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European Championship Qualifying

Hampden Park (ATT 34,071) 6th September 2011 - Kick off 20:00 Ref: K Jakobsson

Scotland Scotland vs Lithuania Lithuania

Scotland 1

S Naismith (50)


Lithuania 0

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Live Commentary

Last Updated at 9:51 pm, September 6th 2011

  1. Thanks for tuning in tonight, hope you enjoyed the game. Stay with for the full match report.

  2. The final whistle blows and Scotland have held on for the three points to keep their qualifying hopes alive.

  3. 90+3

    We're into the final minute of the game. Lithuania try a late push but McGregor collects again.

  4. 90+2

    Pilibaitus fails to connect properly in front of goal and Scotland are very lucky not to concede. Scotland win a corner to ease some pressure.

  5. 90+1

    Scotland are so close to closing this out! Zaliukas makes a charge for the visitors and finds Cesnauskis on the right.

  6. 90

    Three minutes of stoppage time are added.

  7. 90

    It's going to be a tense finish as Scotland desperately try to defend their slender lead. McGregor charges out to snatch up the ball and diffuse a Lithuania attack.

  8. 89

    Getting a distinct sense of deja vu as Lithuania press for a late equaliser. They need to avoid a repeat of Saturday!

  9. 88

    Snodgrass gets forward for Scotland, feeding in from the right. Naismith makes the most of some sloppy defending from Cesnauskis to turn from a tight angle and shoot in the box but it's off target.

  10. 88

    Berras sends a clearance directly to Novikovas on the right wing and Crainey does well to get the ball away.

  11. 87

    The visitors are all over Scotland at this moment as Novikovas goes for goal from far out. His strike doesn't quite dip enough and narrowly goes over, but worrying for the hosts.

  12. 86

    Scotland are looking uneasy as the minutes trickle down. The ball is given away cheaply and Lithuania get forward again through Pilibaitus.

  13. 85

    Lithuania win a corner with just five minutes remaining. Novikovas lifts it in and McGregor is forced to make a crucial save from the resulting scramble.

  14. 84

    Right on cue, Bannan goes off for Snodgrass.

  15. 84

    Bannan whips in an inviting delivery for Caldwell but his header is off target. Bannan has been superb tonight, man-of-the-match for me.

  16. 83

    Crainey takes a throw for Scotland in midfield and Zaliukas gives away a free-kick after trying to beat Goodwillie to it.

  17. 82

    Dorrans has only been on the pitch for a couple of minutes but he sees yellow for a dubious tackle.

  18. 82

    Danilevicius' delivery goes straight into the wall as the Scotland defence hold firm.

  19. 81

    Caldwell fouls Danilevicius and Lithuania win a free-kick from 25 yards.

  20. 81

    Just over 10 minutes remaining and it could be an anxious wait for Scotland if they fail to get a second goal.

  21. 80

    Morrison makes way for Graham Dorrans.

  22. 79

    Goodwillie is ruled offside as he gets forward for Scotland even though it looks like he could be on.

  23. 78

    Goodwillie gives away a free-kick in midfield after colliding with Zaliukas. Semberas takes it but Lithuania are forced back into their own end.

  24. 77

    Goodwillie gets a great first touch on the edge of the box and turns quickly, but drags his shot wide.

  25. 76

    The visitors get forward again but Mikoliunas is caught offside. It's his last contribution as he goes off for Beniusis.

  26. 75

    McGregor jumps for the ball but it gets away from him and he's lucky to recover it quickly as he lands. Novikovas puts in a great cross for Klimavicius in the box but he fails miserably to do anything with it.

  27. 74

    Bannan and Cesnauskis battle for the ball down the right and the Lithuanian wins this one.

  28. 73

    Looks like it could have been given on the replay but play continues. Penalty appeals really aren't going Scotland's way lately!

  29. 72

    Scotland are on the ball in their own half until Goodwillie breaks, chasing the ball down the right. Naismith is waiting in the box but is intercepted by Cesnauskis, and his appeal for a handball goes unanswered.

  30. 71

    We're into the final 20 minutes at Hampden Park. It's important Scotland don't drop off in these dying stages.

  31. 70

    Scotland make their first change as Stephen Crainey comes on for Phil Bardsley.

