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UEFA Champions League

White Hart Lane (ATT 34,320) 9th March 2011 - Kick off 19:45 Ref: F De Bleeckere

Tottenham Tottenham Hotspur vs AC Milan AC Milan

Tottenham (1) 0


AC Milan (0) 0

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 9:35 pm, March 9th 2011

  1. 90+3

    The final whistle blows! Spurs have held on against a vastly-improved Milan side to secure a place in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. "Are you watching, Arsenal?" is the chant echoing around an ecstatic White Hart Lane.

  2. 90+3

    Spurs win a corner, and that should be that. Tottenham are heading to the last eight of the Champions League.

  3. 90+3

    Thirty seconds remaining, and Spurs have the ball where they want it: deep in Milan territory.

  4. 90+3

    Pavlyuchenko draws a foul from Nesta as the clock ticks round to 92.

  5. 90+2

    The whistle blows as the corner comes in. Free-kick to Spurs. Only 90 seconds left to play.

  6. 90+1

    Wonderful give and go between Robinho and Ibrahimovic ends with the former flashing a shot goalwards that spins over the bar via a last-ditch Spurs challenge. Corner kick.

  7. 90+1

    Lennon wins a throw in the corner, but Spurs immediately give the ball back to Milan.

  8. 90+1

    There will be at least three added minutes. Best Spurs could've hoped for.

  9. 90

    Pavlyuchenko flagged offside. We're into the last minute...

  10. 89

    Pato fouls Assou-Ekotto on the halfway line. More time ebbs away for Milan.

  11. 88

    Pato goes for goal from 35 yards and never threatens the target. Roars of relief from the home fans who launch into a loud but nervous chorus of "Super Tottenham".

  12. 88

    Merkel's hopeful long ball forward is gathered by Gomes.

  13. 87

    Flamini makes way for Strasser. I assume the boos are for the former.

  14. 87

    Antonini's cross from the left finds only Dawson, and Sandro gets a foot in to deny Pato.

  15. 86

    Sandro kills a few more seconds in the corner, but Milan emerge with the ball.

  16. 86

    Modric's corner is cleared by Nesta; Spurs have the throw.

  17. 85

    Modric wins a corner to eat up a few more vital seconds. Gallas and Dawson stay at home...

  18. 84

    Pavlyuchenko's persistence wins Spurs a throw on the left. Nesta wanted a foul, but doesn't get it. Good work from the Spurs sub.

  19. 83

    No sooner do Spurs make their final substitution than Corluka goes down clutching his ankle after being bundled over by Pato. He's gingerly back to his feet and will carry on.

  20. 83

    The hard-working Crouch makes way for Pavlyuchenko for the closing minutes.

  21. 82

    Spurs defending deeper and deeper and deeper. The bus is parked. After all their swashbuckling in the tournament so far, ten minutes of stout defiance is the order of the night now.

  22. 81

    Spurs smuggle the corner clear, but the ball is still with Milan.

  23. 81

    Antonini's teasing cross from the left is turned behind for a corner by Dawson.

  24. 80

    Space for Corluka on the right, but he slices his cross straight to Abbiati.

  25. 79

    Decent spell of possession for Spurs on the left, but Bale is clearly nowhere near fit. Couple of times when he would normally have put his head down and run he checks back.

  26. 78

    So close! Merkel tees up Pato who gets his shot away in a flash and fizzes it just wide of the upright with Gomes beaten. Some of the Milan fans thought that was in as the side-netting rippled.

  27. 77

    Not for the first time tonight, Sandro makes the vital interception to clear the danger for Spurs. Been superb in both legs of this tie.

  28. 76

    Merkel replaces Boateng for Milan.

  29. 76

    Into the last 15 minutes, and as things stand Spurs are heading through. These minutes are going to tick by so slowly now for the home fans.

  30. 75

    Antonini charges down Lennon's cross. Hits him on the elbow, Spurs appeal for a penalty, but there was so little distance between the players it would've been harsh. Certainly no intent.

  31. 74

    Bale gets on the ball for the first time out on the left, but he can't shake off the attentions of three Milan players.

  32. 73

    Dawson gets across Pato to clear as Ibrahimovic looks to play his strike-partner in.

  33. 71

    Spurs try to work the free-kick to Lennon, but Seedorf anticipates the plan and makes a timely interception. Nice idea from Spurs, and it almost came off.

