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Barclays Premier League

Molineux Stadium (ATT 26,121) 10th March 2012 - Kick off 15:00 Ref: C Foy

Wolves Wolverhampton Wanderers vs Blackburn Rovers Blackburn

Wolves 0


Blackburn 2

J Hoilett (43, 69)

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 4:52 pm, March 10th 2012

  1. Thanks for all your emails, tweets and comments. Stick with us for the match report, player ratings and manager's reaction. See you next time!

  2. That's it! Two goals for Junior Hoilett killed off a below-par Wolves. The 21-year-old netted in both halves to down Connor's lacklustre men. The first - a volley on the bounce and the second strike tucked into the bottom corner. Both lovely finishes. Wolves 0 - 2 Blackburn

  3. 90+3

    Great block by Dann to deny Ebanks-Blake. They're desperate to keep a clean sheet. Superb defending.

  4. 90+2

    Another heavy touch by Wolves in a promising position really sums up their day. It's looking to be Blackburn's third away win in 23 games.

  5. 90+1

    The mass exodus of fans begins. It's going to be a mammoth effort for Connor in these final games of the season if they are to survive this division.

  6. 90

    Think overall it's been a comfortable game for Rovers, it'll be a huge boost for them. Wolves just haven't tested the visitors enough.

  7. 89

    It's now or never time for Wolves as they enter the dying minutes. Connor's staring down the barrel of another defeat though.

  8. 88

    That Milijas chance has to be the one that Wolves needed to bury to get back into this game. It's all a bit lacklustre now in the final stages.

  9. 87

    Well done again Jarvis. He puts the ball into the danger zone, Fletcher collects on the turn and unleashes an effort on goal - Robinson has to adjust mid-dive and manages to grasp the ball with his right hand. Good chance.

  10. 86

    How did he miss that?!? An unmarked Milijas heads over after superb work from Jarvis down the left who pulled the ball back into the midfielder's path. Awful finish.

  11. 85

    It's tough to watch for several Wolves fans, some are already leaving but the majority are sticking with their team - although it's a very flat atmosphere at the moment.

  12. 84

    Zubar goes into the box for a corner and attempts a looping header, but that effort is never going to trouble Robinson as it sails wide.

  13. 83

    It's a strong, powerful run from Yakubu but he takes on one defender too many and can't get past Stearman. However, on the replay it looks like the ball has come off Stearman and should've been a corner, but the goal-kick's given.

  14. 82

    And there's the change - Kevin Doyle comes off for Sylvan Ebanks-Blake.

  15. 81

    Ebanks-Blake is gearing up to come on for Connor's men.

  16. 80

    Hoilett wins a free-kick after a frustrated O'Hara challenge on the goal-scorer as we head into the final 10 minutes of this game.

  17. 79

    Wolves are dominating possession in this stage of the game. They look confident on the ball, just need that little bit of magic to break their duck today.

  18. 78

    There's more belief in the Wolves attack now. Still plenty of time to get back into this match if they continue this type of pressure.

  19. 77

    Good save bu Robinson from an O'Hara effort - it's a decent strike through a crowd of players. The ball is then lifted back into the box which Fletcher connects with but sends his header over the bar.

  20. 76

    Yakubu sets Marcus OIsson on a run down the left with a beautiful touch into the Swede's path, it brings a heavy challenge from Stearman, no foul given.

  21. 75

    Milijas comes on for Davis to a chorus of applause and boos - think the home fans wanted the youngster to stay on. Pedersen goes off for Dunn.

  22. 74

    Davis has Wolves' best chance of the game as he strikes Ward's delivery first-time but scoops it over the bar.

  23. 74

    Somehow it's kept off the line, it appeared to come off Doyle at the near-post from a set-piece and flicks up over Hennessey but is cleared away from danger. It's getting worse for Wolves.

  24. 73

    Stearman puts the ball behind after another Blackburn attack. There is an air of superiority about the visitors here. Hoilett's playing like a man possessed!

  25. 72

    Hoilett is hungry for his hat-trick as he gets back on the ball and powers towards the box, he puts Yakubu through but the striker just can't shake his marker and Wolves clear.

  26. 71

    The few travelling Rovers fans are in full voice at the moment, winding up the hosts with chants of: "You're going down, you're going down, you're going down." Etc.

  27. 70

    Even at this early stage, I do wonder how Wolves will get into this game. Hope I am proved wrong from a neutral perspective.

  28. 69

    GOAL HOILETT!!! The 21-year-old gets his second of the game. Great endeavour from the Rovers man, his shifts the ball on to his left foot from Yakubu's pass and drills an effort into the bottom corner from 25 yards out. Oh dear Wolves.