  32. 69

    Danilevicius fires his free-kick straight into the Scotland wall and the hosts breathe a sigh of relief. On the counter-attack Goodwillie gets forward but catches Klimavicius on the edge of the box. He goes down in a theatrical dive and the decision goes Lithuania's way.

  33. 68

    Another good corner from Barry Bannan but Bardsley can't get up to reach it and the setpiece comes to nothing. A handball is given against Berra inside the Scotland half as Sernas wins a free-kick. A dubious decision by the Icelandic referee.

  34. 67

    Goodwillie does brilliantly to lose two defenders and tries to shrug off Zaliukas but he's harder to shift and Scotland settle for a corner.

  35. 66

    It's pouring with rain at Hampden Park but it's not dampening Scotland's spirits as Goodwillies picks out Naismith in the box. The goalscorer can't quite keep his headed effort down.

  36. 65

    Semberas commits a daft challenge on Bardsley and is booked for his troubles, ruling him out of the next qualifier.

  37. 64

    Naismith neatly puts through Bardsley on the left but his cross is mistimed, coming too late for Goodwillie and going straight to the keeper.

  38. 63

    Bardsley diffuses another Lithuania assault down the ring wing for a Scotland goal-kick.

  39. 63

    Novikovas slices in a shot which goes narrowly wide as Fletcher puts him under pressure.

  40. 62

    Kijanskas goes off for Danilevicius as Lithuania make their second change.

  41. 61

    Lithuania win a free-kick in their own end as Naismith fouls Zaliukas, doing the defender a favour.

  42. 60

    Whittaker wins a throw inside the visitors' half as Scotland try to build something. The hosts trade passes as they attempt to break through.

  43. 59

    Morrison can't get any real power on a long-range shot and it goes straight to Karcemarkas. Naismith is fouled for a Scotland free-kick in midfield seconds later.

  44. 58

    Naismith feels Scotland should have won a throw in the visitors' end but it goes to Lithuania.

  45. 57

    Whittaker and Bannan pair up in midfield but are driven back into the Scotland end. Lithuania are looking brighter this half.

  46. 56

    Goodwillie is pressing down the left but is called up for a foul on Zaliukas. Lithuania goal-kick.

  47. 55

    The Scotland defence get lucky as Radavicius advances on the left but unmarked but knocks the ball behind.

  48. 54

    Morrison and Naismith are lurking on the edge of the box and trying to find a way through the visitors defence.

  49. 53

    What a wasted chance for the visitors! Novikovas blasts his effort high into the stands. Embarrassing.

  50. 52

    Caldwell fouls Sernas as Lithuania win a free-kick from close-range. A worry for Scotland with Novikovas seemingly fancying it...

  51. 51

    That's livened up the Scotland crowd! Great build-up to that goal and Naismith did brilliantly with the end result. Bannan has looked threatening all night.

  52. Bannan is, unsurprisingly, the creator as he turns on the edge of the box and scoops it in for the waiting Naismith, who applies a tidy finish.

  53. 50


  54. 49

    Klimavicius delivers a great free-kick over the wall and it looks destined for the top right-hand corner but goes just over.

  55. 48

    Cowie gives away a free-kick from a good position and here's a chance for Lithuania...

  56. 47

    Lithuania are on the ball early in this half but Caldwell heads a Radavicius cross away.

  57. 46

    Lithuania make a change as this half gets underway with Labukas - after handling for the penalty - stepping off for Novikovas.

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  59. Very frustrating stuff for the Scots, who have dominated so far. Fletcher's penalty miss is the obvious talking point - especially disappointing after the weekend result!

  60. 45+3

    Bannan's effort is collected easily by the Lithuania keeper to finish that half.

  61. 45+2

    The Lithuania player gets to his feet but it's Bardsley on the ground now after a Cesnauskis tackle. Scotland free-kick from far out...

  62. 45+1

    Sernas troubles McGregor with a long-distance shot but the keeper palms it wide. Kijanskas is on the floor apparently injured after a Naismith challenge.

  63. Fletcher misses it! Hugely disappointing for Scotland! It's not the best effort from the captain and the keeper dives the right way to save.

  64. 45

    The Lithuania player is booked for his troubles as Fletcher steps up!

  65. 44

    Penalty given to Scotland after a Labukas handball in the area!

