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Barclays Premier League

Craven Cottage (ATT 23,555) 11th February 2012 - Kick off 15:00 Ref: C Foy

Fulham Fulham vs Stoke City Stoke

Fulham 2

P Pogrebnyak (16)
T Sorensen (og 28)


Stoke 1

R Shawcross (78)

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 5:31 pm, February 11th 2012

  1. That's it from me folks. Hope you enjoyed the coverage, I'll catch you next time.

  2. Well despite a spirited Stoke effort, Fulham hang on at the Cottage. An opening goal from Pogrebnyak and Sorensen's OG set them on their way, before Ryan Shawross gave the Potters hope.

  3. It's all over! Fulham win the three points!

  4. Dempsey hits the post! He rounded Sorensen who had gone awol but couldn't turn the ball into the net! That should be that...

  5. 90+4

    Fulham are standing tall in defence and doing well to clear all this balls into the box. It's a home goal-kick and some respite for them now.

  6. 90+3

    Sorensen hoofs a long ball forward but it's cleared. Crouch nearly latches on to a pass but Hughes smacks it away!

  7. 90+2

    Stoke hurl a long throw into the box but it is cleared. Fulham have a free-kick in their own half and are in no rush.

  8. 90+1

    The Fulham fans aren't happy with the amount of stoppage time but we have had a few breaks in play!

  9. 90

    Five minutes of added time to be played.

  10. 89

    Fulham sub: Ruiz off, Baird on

  11. 89

    Dempsey is through one-on-one with the goalkeeper but Sorensen rushes out and dives at the American's feet to claim!

  12. 88

    Fulham give it away in midfield and Stoke look to pile forward, but they can't create anything.

  13. 87

    Pennant whips it in and it nicks of a head before hitting Upson and going wide! Another opportunity for the centre-half goes begging!

  14. 86

    A free-kick is awarded to Stoke following a foul from Dembele, danger here...

  15. 85

    You get the feeling Stoke will get one more chance. Hangeland rises with a towering defensive header but the Potters come again.

  16. 84

    Etuhu is looking to shore things up in midfield and with six minutes remaining, Fulham are slowing the tempo.

  17. 83

    The atmosphere has certainly upped a notch and we could be on for a grandstand finish here. Stoke looking increasingly threatening.

  18. 82

    Fulham have a deflected shot that goes out for a corner, which Sorensen then claims confidently.

  19. 81

    Fulham sub: Murphy off, Etuhu on

  20. 80

    Chance for Crouch...but his shot flies over! The free-kick eventually fell to the striker at the far post but he couldn't keep the effort down!

  21. 79

    More pressure for Stoke as Hangeland goes into the book for a blatant check on Pennant. Another chance to deliver a decent cross...

  22. Jermaine Pennant's corner meets Ryan Shawcross' head at the near post and he glances it into the back of the net! Game on!

  23. 78


  24. 77

    Break from Stoke and Fuller drives into the penalty area, he pulls the trigger with his left foot but Hughes blocks it out for a corner.

  25. 76

    Peter Crouch attempts a half-volley from 25 yards out but while not miles away, it was never going in.

  26. 75

    Fulham attack through Duff down the right and he beats Shotton for pace before sending a poor cross straight out for a goal-kick.

  27. 74

    Fuller has certainly made an impact, he provides the Stoke frontline with a bit more pace, but he can't control the ball in the area.

  28. 73

    Another free-kick launched into the Fulham box, this time a good punch from Schwarzer clears the ball away.

  29. 72

    Free-kick to Stoke by the touchline and Pennant delivers a quick cross, it hits a Stoke player though and goes out for a goal-kick.

  30. 71

    A cross comes in from Fulham's left and Dempsey has a chance...but his effort is shanked wide. I think Simon Davies might have accidentally distracted him there.

  31. 70

    Twenty minutes remaining and Stoke need something quick. Crouch is offside though and Fulham have a free-kick.

  32. 69

    Don't know why Pulis didn't make all three changes at the same time there, a bit bizarre but anyway, let's see if they make a difference.

  33. 68

    Stoke sub: Shotton on, Wilkinson off

  34. 68

    Stoke sub: Etherington off, Pennant on

  35. 67

    The Stoke fans seem to like that change from Pulis and they are attacking now. Wilkinson attempts a shot from the left edge of the area, but he slices it well, well wide.

  36. 66

    Stoke sub: Jones off, Fuller on

  37. 65

    Corner to Stoke taken by Whelan. He swings it i but Dempsey is there to head clear, the resulting ball in is punched clear by Schwarzer.

  38. 64

    The attendance inside Craven Cottage today is 23,555 and the home fans give the Russian debutant a standing ovation as he leaves the pitch.

  39. 63

    Fulham sub: Pogrebnyak off, Davies on

  40. 62

    Another break from the Cottagers but this time Duff squanders possession. Time for a change...

  41. 61

    It looks as though Fulham are preparing a change down there. Will Martin Jol try and shut-up shop?

