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Barclays Premier League

Loftus Road Stadium (ATT 18,050) 23rd October 2011 - Kick off 16:00 Ref: C Foy

QPR Queens Park Rangers vs Chelsea Chelsea


H Helguson (pen 10)


Chelsea 0

J Bosingwa (S/O 33)
D Drogba (S/O 41)

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Live Commentary

Last Updated at 6:03 pm, October 23rd 2011

  1. An amazing game at Loftus Road where all the action happened in first half as Chelsea had Jose Bosingwa and Didier Drogba sent off and QPR scored their winner through a controversial Heidar Helguson penalty. Chelsea slip up again in the title race whereas QPR secure their biggest Premier League scalp of the season.

  2. FULL TIME. QPR 1 Chelsea. QPR hang on!

  3. 90+5

    Cech is up for a free-kick which Lampard will take!

  4. 90+5

    Terry is eager for play to continue as he forces Hall into taking a throw-in but QPR again kick it out of play to buy some precious time.

  5. 90+4

    Young looks for Helguson but Cole steps in and the striker fouls the Chelsea man with only two minutes left!

  6. 90+3

    It's a frantic finale as Barton looks to hold up play for QPR before Helguson loses out, with Faurlin brilliantly kicking clear to buy time.

  7. 90+2

    Malouda's cross to Cole is sublime but the left back can't find Anelka and Kenny catches.

  8. 90+1

    Wright-Phillips bombs down the left but his cross is punched away by Cech who searches for Anelka on the right.

  9. 90

    Terry is still pointlessly complaining to Foy as five minutes time is added on for Chelsea to snatch a goal!

  10. 89

    A loose back pass from Ferdinand nearly lets in Terry who slides in on Kenny with the QPR keeper furious, as both players square up and both players receive bookings.

  11. 88

    Luiz clashes with Helguson but Foy is lenient and doesn't book the defender for a second time.

  12. 87

    Wright-Phillips is back on the ball but his inital cross is blocked by Luiz before his cross is high over Cech's goal.

  13. 86

    Wright-Phillips takes on Luiz on the right and beats the defender before crossing into the six-yard box but his ball eludes everyone.

  14. 85

    Time is running out as Chelsea impressively press and pile forward men with Anelka holding off three with a free-kick given against Terry who clashed with Ferdinand.

  15. 84

    Wright-Phillips does well to win a goal kick for QPR when Mikel was certain Chelsea were to have a corner.

  16. 83

    Luiz is outstanding as he plays in Anelka who loses control initially before setting up Luiz whose overhead kick bounces over the crossbar.

  17. 82

    Mackie replaces Derry who receives a standing ovation from the Loftus Road faithful.

  18. 81

    Derry has taken a knock and is being treated to by the medics as Jamie Mackie prepares to come on.

  19. 80

    Amazing chance for Anelka! Lampard crosses into the near post and from five yards out the striker heads at Kenny! Best chance of the game for Chelsea.

  20. 79

    Ferdinand clears the free-kick bravely as Luiz and Hall tussled during the spot-kick which was again ignored by the referee.

  21. 79

    Hill is late on Anelka and Chelsea win a free-kick 20 yards out.

  22. 78

    Malouda looks for Anelka but Chelsea's lack of width is starting to show as Hill steps in and easily clears.

  23. 77

    A tremendous chance for 2-0 as Barton's swinging free-kick meets Helguson who lashes over the bar from close range.

  24. 76

    Cole receives a yellow card after a disgraceful hack at Barton after the QPR midfielder looked to have handballed which was dismissed by Foy.

  25. 75

    Mikel boots clear and a foul is given against Hall on Ivanovic on the right side.

  26. 75

    Young does brilliantly against Malouda on the right and crosses in with Ivanovic forced to clear behind for a corner.

  27. 74

    The ball falls to Wright-Phillips but his switched cross is Barton is poor and goes behind for a goal kick.

  28. 73

    Lampard looks weary as he looks to latch on to Malouda's ball, which Kenny claims and QPR look to break.

