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UEFA Champions League

Old Trafford (ATT 74,687) 4th May 2011 - Kick off 19:45 Ref: P Proenca

Man Utd Manchester United vs Schalke Schalke

Man Utd (6) 4

A Valencia (26)
D Gibson (31)
Anderson (72, 76)


Schalke (1) 1

J Jurado (35)

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 4:06 pm, May 5th 2011

  1. Man United are into their third final in four years in a re-match of the 2009 final with Barcelona. Schalke never looked like scoring the goals needed to defeat United tonight and thanks to an Anderson brace, Valencia and Gibson, the Red Devils comfortably sail into Wembley looking for revenge against the Spanish Champions.

  2. FULL TIME. Manchester United 4 Schalke 1 (Agg:6-1)

  3. 90+3

    Nani whips another ball into the box but Evra's effort is tough as he tries to half-volley the ball in the net and it travels wide.

  4. 90+2

    Owen does well to get past Papadopoulos and curls a sizzler onto goal but Neuer is again strong to deny the striker.

  5. 90+1

    Three minutes of time is added on as Evra's cross is cleared by Metzelder and Schalke look to break but again they give the ball away in United's half.

  6. 90

    Jurado plays in Edu who has a decent shot from 20 yards but Van der Sar is comfortable as he watches it roll wide.

  7. 88

    Schalke call for handball against Evans but nothing is given by the referee as United have total control of the game with Nani again bursting down the line and playing in Gibson who holds up possession for United.

  8. 87

    Jurado wrong foots O'Shea and drifts a teasing ball into the box but no-one is there to get on the end of it and United clear.

  9. 86

    Nani breaks with ease but plays a one-two with Evra and is offside upon the return pass, with the winger upset with Evra as the pass was seemingly meant for Gibson.

  10. 85

    Raul's corner is caught easily by Van der Sar and United break with Schalke intercepting play but Edu gives the ball away on the edge of the area to Evra.

  11. 83

    Evans clears an Uchida cross as Schalke look to finally go back to the tactic that did well for them earlier.

  12. 82

    The ball is in the net for Schalke after Edu viciously strikes from 20 yards forcing a smart save from Van der Sar before Huntelaar is given offside after tapping home the rebound.

  13. 81

    Neuer does well to intercept an Evans ball to Valencia and clear Schalke's lines from deep in his own half, before Valencia regains the ball and plays his first bad cross of the game as it sails over Old Trafford for a throw-in.

  14. 79

    Van der Sar smothes Huntelaar's first shot of the game before United concede a corner which is headed behind by Hunterlaar for a goal-kick.

  15. 78

    Owen strays offside as he latches on to a Nani ball which would have found him one-on-one with Neuer. This could head into double figures the way Schalke are defending now.

  16. 77

    Michael Owen looks to get amongst the goals as he comes on for Berbatov.

  17. 76

    Valencia's ball to Berbatov is sublime as the striker plays in Anderson who has an open goal to pass the ball into. Game over at Old Trafford.

  18. 76

    GOAL! Man United 4 Schalke 1. And they have scored again with Anderson getting his second of the game!

  19. 75

    Teenager Joel Matip comes on for Schalke as Farfan makes way.

  20. 75

    United have dominated the second half and they could conceivably score at least another couple such is the lack of confidence that Schalke are now defending with.

  21. 74

    Fletcher comes on after a two month absence in place of Scholes for Man United.

  22. 72

    Nani does brilliantly as he races into Schalke's box and plays through Anderson who loses possession before doing brilliantly to win it back and rips the ball past Neuer.

  23. 72

    GOAL! Man United 3 Schalke 1. Anderson scores for United!

  24. 71

    The ball is in the net after Berbatov's pass to Smalling ends up in the net, after the defender nearly scuffed it wide from two yards but the linesman blows for offside.

  25. 69

    Klaas-Jan Huntelaar is on as Howedes comes off for Schalke, can the former Real Madrid man score an unlikely hat-trick for the visitors?

  26. 67

    United are happy to sit back as Schalke oddly seem to have abandoned their plan to cross the ball into the box, which caused United so much trouble in the first half, with Edu fouling Evans in the penalty area.

  27. 66

    Schalke pass the ball around nicely but they lack the precision to penetrate United in the centre of the pitch as Draxler gives the ball away to Smalling.

  28. 65

    Gibson plays a tremendous cross-field pass to Nani who finds Evra but the Frenchman's chip into the box is cleared by Uchida.

  29. 64

    Raul is practically a midfielder now as he sits in the half-way line and sets up an attack to which Edu gets into the area and earns a corner off Smalling.