  66. 43

    Bannan delivers another strong corner and Berra tries to get there but can't quite latch onto it. Semberas breaks away for Scotland and is dangerously unmarked going forward, but tries a solo effort instead of passing and is shut down by Caldwell.

  67. 42

    What was I saying? Cesnauskis gets forward down the right and Berra is forced to clear. Scotland are quick to respond as Morrison goes for goal from far out but the keeper palms it away.

  68. 41

    A few chances in quick succession for Scotland there but the deadlock remains. Lithuania aren't getting a look-in at the minute.

  69. 40

    Bannan's corner dips right onto the head of Naismith but he blunders the chance, nodding over the crossbar. Bardsley tries a long-range effort seconds later but drags it wide.

  70. 39

    Scotland earn a free-kick in midfield after Naismith is fouled. They take it quickly and Fletcher flies away down the left before taking a decent shot, forcing a quick-thinking save from the keeper.

  71. 38

    Berra scoops the ball clear as Pilibaitus gets forward for the visitors. Naismith, under pressure from the Lithuania defence, unleashes a weak long-range pass for Naismith but he's beaten to it by Karcemarkas.

  72. 37

    Bardsley tees up Bannan brilliantly on the left but the cross he slings in goes straight to the Lithuania keeper.

  73. 36

    Lithuania have been dogged in defence but if Scotland keep up this patient building you get the feeling they'll see some rewards.

  74. 35

    Berra, suddenly turned left-winger, finds Bardsley but the visitors' defence shut down his cross. Bannan's resulting corner is claimed by Karcemarkas.

  75. 34

    Fletcher and Cowie trade passes in midfield, trying to find a way through. Berra tries a run down the left.

  76. 33

    Scotland win another corner as Kijanskas, chasing down Bannan, knocks the ball behind. Pilibaitus is there to hook Bannan's effort clear.

  77. 32

    Goodwillie, in good space, can't chase down a weak Bannan pass down the left as a chance goes begging. A shame because Bannan's passes have otherwise been good so far tonight.

  78. 31

    There's a minor collision between Bardsley and Mikoliunas in the area but definitely not a penalty.

  79. 30

    Just 15 minutes of this half remaining then and Scotland have looked the stronger side so far. Goodwillie is fouled by Pilibaitus in midfield, although it's a soft challenge and doesn't really warrant the free-kick that's given.

  80. 29

    Kijanskas makes a clumsy foul on Bannan for a Scotland free-kick. The offended player takes it and it's a solid delivery but no-one can get a head to it.

  81. 28

    Bannan's resulting corner comes to nothing but Scotland are looking threatening in attack now as Naismith and Cowie link up going forward.

  82. 27

    Pilibaitus gives away a free-kick in midfield and Cowie gets forward down the right before crossing in with an effort Zaliukas does well to clear.

  83. 26

    Kijanskas makes a run down the left but Whittaker heads his cross back to McGregor, who's had little to do so far.

  84. 25

    Cowie loses the ball in midfield and the visitors see some possession but are driven back into their own half.

  85. 24

    The Scotland defender comes straight back on as play resumes - relief all round for the home side.

  86. 23

    There's a lull in play as Caldwell receives treatment after a clash of heads with Labukas. There's some bleeding on his face as the medics attend to him.

  87. 22

    Bannan tries his luck with a left-footed shot from long range. It's goes over the keeper's outstretched hand but he was in a strong position and you can't fault him for trying.

  88. 21

    Mikoliunas loses his footing on the soggy pitch and lets the ball slip out for a Scotland throw, much to the delight of the Hampden Park crowd.

  89. 20

    Bannan's free-kick is a powerful one but it drifts too high for Goodwillie to really do anything with and he fails to keep it from going behind.

  90. 19

    Naismith is fouled in a needless challenge by Zaliukas and Scotland win a free-kick from a handy position on the left of goal.

  91. 18

    Pilibaitus takes a tumble and Lithuania win a throw in midfield, although Scotland have had the better of play so far.

  92. 17

    Goodwillie and Klimavicius have a clash of heads but both get to their feet unscathed. The first clean chance of the match comes soon after as Goodwillie nudges on the advancing Cowie after a great supporting run but he can't quite keep his shot down and it flies over the bar.

  93. 16

    Great opportunity for Scotland! Bardsley almost nods Bannan's effort home with an initial header before Berra sends his rebounded shot wide.