  42. 60

    Nice play from Fulham in midfield and Murphy looks to get a quick break going with a defence-splitting pass. It rolls through to the keeper though.

  43. 59

    The Russian looks okay to continue after a few minutes with the physio. That temporary pause has taken the pace out of the game.

  44. 58

    Pogrebnyak is down injured at the moment, looks like he twisted something and he is receiving treatment.

  45. 57

    Well Crouch should have done better with that but at least it's more threatening from Stoke. Their fans pick up the volume.

  46. 56

    Almost a calamitous piece of defending in the Fulham area with the ball headed straight into the path of Crouch, but he miscontrols and it's out for a goal-kick.

  47. 55

    A bit of end-to-end action now with Dempsey pulling the trigger for Fulham, but his effort is blocked.

  48. 54

    It's all balls into the box from Stoke and you get the feeling one of them might fall nicely for either Crouch or Jones. Not yet though.

  49. 53

    Hughes sends an attacking ball upfield from deep but Pogrebnyak is offside. I wonder if the Russian will last the 90 minutes?

  50. 52

    Sorensen is then forced to save smartly at his near post. Much better from the Cottagers and the Dane had to be alert there.

  51. 51

    Sweeping move from Fulham with Duff in possession just inside the area, he lays the ball off for Riise who has a crack...blocked!

  52. 50

    Fulham have been a little slow to start in this half. They can't afford to switch off against this Stoke team.

  53. 49

    Stoke with a breakaway attack and they have a man over here, it's fed through to Crouch but he is a couple of yards offside.

  54. 48

    That was a great chance for Upson and he will really kick himself for missing it. Lovely ball in.

  55. 47

    Early free-kick for the Potters down the right touchline. Great ball in and it's a wonderful opportunity for Fulham from five yards out, but he sends the ball over!

  56. 46

    No changes at the break but Stoke need a different performance if they are going to get back into this one.

  57. The match restarts

  58. The teams reappear and we are ready to go again...

  59. Well Fulham look good value for their lead and the Cottagers have restricted Stoke with some decent defending. A powerful effort from debutant Pogrebnyak and an own goal from Sorensen, following a Dempsey long-ranger, separate the sides.

  60. The referee blows for half-time. 2-0 at the break.

  61. 45+2

    Murphy fouls Palacios and Stoke have a defensive free-kick. Towering header from Hangeland to clear a long ball upfield.

  62. 45+1

    Half petering out here. Fulham time-wasting with a throw on the far side.

  63. 45

    Two minutes of added time to be played at the end of the half.

  64. 44

    Good save Sorensen to deny Duff! The Irishman was played in over the top and hit a low shot that was creeping in the near post, but turned behind!

  65. 43

    Cynical challenge from Palacios to bring down Dempsey in the centre circle. A deserved yellow card for the midfielder.

  66. 43

    Pogrebnyak attempts a flick but doesn't make any contact. It's been a good first 45 minutes in a Fulham shirt for him though.

  67. 42

    Murphy stands over it and hits a low shot...but sends it wide. Decent effort and not far away.

  68. 41

    Yellow card for Marc Wilson who brought down Dempsey on the edge of the area following a lovely ball from Murphy. Danger here...

  69. 40

    Fulham are now just looking to wind down the clock before half-time. They will be more than happy with this scoreline.

  70. 39

    Etherington delivers with his left foot and Walters gets a glancing header on the ball...but it's off target.

  71. 38

    It's a corner at the other end for Stoke but Schwarzer does well to get a good fist on it. Pressure and another corner for the Potters.

  72. 37

    Murphy whips a corner in and it goes to the far post, there is Pogrebnyak who get his head on it...over the bar.

  73. 36

    Pogrebnyak breaks free and he drives towards goal, he is forced to the by-line and does well to pull it back...Shawcross clears at the last!

  74. 35

    Wilson in the right-back position drifts a ball in, it is over Crouch but there is Etherington to hit it...into the arms of Schwarzer.

  75. 34

    Confirmation in fact that it was a Sorensen OWN GOAL. Great effort from Dempsey though.

  76. 33

    Good spell this from Stoke but they can't eek out an opportunity to get one back. Lots of effort and huff and puff.

  77. 32

    The ball is lofted to the back stick looking for Crouch who hangs in the air, but he can't win it with Hangeland managing to clear.

  78. 31

    Stoke looking to respond but have little creativity in the final third, despite their physical threat.

  79. 30

    Well the Cottagers have pretty much had two efforts and scored twice. Tony Pulis will feel aggrieved that's for sure.

  80. A long range effort from Dempsey hits the crossbar and ricochets off the back of Sorensen and in! 2-0! That may be credited as an own goal.

  81. 28


  82. 27

    Miscontrol from Jones up by the corner flag and he is taunted by the Fulham fans, nothing seems to be going his way at the moment.

  83. 26

    Nice play from Murphy and Dempsey on the edge of the area but they can't quite find the killer pass.

  84. 25

    That break actually helped Fulham I think. Stoke were in the ascendancy but now the momentum is back with the home side.

