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Barclays Premier League

The Hawthorns (ATT 25,984) 28th April 2012 - Kick off 15:00 Ref: M Clattenburg

West Brom West Bromwich Albion vs Aston Villa A Villa

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 4:56 pm, April 28th 2012

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  2. 90+4

    It's all over at The Hawthorns as it has finished goalless between West Bromwich Albion and Aston Villa in the West Midlands derby. Both sides had chances, especially in the second half, but it ends 0-0.

  3. 90+1

    Odemwingie!!! Shay Given clears his shot off the line. Oh, what drama in the final seconds of this match at The Hawthorns.

  4. 89

    Substitution for Aston Villa again. Clark is replaced by teenager Carruthers.

  5. 88

    Oh!! What a chance for Aston Villa that they squander! Agbonlahor and Heskey all combine but Villa's final attempt through Clark is blocked by Olsson.

  6. 87

    The Villans are lacking that decisive final pass. Agbonlahor has been good marching with the ball and taking it into the danger zone, but he has failed to make it count when it matters, like his team-mates.

  7. 86

    Villa controlling the possession at the moment, and are trying to build up attacks from the midfield and make inroads into the West Brom penalty area.

  8. 85

    Five minutes of action remain in this thrilling West Midlands derby. Will we see a goal between now and the final whistle?

  9. 83

    That slip, that moment could probably sum up Aston Villa's campaign this season.

  10. 82

    Villa go on the attack once again, as Agbonlahor places Herd with a good ball on the right flank but the latter slips and fails to deliver what could have been an important cross.

  11. 80

    Ten minutes remain in this match, and the score remains 0-0. The second half has been hugely entertaining, and as I said earlier, a single goal will be enough to settle the affairs

  12. 79

    Substitution for West Brom. Mulumbu goes off and on comes Andrews.

  13. 77

    No clear-cut chances in the last couple of minutes, and the game has been largely confined to the midfield.

  14. 75

    The two sides are still evenly matched at the moment, and are creating chances. However, with the introduction of Gardner, it appears that the Villans are now prepared to take a step back and be satisfied with a point from this fixture.

  15. 74

    Substitution for Aston Villa. Gardner comes on for N'Zogbia.

  16. 73

    Olsson!! West Brom go close yet another, as Thomas carves out a right-footed cross from the left that Olsson heads towards goal but fails to find the back of the net.

  17. 72

    Fortune has looked good since coming on, and is looking very chirpy and active on the pitch. Fresh legs are what the Baggies needed...

  18. 70

    20 minutes remain in the second half, and it promises to be very, very intense indeed.

  19. 69

    Long goes off and on comes Fortune.

  20. 67

    Brilliant tackle from Lichaj on Long on the edge of the penalty area. And the Cuellar staves off another danger to keep the score goalless.

  21. 66

    The second half has been frenetic thus far, a proper West Midlands derby this one.

  22. 64

    Odemwingie again finds himself with the ball on the right flank, but Warnock makes a good challenge on him and the ball goes out for a throw-in.

  23. 63

    Thomas goes on the overlap down the left flank, and floats in a cross. However, Villa have six players back in their penalty box and stave off the danger. Goalless it remains at The Hawthorns.

  24. 62

    Yellow card for Heskey now.

  25. 61

    Aston Villa appear to have taken control of the game, and are pressing on their rivals for the opening goal of the afternoon, which might just be enough to settle this match, I reckon.

  26. 60

    The game has certainly picked up more enthusiasm and buoyancy in the second half, with both sides going for the kill.

  27. 59

    Clark is the third Aston Villa player to have been shown the yellow card this afternoon.

  28. 58

    Clark is booked by the referee now.

  29. 56

    Foster makes another brilliant save, as he staves off a close-range shot from N'Zogbia following a cross from Agbonlahor. That was his third really good save in this match.

  30. 55

    Ten minutes have breezed through, and it is getting more and more interesting with every passing minute.

  31. 54

    The momentum is picking up in this West Midlands derby now...

  32. 53

    Villa are now gaining some control over their game, as they have resumed taking the game to West Brom.

  33. 51

    Villa are now on the backfoot now, as the Baggies are pressing on them now.

  34. 50

    Five minutes gone in the second half, and it has been a fierce start from West Brom, who look very enthusiastic and buoyant to break the deadlock.

  35. 49

    The Baggies have another chance at the Villa goal with another free header, but once again the deadlock is not broken.

  36. 48

    Free header from Ridgewell following a corner from close range but it goes out for a corner. West Brom are appealing that it struck Hutton's hand before going out, but the referee refuses the appeal.

  37. 47

    West Brom on the attack down the left flank, with Thomas floating in two crosses. However, nothing productive emerges.

  38. 46

    The second half now kicks off, with the game goalless. Will we see any goal in the second 45 minutes? Let's fine out...

  39. So what have you made of the first 45 minutes? Send me your comments and analysis by emailing me at or tweet me @subhankarjourno, and I will post the best ones here.

  40. 45+1

    The referee blows the whistle for half-time, as the first 45 minutes end goalless between West Bromwich Albion and Aston Villa. It has been a good West Midlands derby with both sides having chances, but the score remains 0-0.

  41. 45

    One minute of injury time has been added here.

  42. 44

    Good clearance from Heskey as he heads a long ball over his own goal for a corner, which once again fails to yield anything for the Baggies.