  29. 68

    Think I've just cursed him as Davis is beginning to limp. Think it's a bit of cramp setting in, has been a tough ask of the 21-year-old today.

  30. 67

    On a positive note, Davis looks a cracking little player. Very hungry for the ball and confident in possession, good tracking back today too.

  31. 66

    Very little happening at the moment, my cuppa is possibly the most interesting aspect of this game. However, Wolves finally are getting out of their own half.

  32. 65

    Fletcher goes into the book for a late tackle on Martin Olsson who is furious with the striker's challenge!

  33. 64

    Fletcher is floored under Hanley's aerial challenge. The defender clearly leads with his arm into the back of Fletcher's head but gets away with that one.

  34. 63

    Wolves as a unit just aren't working hard enough to try and regain possession. They need a rocket inserted somewhere at the moment. Robinson's still to make a save of any note.

  35. 62

    Rovers are pushing Wolves back into their own half at the minute. They're really retaining possession well and making Wolves work.

  36. 61

    Davis does enough to keep Yakubu at bay, he does fantastically well to nick the ball off the Nigerian's toes in the box. Superbly-timed challenge from the youngster.

  37. 61

    Edwards comes off for Kightly.

  38. 60

    Hanley goes into the book for a clumsy challenge on Davis. He wins possession but comes in from the side and players are always pulled up for those kind of challenges unfortunately.

  39. 59

    Kightly is warming up at the minute - he'll provide some width if he comes on.

  40. 58

    Zubar's looking for a runner as Marcus Olsson pushes him to the touchline - there's just no invention though. He's getting very little support and so opts to play it back to his centre-half.

  41. 57

    Another Wolves attack breaks down - it's just not going their way at all. A costly slip from Kevin Doyle sees Blackburn off on the counter.

  42. 56

    Hoilett strays offside as he tries to latch on to a delicate dink from N'Zonzi towards the left channel. Correct decision and a let-off for Wolves who were outnumbered.

  43. 55

    The Wolves fans are screaming at Stearman to get the ball into the box as the hosts look to get their opponents on the back-foot. Very tense atmosphere.

  44. 54

    Extremely poor from Wolves, O'Hara is dispossessed as Formica drives towards the edge of the area - his effort is weak though and straight down the throat of Hennessey.

  45. 53

    Jarvis is still trying his hardest and is beating his marker down the left everytime. His final ball needs a little work however as Doyle tries to chase down the mis-placed pass.

  46. 52

    The Molineux faithful are coming into their own now. Bit more voice which is good for Connor's men because it's very evident there is a certain lack of belief between the Wolves players.

  47. 51

    Edwards is getting a little frustrated and lunges in on one of the Olsson twins, luckily he escapes a yellow.

  48. 50

    Despite their shaky moments in defence, I think Stearman and Bassong look a decent partnership in today's game. They seem to be communicating well.

  49. 49

    Pedersen whips in a decent delivery, it's a fairly acute angle for Formica at the far stick but the confident Argentinian goes for a volley anyway... and spanks it well over.

  50. 48

    Doyle is taking up a more central position which is promising for Wolves, however it is affecting the shape of the hosts and Blackburn are looking to exploit the gaps.

  51. 47

    Jarvis gets down the left channel, clips the ball into Fletcher's path who slightly slips but manages to keep his volley down. It unfortunately smashes into the ground and bounces up comfortably into Robinson's arms.

  52. 47

    Wolves need the home fans behind them right now, it's fairly subdued so far.

  53. 46

    Let's hope this half is a little better, @mattcguitar reckons Blackburn will be victorious today... as long as they feed the Yak.

  54. Wolves get the second-half underway

  55. Thanks for all your comments and tweets so far. Keep them coming in - or tweet @HayleyP_11

  56. That's it for the half. Perfect timing by Steve Kean's men who scored just before the interval when Junior Hoilett latched on to a loose David Davis flick-on. Very little else has happened, Terry Connor will have to do a monumental team-talk in my opinion to turn this around, the hosts haven't really threatened Robinson so far. All to play for in the second-half. 1-0 Blackburn

  57. 45+2

    Apart from that goal, there hasn't really been any other clear-cut chances as this half winds up.

  58. 45+1

    O'Hara steps over the ball and curls a ball into Bassong, Robinson is experienced enough though to get ahead of the Frenchman and gather the ball despite the powerhouse's pressure.

  59. 45

    Wolves win a free-kick inside Blackburn's half.

  60. 44

    That goal will stun Wolves who seem to have been the ones who have enjoyed the larger spells of possession, but then again they've done little with it when they've had the ball.