  29. 72

    Meireles comes off in place off Florent Malouda in Chelsea's last sub.

  30. 71

    Ferdinand runs the ball out for a throw-in after Ivanovic's pressure with Luiz fuming after he claims a penalty after going down under Helguson.

  31. 70

    Barton's free-kick is smothered by Cech as QPR continue to test Chelsea's struggling defensive strength.

  32. 69

    Tempers are starting to flare as Luiz is booked for a late elbow on Derry, and is probably lucky to still be on the field.

  33. 68

    Luiz clatters into Helguson from behind but nothing is given and Helguson's grievance is added to.

  34. 67

    Lampard is furious after feeling he was fouled by Ferdinand and nothing is given by Chris Foy. Now Terry and Smith are engaged in a "debate".

  35. 67

    Faurlin creates space on Chelsea's exposed left side and whips into the far post but Smith can't control and again Chelsea manage to clear.

  36. 66

    Young has space galore on the right but he plays the wrong option and fires across the six-yard box where Cech smothers. Poor decision from the right-back.

  37. 65

    Mikel's long ball into the box from the right is aimed at Anelka who goes down before Hill clears.

  38. 64

    Anelka nearly nips in to dispossess Hill but the centre-back steps forward to elude the striker before Faurlin is guilty of fouling Meireles.

  39. 63

    Young's cross into the penalty area is cleared by Terry as Taarabt walks down the tunnel looking distinctly unhappy at his removal.

  40. 62

    Taarabt comes off after a mixed bag of a performance with Tommy Smith coming on.

  41. 62

    Cole gets down the left to great effect but Barton slides in bravely to deny the cross from the left-back and from the corner Meireles fouls Hall.

  42. 61

    Young searches for Helguson with a long ball but Terry marks him well and Cech claims.

  43. 60

    It's Barton's turn to be booked after a late hack at Terry.

  44. 59

    Kenny's long ball upfield finds Helguson but the linesman's flag is raised to deny the striker a one-on-one.

  45. 58

    Chelsea look threatening despite their numerical disadvantage but Ivanovic tries to win the ball too eagerly from Taarabt and receives a yellow card.

  46. 56

    Mikel plays in Anelka on the right with Meireles switching to Terry who speculatively tries a curler which has the outcome of a centre-back's shot as it sails miles wide.

  47. 55

    Lampard tracks back to hack clear from Derry as the game becomes increasingly streched.

  48. 54

    Helguson plays in Luke Young on the right but Mikel heads clear as Young picks it up 10 yards out before firing wide. Great chance for 2-0.

  49. 53

    Wright-Phillips relieves the pressure from Meireles with a blazing run through midfield. Fantastic from the winger.

  50. 53

    Both Lampard and Derry are booked after their square-off.

  51. 52

    Taarabt and Helguson end up tackling each other in an attempt to shoot from Wright-Phillips' cross while Lampard and Derry clash with the referee calling both players over.

  52. 51

    Faurlin's free-kick hits the Chelsea wall and Lampard clears for the Blues.

  53. 51

    Barton breaks from the corner and travels upwards of 50 yards before playing in Taarabt who is floored by Mikel which earns him a booking.

  54. 50

    Lampard wins another corner after good pressure on Ferdinand with Terry and Luiz coming up.

  55. 49

    Chelsea look transformed as Ivanovic whips a ball into the near post with Kenny uncertainly clearing. Great start from the depleted visitors.

  56. 48

    The corner is cleared by the hosts but Chelsea attack again with Luiz eventually giving the ball away to Taarabt.

  57. 47

    QPR lose possession poorly early on through Derry with Meireles drifiting a top ball into the box with Lampard's header deflected wide off Hill.

  58. 46

    QPR get the second half underway.

  59. An extraordinary first half at Loftus Road where Chelsea go in at the break with nine men and 1-0 down. A nightmare 45 minutes for the visitors, can they salvage anything from the match? E-mails to

  60. HALF TIME. QPR 1 Chelsea 0.

  61. 45+1

    Anelka comes on for Chelsea with Mata the man to be replaced who looks to be nursing a shoulder injury.