  30. 62

    United are happy to ley Schalke have possession with Farfan getting on the end of a Jurado cross but the winger can only direct his header wide, as the United fans start to get noisier with the Wembley chants reverberating around Old Trafford.

  31. 61

    Anderson charges forward after some good United possession but scuffs his shot which falls safely to Neuer.

  32. 60

    Rafael cannot continue and Evra comes on for the Brazilian.

  33. 59

    Gibson plays a lovely ball out to wide to Valencia who earns a throw-in as Patrice Evra gets ready to come on for United,

  34. 58

    It's a yellow card for Escudero who deliberately caught Scholes on the half-way line.

  35. 57

    Rafael is limping after his challenge with Edu as the Brazilian looks to run off his apparant knee injury.

  36. 56

    Berbatov fouls Jurado from the corner and a free-kick is given with Schalke taking the ball up the other end looking to attack.

  37. 55

    Neuer makes a world class save as Berbatov plays in Anderson whos left foot drive screams for the top right corner before the Schalke keeper palms it away for a corner.

  38. 54

    O'Shea gets forward and floats a cross into thebox which is cleared by Escudero for a corner, which from the resulting ball in Nani is offside after latching onto a Berbatov header.

  39. 53

    Edu is penalised for a tug on Rafael but Schalke's aggression is surely a good thing for Rangnick's side who need to show passion if they are to score the three goals they need.

  40. 52

    United take the corner quickly but Valencia is offside after Nani's return pass.

  41. 51

    Metzelder's header from the corner results in another one but United clear as Valencia charges up the park and earns United a corner off Escudero.

  42. 50

    Ralf Rangnick is clearly trying something different as Schalke look to patiently play the ball in Man United's half rather than try and cross the ball in from the flanks, with Raul's shot falling to Farfan who earns a corner.

  43. 49

    Edu looks lively upon his introduction as he hounds down O'Shea before Schalke are again guilty of being dispossessed too easily through Jurado.

  44. 48

    Raul is playing considerably deeper early on in this half as he was limited against Evans and Smalling throughout the first 45 minutes, as Schalke look to control the midfield battle more effectively.

  45. 46

    There was a substitution at half-time as Edu is now on in place of Baumjohann for Schalke.

  46. 46

    Berbatov tries one of his trademark turns to skip the ball past Uchida but the Japanes right back does well to put the ball out of play.

  47. HALF TIME. Manchester United 2 Schalke 1 (Agg: 4-1). United have struck when it matters as two opening goals through Valencia and Gibson have seemingly ruled out Schalke's chances of winning the tie. Jurado's goal will give the visitors hope and we could be in for a storming second half at Old Trafford. Keep the e-mails coming in to

  48. 45+2

    Jurado expects too much of Raul and O'Shea clears with a header as Schalke are again guilty of losing possession too frequently.

  49. 45+1

    Two minutes of time is added on as Raul's free-kick is cleared by Berbatov.

  50. 45

    Nani wants a free-kick after going down under Metzelder's challenge but play continues and Raul wins a free-kick from Rafael 30 yards from goal.

  51. 43

    United have teamed up to stop Uchida's influence on the right as they intercept a pass to the Japanese full-back and break with Gibson before Schalke win the ball back through Howedes.

  52. 41

    It's an electric pace at Old Trafford with Schalke seemingly resuming their confident start as they press United all over the park, with Anderson earning a yellow card trying to win the ball back from Baumjohann.

  53. 39

    Having looked comfortable up until now, United are on the back foot with Schalke look decidedly more threatening as their crosses into the box are not being dealt with confidently, with Smalling just beating Raul to clear Farfan's corner.

  54. 38

    Scholes is booked for pushing in the wall as Schalke's corner is blocked behind for a corner.

  55. 36

    Gibson catches Escudero late and receives a caution for the tackle.

  56. 34

    Uchida's second ball into the box in a minute is nervously cleared by United and it falls to Jurado who magnificently strikes the ball past Van der Sar. Is this life left in Schalke yet?

  57. 34

    GOAL! Man United 2 Schalke 1. Jose Jurado pulls one back for Schalke!

  58. 32

    They've looked like scoring more and they do through Gibson, whose shot inside the error is thunderous but saved terribly by Neuer, who deflects the ball onto his post and in the net. Bad mistake by the German keeper as Man United put both feet in the final.

  59. 32

    GOAL! Man United 2 Schalke 0. Gibson scores for United!

  60. 30

    United may have nine changes from last week's tie but they look more than capable of scoring a few more as their passing and movement is causing Schalke all kinds of problems, with Anderson being allowed too much space now in the centre of the park.