  61. 43

    GOAL HOILETT!!! Junior Hoilett gets right over the ball and connects with a superb half volley after David Davis' unfortunate flick-on from Pedersen's throw. Game on!

  62. 42

    Blackburn win a free-kick after Stearman and Yakubu get in a tangle. The striker wins the decision and with around 40 yards out - Rovers could create something here.

  63. 41

    Yakubu lets fly on the run, Stearman does well to force the striker a little wide of the mark which means the Nigerian can't wrap his foot around the ball enough because of the tight angle. Wide of Hennessey's left-hand post.

  64. 40

    Pedersen delivers a dangerous throw-in from the left, Wolves do well to clear. It comes back into the area but an unchallenged Hennessey collects in the air.

  65. 39

    Neither team are able to break through so far. Plenty of long balls but no real conviction as of yet in the final third.

  66. 38

    Both Olsson's are involved in an attack and the ball is drilled in towards Yakubu who is on the stretch and puts his effort wide of the left-hand post. However, the offside flag is put up. Strange decision, all looked level to me.

  67. 37

    Fletcher and Hanley is another contest which should make for interesting viewing this afternoon. The striker has had very little service so far, however.

  68. 36

    O'Hara concedes a free-kick, the challenges are coming in thick and fast. Just the one booking to note so far.

  69. 35

    Doyle loses the ball on the right wing which sets Blackburn off on the counter. Hoilett tries to find Yakubu, Ward just steps up at the right moment to see the 29-year-old offside.

  70. 33

    Formica tries to slip in Marcus Olsson on the edge of the box but Davis is tracking well and nicks in ahead of the Swede.

  71. 32

    Rovers are slowly getting into this game, they're looking to use their power and height in set-piece situations wit several throws going their way at the moment.

  72. 31

    Zubar is getting caught in possession far too much, either he's not being told 'man on' or he's just got no spacial awareness! Loses the ball once more in a promising position down the right.

  73. 30

    Davis gets caught by Pedersen from behind. Easy decision for Foy to make. That's Chris Foy, not Chris Hoy folks.

  74. 29

    Same with Doyle - he's being dragged down the right wing. Connor needs to get Doyle more involved and in a more central position because everytime he gets the ball, Rovers look worried.

  75. 28

    Zubar and O'Hara combine once more to switch the play from the right, Fletcher is playing a little like a winger at the moment as he collects it down the flank and searches for Doyle.

  76. 27

    Fletcher has a strike and it's without any real conviction. Drags it well wide from 30 yards out. Wrong selection in the end, but he's asking questions of the opposing defenders.

  77. 26

    Edwards gets pulled up for a foul. Think he won the ball cleanly in a challenge with N'Zonzi, got to the ball first but the whistle goes for the foul.

  78. 25

    Jarvis is being double-teamed at the moment. Rovers certainly see him as one of Wolves' biggest threats.

  79. 24

    Wolves are looking shaky at the back, think Hennessey could have punched away a deep ball into the box but the Welshman opts to leave it to his skipper Ward who just about clears.

  80. 23

    Rovers are linking well nicely down their left, think they're trying to capitalise on Zubar's advanced positioning at times.

  81. 22

    Ward gives the ball away following a poor pass yards into the Blackburn half under very little pressure. They seem to be rushing and forcing the play just a little too much at the moment.

  82. 21

    Jarvis' touch is just too heavy, he's lively though and causing the Blackburn full-backs all kinds of problems. He's certainly a threat to the away side.

  83. 20

    Looks like Wolves are the most likely to break the deadlock here, they've had the - pardon the pun - lion's share of possession.

  84. 19

    Just too high for O'Hara who was striding into the box and screaming for Fletcher to switch it into his path. He was trying to anticipate the pass but the ball just had too much pace behind it, goal-kick.

  85. 19

    Jarvis isn't going to like watching this chance on the telly. He steers his effort completely wide after Hanley mis-judges his clearance at the near-post.

  86. 18

    Lovely ball from Formica on the right, his teasing cross is heading towards Yakubu but Bassong does enough to put off the striker at the near-post and sees the resulting header glance wide.

  87. 17

    Hennessey's back on the ball again - he's made the most saves in the Premier League this season.

  88. 16

    Fine recovery tackle from Stearman after Zubar got caught out of position down the right and Hoilett capitalised. He powers into the box but the Wolves defender gets his challenge perfectly-timed. Superb defending.

  89. 15

    Hennessey gets down well to deny Yakubu who flicked the ball up with his first touch and tried to direct an effort past the Welshman's right-hand post. Good save.