  43. 42

    Yellow card for Alan Hutton.

  44. 41

    Hand ball appeal from Villa but the referee is having none of it. It will be interesting to see the replay of that one.

  45. 40

    Five minutes of first half action remain at The Hawthorns. Will we see a goal between now and the half-time interval?

  46. 38

    West Brom earn their fourth corner of the first half, as Cuellar concedes it following a challenge on Long. However, the hosts fail to do anything of note from the set-piece.

  47. 37

    The Baggies are on the attack again, as a diagonal ball is floated in from the left flank looking for Long on the right wing but it is too long for him.

  48. 36

    Long appeared to be hurt during that tackle, but he seems to have now recovered.

  49. 35

    Yellow card for Warnock for his diving challenge on Long.

  50. 34

    Now West Brom go on the attack, as a cross is drilled in from the right but is cleared for a corner, that eventually yields nothing.

  51. 33

    Foster makes yet another sensational save and prevents Villa from breaking the deadlock. Heskey sends Agbonlahor with a delicate pass through on goal, but Foster prevents the latter from close range.

  52. 31

    Another chance for Villa, as Lichaj floats in a cross from the left aimed at Heskey, who heads it towards the West Brom goal but fails to keep it on target.

  53. 30

    Half an hour gone and it has been quite a good match to watch. Goalless it remains, but there have been quite a few chances for either side.

  54. 29

    Foster has been an outstanding performer so far in this match, and has made two brilliant saves already.

  55. 28

    Foster comes to West Brom's rescue once again, as he lunges at the feet of Agbonlahor inside the penalty area, as the Villa player was marching towards the goal with threatening pace.

  56. 26

    What a last three or so minutes of entertaining football we have had, with both sides going for it.

  57. 25

    Odemwingie once again tries his luck from distance with his left foot but cannot keep his shot on target.

  58. 24

    Brilliant save by Foster! Dunne crafts in a cross from the right that Herd turns towards the West Brom goal, but Foster makes a very good save.

  59. 22

    Cuellar and Dunne once again help Villa not concede, as West Brom come close to breaking the deadlock from the corner.

  60. 21

    West Brom earn a corner from a free-kick conceded by Dunne. The free-kick is floated in and Dunne clears the ball away for a corner.

  61. 20

    Herd is again in the thick of the action, as he floats in a ball into the West Brom penalty box but it is a bit too heavy for Clark.

  62. 18

    N'Zogbia runs along the right flank and crafts in a cross but there is no Villa player at the end of it.

  63. 17

    Villa are showing their intension to collect maximum points from this match and are taking the game to the Baggies.

  64. 16

    Good move from Villa that N'Zogbia wastes. Herd passes the ball to Agbonlahor in the midfield who then slides it to N'Zogbia to the right, but the latter fails to keep his shot on target from outside the West Brom penalty area.

  65. 15

    A quarter of an hour gone, and it remains goalless at The Hawthorns.

  66. 14

    The game has gone a bit flat in the last couple of minutes, but both teams are evenly matched at the moment.

  67. 12

    The hosts fail to create anything from the corner, as Dunne clears it with ease.

  68. 11

    West Brom earn a corner, as Brunt's shot at the Villa goal is blocked by Cuellar and goes out for a corner.

  69. 10

    Ten minutes gone in this match, and there have been a couple of good chances. The match is getting interesting now.

  70. 9

    Now Agbonlahor is sent through on goal from Warnock on the left, but he is correctly deemed offside.

  71. 8

    A huge let-off for Aston Villa there... Long gallops with the ball from the midfield, sends in a ball towards the goal that Odemwingie tries to backheel it home but fails.

  72. 6

    The game is become lively now, as Villa are getting their act together and taking the game to West Brom.

  73. 5

    N'Zogbia swings in the corner that Agbonlahor tries to head home, but he is under pressure from West Brom goalkeeper Foster and cannot keep it on target.

  74. 4

    Heskey collects a pass from the midfield and runs towards the byline from where he tries to force a cross in, but it is blocked and Villa earn a corner.

  75. 3

    It has been a bit scrappy in the opening minutes of this derby game, but hopefully it will become better as the match progresses.

  76. 2

    Villa showing hunger early on, as they commit a foul and make it clear that they are set to fight for the points this afternoon.

  77. 1

    And here we kick off, as Aston Villa start proceedings...

  78. Both sets of players are now on the pitch, as the game is set to kick off in a matter of minutes.

  79. Kick-off is just over 10 minutes away, so send your pre-match comments and predictions by emailing me at or tweet me @subhankarjourno, and I will post the best ones here.

  80. For those of you who are interested in betting on this game, here are the latest odds from West Brom win - 11/10. Draw - 12/5. Aston Villa win - 12/5.

  81. The team news is just in, and I shall upload them for you in a minute.

  82. Heading into the match, Villa find themselves in 15th place in the table with 36 points from 35 matches, three points above the relegation zone. On the other hand, West Brom are comfortably positioned in mid-table.

  83. I am Subhankar Mondal and I will be taking you through the game. Feel free to send me your pre-match predictions and comments by emailing me at or tweet me @subhankarjourno, and I will post the best ones here.

  84. Hello and welcome to's live coverage of the Premier League clash between West Bromwich Albion and Aston Villa from The Hawthorns. It promises to be an interesting game of football, so stay tuned to this page to follow all the action as it happens.



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