  62. 45

    Two minutes added time to be played as QPR maintain possession in their own half effectively.

  63. 44

    Nicolas Anelka is warming up for Chelsea as Terry gets forward before Mata loses possesion and QPR break before Meireles tackles Wright-Phillips and clears.

  64. 43

    Andre Villas-Boas still looks calm but he is no doubt furious with the events of the first as Chelsea's task becomes mountainous as they seek a victory.

  65. 42

    Taarabt is walking gingerly from the challenge as he is treated by medics on the sidelines.

  66. 41

    It's a nasty challenge by Drogba on Taarabt and Chelsea are in all kinds of problems as they will finish the first half with nine men!

  67. 41


  68. 41

    Meireles concedes possession with a poor ball and Chelsea are pushed back to Cech as QPR push up.

  69. 40

    Wright-Phillips is again threatening as he looks to latch on to Faurlin's chip but the ball is too high for the winger and Cech claims.

  70. 39

    Meireles is floored by Derry but play is waved on as Chelsea attack with the Portuguese man having a stab from 20 yards which is only marginally wide.

  71. 38

    Mata finds space down the left but his ball into the penalty area is met by no-one as all the Chelsea players were yet to make any runs.

  72. 37

    It's Sturridge who is sacrficed as Branislav Ivanovic comes on to play in the right-back position.

  73. 36

    Barton drifts a ball in from the right but Luiz clears as QPR start to dominate proceedings.

  74. 35

    Neil Warnock's men hold all the cards now as Bosingwa, who was exceptional until his dismissal, will be a massive loss for Chelsea who face a tough task to win at Loftus Road now.

  75. 34

    Taarabt takes the free-kick which nearly catches Cech off guard but he keeps his on the swerve and catches confidently.

  76. 33

    The battle between Bosingwa and Wright-Phillips comes full circle as the winger is played in by Taarabt and Bosingwa takes him down with Chris Foy showing the best player on the park so far a red!

  77. 33

    Bosingwa is sent off!

  78. 32

    John Terry fails to clear Barton's ball to Wright-Phillips and the winger is let in only to spurn his shot wildly over the bar.

  79. 31

    The pace is unbelievable as both teams zip the ball around in fast-forward with Mata's most recent ball to Drogba again ending up in Kenny's arms.

  80. 30

    Sturridge hussles into Taraabt a little too eagerly and concedes a foul in the centre of the pitch.

  81. 29

    Sturridge plays in Bosingwa who looks electric on the right but his cross into the six-yard box is poor and easy for Kenny to claim.

  82. 28

    Mata almost dinks a delightful chip into Lampard but it carries a little too much weight and Kenny collects.

  83. 27

    QPR are pressing all over the pitch as Chelsea struggle to deal with the lack of space, with Bosingwa forced back to Cech after harrying by Wright-Phillips.

  84. 26

    Wright-Phillips nearly sneaks the ball past Bosingwa but the full-back does brilliantly to hold it up and play back to Cech.

  85. 25

    Patient play from Chelsea results in a speculative drive from Drogba which lands nearer Row Z than the goal. A big waste from the striker.

  86. 24

    Luiz wants another corner after his header goes wide and he might have a claim as Faurlin touched it last but the referee awards a goal kick to QPR.

  87. 23

    Bosingwa nutmegs Wright-Phillips and looks to drill a cross into the near post before Ferdinand steps in to head away.

  88. 22

    Luiz is playing more as a striker currently as he goes down in the penalty area under Hall with nothing given by the referee.

  89. 21

    Wright-Phillips is at it again down the left this time but his ball into Faurlin is intercepted by Mikel who launches it upfield.

  90. 21

    Wright-Phillips aims to bomb past Luiz but the centre-back stands strong and blocks off the speedy winger to deny an attack opening up.

  91. 20

    John Obi Mikel challenges Taarabt late and the winger takes the free-kick with his delivery again poor and Cech catches.

