. 16

    Frei finds A Frei on the right, who does exceptionally well to work the ball past Patrice Evra, but his cross into the box is cleared by Vidic.

  87. 15

    United win a corner, with Vidic and Ferdinand come up for, but everyone is also back for Basel, and even Joo-Ho Park's header back towards his goal cannot bring United joy as Abraham clears.

  88. 14

    Basel's defensive line is very deep, as Dragovic heads away another Nani cross and it will likely take something very inspired for United to equaliser as things look right now.

  89. 13

    Nani battles with Xhaka on the left, before the Basel man is penalised for a foul on Park in a brief midfield scuffle.

  90. 12

    Smalling is back on, and charges at the Basel defence, before a Nani free-kick is fired over the bar as United look to respond immediately.

  91. 11

    Benfica have also scored against Otelul Galati, and as things stand, Benfica and Basel will qualify from Group C for the knockout stage.

  92. 10

    Smalling has remained down after the clash, and is being treated to be medics. He should be fine to continue though.

  93. 9

    A clash between Chris Smalling and Nemanja Vidic allows Fabian Frei to cross in from the left, and the ball eventually falls to Streller who calmly fires it through a cluster of bodies. Great start for the hosts!

  94. 9

    GOAL! Streller gives Basel the lead!

  95. 8

    Fabian Frei receives the ball from Marco Streller, but Rio Ferdinand is firm enough to ground the striker, also winning the ball first in the process.

  96. 7

    A loose pass from Giggs sets A Frei off again, but Phil Jones stands strong on the right to deny the striker a break away.

  97. 6

    Basel charge down Park and the ball falls to Alexander Frei, who looks to set Basel free, with David De Gea forced into an awkward parry of Granit Xhaka's cross in.

  98. 5

    Ashley Young crosses in from the left as United relentless press forward, but Markus Steinhofer heads away and Basel earn a respite.

  99. 4

    United have started fantastically, piling players forward in attack, as Park turns around Aleksander Dragovic but fires narrowly over from just inside the penalty area.

  100. 3

    Ryan Giggs tackles Xherdan Shaqiri and concedes a foul, although the Wales man feels there was not enough contact to merit a free-kick.

  101. 2

    Park Ji-Sung and Wayne Rooney link up brightly early on, with the latter nearly playing in Park to perfection, but the Basel defence close in and block the move.

  102. 1

    Man United kick off proceedings.

  103. Despite Manchester Utd's poor show in their first clash at Old Trafford, the Premier League champions are firm favourites with Sky Bet to win and seal their qualification at 8/13. A win for Basel is avaliable at FC Basel 9/2, while the draw is priced at 14/5.

  104. Basle: Sommer, Steinhofer, Abraham, Dragovic, Park, Shaqiri, Cabral, Granit Xhaka, Fabian Frei, Alexander Frei, Streller. Subs: Colomba, Chipperfield, Stocker, Kusunga, Kovac, Zoua, Pak.

  105. Man Utd: De Gea, Smalling, Vidic, Ferdinand, Evra, Park, Giggs, Jones, Young, Nani, Rooney. Subs: Lindegaard, Evans, Welbeck, Fletcher, Valencia, Macheda, Gibson.

  106. And here are the teams...

  107. Referee: Bjorn Kuipers (Holland).

  108. Wayne Rooney begins a hugely important 24 hours in his career by leading the Manchester United attack. Tomorrow Rooney will plead his case with UEFA as he tries to get a three-match ban reduced. But tonight he needs to help a United line-up also containing Ryan Giggs and Park Ji-sung avoid defeat against a Basle side boasting impressive 20-year-old Xherdan Shaqiri to claim a place in the last 16.

  109. I have team news...

  110. Good evening and welcome to live commentary from Basel v Manchester United in the Champions League. It's all to play for in Group C tonight, as a win will guarantee Man United or Basel's qualification to the knockout stages. A draw for Man United would see them qualify, but Basel, who sit one point behind United, can only qualify with a victory. It should be a thrilling encounter if the 3-3 at Old Trafford in September is anything to go by. You can send your predictions to or to my Twitter page @SLifeJackW

  111. Kick-off is 1945 GMT.



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