  61. 28

    Schalke's early good work chasing down United is blown apart as they now definately need three goals to stand a chance of winning without extra-time, with Uchida's cross into the box cleared by Evans.

  62. 26

    Schalke needlessly concedes possession as Gibson picks up the ball and plays through Valencia brilliantly as the winger pokes the ball through Neuer's legs to seemingly seal their passage to the final.

  63. 26

    GOAL! Man United 1 Schale 0. Valencia scores for United!

  64. 25

    Gibson makes a magnificent run into the penalty area and tries to find Berbatov, who keeps the attack going by playing in Nani who earns a corner for United.

  65. 23

    Baumjohann makes a wide challenge on Evans and the midfielder can count himself lucky not to have been booked by referee Proenca.

  66. 22

    Berbatov again torments on the left hand side before crossing into the box with Benedict Howedes clearing out of play.

  67. 20

    Draxler fouls Valencia after a superb ball from Scholes and United earn a free-kick 20 yards from goal.

  68. 19

    Scholes dispossesses Draxler but Schalke are back on the attack with Farfan pulling the strings on the right, forcing Evans into another good interception of a pass to Raul.

  69. 18

    For all Schalke's pressing, United are playing some neat football with Anderson and Berbatov linking up well, before Nani crosses into the box with Neuer claiming well.

  70. 16

    O'Shea makes an adventurous run down the flank and earns a corner which Neuer fails to control but the referee awards a free-kick for the goalkeeper citing a foul from Antonio Valencia.

  71. 15

    Smalling clears as United regain possession with Uchida fouling Paul Scholes after closing down the midfield maestro.

  72. 14

    Rafael concedes a corner as Schalke already look more threatening in this opening period than in the whole of the first leg.

  73. 13

    Berbatov does brilliantly as the Premier League's leading marksman escapes the challenges of Metzelder and Uchida before trying to cross into the box, with Neuer intercepting.

  74. 12

    Gibson is keen to carry on and looks as if he will continue as he hobbles off the pitch.

  75. 11

    The stretcher is on in worrying scenes at Old Trafford as Gibson looks in serious distress after appearing to take the full momentum of Farfan's run in his chest.

  76. 10

    Dimitar Berbatov concedes a free-kick on Atsuro Uchida before Gibson goes down in agony after a collision with Farfan.

  77. 8

    Farfan does well to set himself up for a shot, but with time to shoot he rushes his shot and drives the ball wide. Moments later, Smalling is forced to use his pace to escape the pressure of Raul and Alexander Baumjohann.

  78. 7

    Schalke have been the game full of life as they close down every United player with the ball forcing a throw-in after O'Shea is hounded down by Farfan.

  79. 5

    United hound down Draxler well, as Anderson plays in Nani whose great feet create a shooting opportunity. The ball goes out for a corner which Christoph Metzelder clears.

  80. 5

    Raul tries a delicate chip into Farfan but Jonny Evans reads it and cuts out the pass down the line to the winger.

  81. 4

    Sergio Escudero does well on the left touchline before whipping in a cross which is cleared by Chris Smalling. Good, pacey start to the game at Old Trafford.

  82. 3

    Schalke clear and Jefferson Farfan looks to bomb up the right wing before United intercept possession, with Darron Gibson searching for Nani who strays offside.

  83. 2

    Kyriakos Papadopouls fouls Nani and Man United win a corner from the resulting free-kick.

  84. 1

    Schalke press early as Raul and Julian Draxler hound down Edwin van der Sar forcing the United keeper into a hurried clearance.

  85. Manchester United are favourites to win the tie according to Sky Bet, who make the Red Devils 4/7 to win at Old Trafford. A Schalke win is avaliable at 11/2 while a draw at full time is placed at 11/4.

  86. Manchester United: Van der Sar, Rafael, Smalling, Evans, O'Shea, Gibson, Scholes, Anderson, Nani, Valencia, Berbatov. Subs: Kuszczak, Evra, Owen, Giggs, Hernandez, Vidic, Fletcher.

  87. Schalke: Neuer, Uchida, Howedes, Metzelder, Escudero, Papadopoulos, Jurado, Farfan, Baumjohann, Draxler, Raul. Subs: Schober, Sarpei, Edu, Schmitz, Karimi, Huntelaar, Matip.

  88. Referee: Pedro Proenca.

  89. Welcome to live coverage of tonight's Champions League semi-final second leg between Manchester United and Schalke at Old Trafford. United lead 2-0 from last week's clash at the AufSchalke Arena but they will be wary of Schalke's attacking threat after scoring five goals at the San Siro last month. Teams will be uploaded shortly and kick off is at 1945. Send all your e-mails on the night's game to



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