  92. 19

    Taarabt picks it up on the left but his cross is terrible and Terry clears with ease.

  93. 18

    Drogba gets up to win the header from the corner but he can't keep it down as Kenny watches it fly over his goal.

  94. 17

    Bosingwa tries to weave past Hall but the full-back does well and blocks the Chelsea man's cross behind for a corner.

  95. 16

    Chelsea work the ball beautifully in QPR's half but a loose pass from Lampard is cut out by Barton and QPR regain possession.

  96. 15

    The ball falls to Lampard from Mata's corner in but the Chelsea man's effort sails high over the bar.

  97. 15

    Sturridge has a pop from the edge of the area, with Hill getting his body in the way to concede a corner.

  98. 14

    Jose Bosingwa crosses in from the right and Anton Ferdinand heads away the disappointing cross.

  99. 13

    Chelsea seem flustered after conceding the penalty with Mata's long ball up to Sturridge cleared by Clint Hill as QPR deny the visitors any space in their half.

  100. 12

    Lampard launches a long ball up to Drogba but Paddy Kenny reads it well and claims in the air to deny the Chelsea striker.

  101. 11

    Loftus Road is jubilant as Chelsea look to retain possession in their own half before Barton slides in on Ashley Cole to great applause.

  102. 10

    It was a soft penalty to be given but Helguson punished Chelsea with a delicate finish into the top right corner. First blood to QPR!

  103. 10

    GOAL! Helguson nets the penalty!

  104. 9

    PENALTY TO QPR! Luiz nudges into Heidar Helguson, which looked inoccuous, and Barton lines up to take the spot-kick!

  105. 9

    Sturridge searches for Raul Meireles but delays his through-ball too late and Hall intercepts.

  106. 8

    Joey Barton launches the free-kick into the penalty area but Petr Cech sees it clearly and claims.

  107. 7

    QPR's turn to move the ball around patiently with Chelsea doing a good job of denying space for the hosts, before Jose Bosingwa floors Taarabt on the left.

  108. 6

    Luiz bombs forward and gets tackled strongly by Fitz Hall but the QPR man wins the ball fairly and clears.

  109. 5

    Chelsea move the ball nicely around their midfield, with Sturridge doing well to feed in Drogba before Shaun Wright-Phillips tracks back and breaks up play.

  110. 4

    Free-kick to Chelsea with Frank Lampard takes, with David Luiz getting his head on it but failing to control the ball and QPR win a goal kick.

  111. 3

    A long ball over the top of Ashley Cole from Shaun Derry to Adel Taarabt has the winger running but the ball runs out of play to Taarabt's disappointment.

  112. 2

    Good movement early on by Daniel Sturridge and Didier Drogba, the two exchanging passes before the former shot wide with a tame effort.

  113. 1

    Chelsea get things underway at Loftus Road.

  114. Chelsea are hot favourites at 1/3 and Sky Bet offer 17/2 for Rangers to pull off a shock win and the draw at 4/1. The Blues will fancy a few goals and we offer 9/2 for Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard to both find the net.

  115. QPR: Kenny, Young, Ferdinand, Hall, Hill, Derry, Faurlin, Wright-Phillips, Barton, Taarabt, Helguson. Subs: Murphy, Orr, Bothroyd, Mackie, Buzsaky, Smith, Puncheon.

  116. Chelsea: Cech, Bosingwa, Terry, Luiz, Cole, Mikel, Meireles, Lampard, Sturridge, Drogba, Mata. Subs: Turnbull, Ivanovic, Romeu, Malouda, McEachran, Kalou, Anelka.

  117. Referee: Chris Foy (Merseyside).

  118. Welcome to live commentary from Loftus Road as QPR host Chelsea in the Barclays Premier League. Chelsea are hunting for the title this season and an away win at hit-and-miss QPR would be a great achievement on an afternoon where Man City beat Man United 6-1. Teams are in and will uploaded shortly, direct your e-mails with detailed predictions to

  119. Kick off is at 1600 BST...



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