  94. 15

    Zaliukas rolls the ball behind for a Scotland corner, which Bannan lines up to take..

  95. 14

    It looks like Scotland should have earned a free-kick but the referee is unmoved. The home faithful make their displeasure known - they've had enough decisions go against them lately!

  96. 13

    Whittaker takes two throws in quick succession for Scotland down the right wing. Bannan tries to poke through Goodwillie but Zaliukas is there to clear with a sliding challenge.

  97. 12

    Scotland win another throw inside the visitors' half. Sernas challenges Fletcher for it but the Scotsman stands firm.

  98. 11

    Bardsley takes a Scotland throw in the middle of the park which finds Caldwell. Fletcher tries to find a way through.

  99. 10

    Naismith and Morrison press forward in a patient build-up but the Lithuania defence intervene. Naismith complains of a foul but nothing is given.

  100. 9

    Bannan fails to pin down a searching diagonal pass from Morrison on the right of the visitors' half but the hosts soon regain possession.

  101. 8

    Bardsley tries an attack down the left flank but is beaten by Cesnauskis for a Lithuania throw-in.

  102. 7

    Zaliukas hoofs the ball upfield under pressure from an advance from Goodwillie. Scotland are beginning to find their feet.

  103. 6

    Lithuania goalkeeper Karcemarskas badly misjudges Bannan's corner but no-one capitalises on his gaffe.

  104. 5

    Goodwillie gets a great first touch from a long pass and charges towards goal but is pulled up short by the visitors' defence.

  105. 4

    Zaliukas diffuses a threat from the hosts and Bardsley takes the resulting throw in the Lithuania end before Whittaker concedes a free-kick.

  106. 3

    Sernas crosses in from the right for Lithuania but Caldwell intervenes. Scotland respond with an attack of their own but a lively looking Bannan can't pick anyone out in the box.

  107. 2

    Caldwell fails to keep the ball in in the visitors' end as they earn another throw. Scotland get straight back on the ball as Caldwell and Whittaker trade passes.

  108. 1

    We're underway at Hampden Park as Lithuania get things started. The ball instantly goes out as the visitors win a throw.

  109. Expecting the Scots to give it everything tonight. Enjoy the game guys!

  110. The teams run out to a great reception at Hampden Park and it's national anthem time.

  111. The reverse fixture just over a year ago ended in a goalless stalemate - let's hope that's not the case this time around!

  112. There's 15 minutes to go until kick-off - plenty of time to get in touch and have your say. Email or Tweet me @SkySportsRachG

  113. Craig Levein's men currently sit third in Group I, level on points with Lithuania with a game in hand and five adrift of the second-place Czechs.

  114. Anything less than a win tonight would leave the Scots' chances all but ruined, with just a trip to Liechtenstein remaining ahead of their visit to world champions and group leaders Spain in October.

  115. Scotland will be keen to put Saturday's controversial draw against the Czech Republic behind them and get the three points tonight to keep their slim qualifying hopes alive.

  116. Right-back Steven Whittaker returns from a ban to take over from Alan Hutton, who drops to the bench.

  117. Midfielder Don Cowie steps in for suspended Scott Brown, while Barry Bannan covers for injured Charlie Adam for his first competitive game.

  118. Youngster David Goodwillie gets his first start for Scotland, with the 22-year-old Blackburn striker replacing the suspended Kenny Miller.

  119. Lithuania: Karcemarskas, Cesnauskis, Klimavicius, Zaliukas, Kijanskas, Semberas, Pilibaitis, Radavicius, Mikoliunas, Sernas, Labukas. Subs: Setkus, Danilevicius, Novikovas, Ivaskevicius, Papsys, Beniusis, Panka.

  120. Scotland subs: Gilks, Crainey, Hutton, Hanley, Dorrans, Snodgrass, Forrest.

  121. Scotland: McGregor, Whittaker, Caldwell, Berra, Bardsley, Naismith, Fletcher, Cowie, Bannan, Morrison, Goodwillie.

  122. Right, time for some team news...

  123. The line-ups are coming shortly but first why not drop me a line with your thoughts ahead of kick-off? Email or Tweet me @SkySportsRachG

  124. Good evening all and welcome to our live text commentary of Scotland's Euro 2012 qualifier with Lithuania. It's a must-win for the Scots tonight and I'll be bringing you all the action as it happens.


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