  90. 14

    David Davis is having a great game so far, looks very comfortable on the ball.

  91. 13

    Ward over-hits a ball into the box as he gets to the left-hand byline following great work between the stand-in skipper and Jarvis. Just needed a delicate touch but had too much power behind it.

  92. 12

    Hanley gets to a Ward throughball with immense power. He's been a stalwart defender this season for me.

  93. 11

    Yakubu goes for an audacious volley after Stearman manages to get his head to a lofted ball into the box. It's way, way over the bar - no conviction there from the Nigerian.

  94. 10

    Yakubu wins a foul from Stearman. That will be an interesting contest this afternoon.

  95. 9

    It's extremely sloppy at the moment, there's a lot of hopeful balls being panned upfield during possession.

  96. 8

    Doyle is breathing down the necks of every Blackburn player who gets the ball. Great endeavour from the Irishman.

  97. 7

    Bassong looks like a tasty addition to Wolves, he's a very dominant presence in the back four. He gets first to Pedersen's long throw from the right and clears.

  98. 6

    Fletcher is a bit unlucky after a surging run towards the byline, as he tries to pull it back into the box and into Jarvis' path - the ball cannons back off of him and out for a goal-kick.

  99. 5

    O'Hara steps up to take an inswinging corner, it's a dangerous ball which Rovers clear. It comes back in from debut man Davis down the left wing, his curling delivery is met by Doyle who narrowly heads over the bar.

  100. 4

    Zubar is linking up well with O'Hara already, the 26-year-old looks like he fancies a couple of runs down the right channel.

  101. 3

    Lower gets penalised for a lunging tackle. Wolves to take the free-kick in their half.

  102. 3

    I've heard there was a bit of protesting outside of the ground before the game - one banner apparently read "Welcome to the comedy club".

  103. 2

    Edwards gives away a free-kick for a robush challenge on Marcus Olsson just insdie the Blackburn half.

  104. 1

    The visitors win the first corner of the game in a matter of seconds, it's a decent one too as Dann comes in at the far-post and nods it down into the dangerzone but Wolves clear.

  105. Hugely tense atmosphere - it's obvious how important today's game is for both sides. Blackburn get the game underway.

  106. These two sides have identical records in terms of results with five wins, seven draws and 15 defeats - just 22 points on the board. Just the question of goal difference separating them - Wolves have 30 goals for and 56 against, whereas Blackburn have the slightly better 38 goals however have 60 against - that's the highest in the league so far this season.

  107. Are Wolves fans shocked by Johnson's omission from the first-team line-up? Do Blackburn fans think it's a chance to punish today's rivals without their main centre-back? Email your thoughts to: or Tweet me at: HayleyP_11

  108. So there you have it, no Roger Johnson in Terry Connor's starting eleven for Wolves. The skipper was disciplined for being not 'in a fit state' to train with the club on Monday. Stephen Ward looks like he will deputise in the captaincy role.

  109. Referee: Chris Foy.

  110. Blackburn: Robinson, Lowe, Dann, Hanley, Martin Olsson, Formica, Pedersen, Nzonzi, Marcus Olsson, Hoilett, Yakubu. Subs: Bunn, Givet, Dunn, Modeste, Petrovic, Goodwillie, Vukcevic.

  111. Wolves: Hennessey, Zubar, Stearman, Bassong, Ward, Doyle, Davis, Edwards, O'Hara, Jarvis, Fletcher. Subs: De Vries, Kightly, Ebanks-Blake, Johnson, Berra, Milijas, Foley.

  112. Team line-ups are in, so stay tuned...

  113. Fancy a flutter? If you're backing Wolves, those odds are 11/8 for the win, it's 12/5 for a draw and 19/10 for a Blackburn victory.

  114. Whereas Wolves it seems really do roar after the interval v Rovers with eight of their nine goals netted in the second-half. Grrr.

  115. On a slightly more positive note, it seems set-pieces may well be the way for Steve Kean's men as Blackburn have scored nine goals from free-kicks this season - more than any other in the top-flight.

  116. Today seems to be a tale of two leaky defences as Wolves have failed to keep a clean sheet in their last 12 home games in the league and Blackburn have kept just one clean sheet in their last 32 Prem away trips. Anyone got a plug?!

  117. Good afternoon and welcome to our live text commentary of Wolves v Blackburn. With just goal difference separating the 17th and 18th placed teams, there should be plenty to talk about in today's encounter. Some match facts to come soon, but in the meantime - get in touch by emailing or Tweet me @HayleyP_11 and I'll put the best ones up here!



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