  85. 24

    Break in play following a clash of heads between Pogrebnyak and Schawcross. Both seem okay though.

  86. 23

    Palacios has a crack but it is never in danger of troubling Schwarzer - wide. Good spell for Stoke though.

  87. 22

    Ruiz and Dembele are coming deep to collect the ball and that's causing Stoke a few problems, but apart from the goal, no real chances created.

  88. 21

    Well it's fair to say long shots aren't Jones' strength and that was clear there. In the air though he looks dangerous.

  89. 20

    Jones attempts a shot and he slices it horrendously - it goes all the way out for a throw much to the pleasure of the home fans.

  90. 19

    Stoke pump it long from a free-kick but the ball runs out of play. Jones and Crouch have looked on the same wavelength but nothing has come off yet.

  91. 18

    It's all Fulham in terms of possession at the moment, Stoke can't seem to get their foot on the ball.

  92. 17

    Stoke look to respond immediately and a cross is swung in from the right touchline, Jones looks to make contact but he can only divert the ball over the bar.

  93. It's a goal on his debut for the Russian who fired into the back of the net from inside the area after Riise's shot had fallen into his path. 1-0!

  94. 16


  95. 16

    Walters fires in a cross/shot from the right and the ball falls to Whelan who has a's on target but Schwarzer claims.

  96. 15

    This time Murphy takes a short one and Dembele then finds Duff with a lovely pass, he squares it across goal but Sorensen claims low down.

  97. 14

    Pogrebnyak is slipped into the area and the challenge comes in from Shawcross, corner to Fulham. Murphy whips it in and Upson heads behind.

  98. 13

    Finally a shot in anger and it's Aaron Hughes with the speculative effort. He tried to sidefoot it from 25 yards out - wide and poor.

  99. 12

    Peter Crouch is shoved to the ground on the edge of the Fulham area, but no foul says the referee. Crouch is incensed.

  100. 11

    Really slow start to this game, nothing has happened whatsoever! Dempsey beginning to get more involved though.

  101. 10

    Kenwyne Jones is furious at the awarding of a goal-kick to Fulham, he clearly feels it was a corner.

  102. 9

    Fulham have had the most possession but haven't created anything yet. At the other end Etherington advances down the left to win a throw.

  103. 8

    Lack of any guile so far but it's still early doors. Ruiz has been involved with a few neat touches here and there.

  104. 7

    Stoke look pretty solid at the moment in the face of Fulham passing around the edge of the area.

  105. 6

    Duff goes down on the edge of the area and thinks he was pulled back by Wilkinson, but nothing given by referee Foy. Correct decision.

  106. 5

    It's all pretty scrappy at the moment and Fulham can't get the ball to Pogrebnyak's feet as yet. Riise is fed in but passes back to his defence.

  107. 4

    Crunching tackle from Matt Upson on Danny Murphy, that'll wake the Fulham captain up for sure.

  108. 3

    Sorensen hoofs the ball long and Peter Crouch wins the flick-on, Jones looks to latch onto it but Hangeland thumps clear.

  109. 2

    Misplaced pass from Ruiz in midfield - he has impressed me in previous games but let's see if his tactical discipline improves today.

  110. 1

    Stoke press down the left in the first minute but a long throw-in goes all the way out for a goal-kick. Who will settle first?

  111. The match kicks off

  112. Players emerge from the tunnel and we are almost ready to get underway.

  113. Always impressed by the pre-match tunes at the Cottage.

  114. Will be interesting to see how debutant Pavel Pogrebnyak does today. Russian forward making his first appearance for Fulham.

  115. The referee today is Chris Foy (Merseyside).

  116. SKYBET: Stoke have lost three on the bounce in the Premier League and start this game as a 3/1 shot. A 1-0 away win is right up their street and we offer 8/1 for that. Fulham are 10/11 favs and the draw 12/5.

  117. These two sides are currently locked in mid-table, but Fulham's home form has been rather impressive of late. I was here for the recent demolition of Newcastle when a superb second-half display tore the Magpies to shreds. Stoke may arguably be made of stronger stuff at the back though.

  118. So there you have the two starting line-ups, Fulham and Stoke fans, what do you think of the selections?

  119. Stoke: Sorensen, Wilson, Upson, Shawcross, Wilkinson, Whelan, Palacios, Etherington, Walters, Crouch, Jones. Subs: Begovic, Fuller, Pennant, Whitehead, Shotton, Jerome, Woodgate

  120. Fulham: Schwarzer, Kelly, Hughes, Hangeland, Riise, Ruiz, Murphy, Duff, Dempsey, Dembele, Pogrebnyak. Subs: Stockdale, Baird, Gecov, Etuhu, Frei, Davies, Trotta

  121. The team news is in...

  122. Glorious sunshine on the banks of the Thames today, but my word, it's a wee bit nippy. Let's hope the football warms the cockles.

  123. Hello everyone on this frosty February afternoon. I'm at Craven Cottage for Fulham v Stoke City and I'll be bringing you all the action...LIVE!

  124. Updates will follow here from 1500GMT ...



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