  34. 70

    Antonini replaces Jankulovski for Milan; Jenas replaces Pienaar for Spurs, who have a free-kick out on the right.

  35. 69

    Pienaar gets in a cross from the right, but Milan are well aware of the Crouch-to-the-back-post tactic now and deal with it easily enough.

  36. 68

    Bale is greeted to the field by a foul from... Flamini.

  37. 67

    Bale comes on in place of Van der Vaart, who has looked like a player coming back from a few weeks out tonight. Not at his best.

  38. 66

    Another brainwave from Gomes puts Spurs under pressure, as he throws the ball straight back to Milan. Pato's shot is half-saved by Gomes who tries to scramble the ball away and is relieved to see Robinho scuff the ball wide.

  39. 65

    Nothing comes from the free-kick. Bale about to come on for Spurs.

  40. 64

    Pato charges down the free-kick, and gets booked for not being 10 yards back.

  41. 63

    Public enemy number one Flamini picks up a caution for another dangerous lunge. Assou-Ekotto the player on the receiving end this time. White Hart Lane not happy with foul or punishment, but it was nowhere near as bad as the hack on Corluka in the San Siro.

  42. 62

    Spurs try to work something on the left through Pienaar, Modric and Assou-Ekotto but there's no way through.

  43. 61

    Sandro gives the ball away to Robinho in a dangerous area, and he tees up Pato. His shot deflects into the path of Ibrahimovic who is as far offside here as Assou-Ekotto was onside moments earlier.

  44. 60

    Crouch tries to make something of an unhelpful long punt from Corluka and is penalised for a foul on Nesta.

  45. 59

    Astonishing decision from the linesman, flagging Assou-Ekotto offside when Thiago Silva in the centre was playing the Spurs left-back onside by a couple of yards. Shame; Spurs had worked a decent position there.

  46. 58

    Dawson heads wide from the corner under pressure from three Milan defenders.

  47. 57

    Lennon just starting to get a bit more joy since the break. Again he's looking for Crouch, but Seedorf intercepts. The ball seemed to hit Seedorf's hand after his initial control with the thigh, but only a corner is given despite the official behind the goalline being very close to the incident. Certainly more in that one than the Thiago Silva one a few minutes earlier.

  48. 57

    Another cross from Lennon on the right, and Crouch (who else?) does well to keep the ball in the danger area, but Modric can't get there.

  49. 56

    Crouch gets on the end of another cross but can't do anything more than guide the ball to Abbiati. Spurs a bit one-dimensional going forward tonight.

  50. 54

    Bale still warming up on the touchline, as he has been for much of the night. Fascinating to see how long Redknapp is prepared to risk him for tonight.

  51. 53

    Van der Vaart's cross finds Crouch, but he's penalised for climbing on Seedorf before knocking the ball down for the run of Pienaar. The deep cross to Crouch at the far post remains very much Spurs' Plan A tonight.

  52. 52

    Pato's shot is blocked by Dawson, and Flamini drags his follow-up effort wide. Nice run from Pato to create that chance.

  53. 51

    Lennon gets one-on-one with Jankulovski for once and gets past him to cross. But the ball never reaches Crouch at the back post.

  54. 50

    Lennon jinks into the penalty area but is denied by Thiago Silva. Optimistic shouts for handball from the Paxton Road faithful go unheard. The ball did bounce up and strike the defender's hand, but there was no intention. That would've been unbelievably harsh.

  55. 48

    Lennon sets off on a break for Spurs, but he's brought down by a sliding Jankulovski who becomes the first player to have his name taken by the referee. Cynical foul, and it might just curb his forward forays.

  56. 48

    Another good overlapping run from Abate is picked out by Robinho, but the low cross is cleared by Sandro.

  57. 47

    A promising Milan break is halted by what might be charitably termed a 'tactical foul' on halfway.

  58. 46

    Glorious chance for Spurs in the opening minute of the half. Wonderful left-footed cross from Lennon finds Crouch in space at the back post, but he makes a complete mess of his header as he gets caught between going for goal or teeing up Van der Vaart. Should've gone all out for goal there.

  59. 46

    Tottenham get the second half under way. No changes in personnel.

  60. Tense times for Andy, who's halfway to nailing his 0-0 prediction. The 7-1 shout looks to be in trouble.

  61. 45+2

    The half-time whistle blows to give Spurs' players and fans alike a 15-minute breather on what now looks like being a nervy old night at the Lane. Spurs still have their 1-0 advantage. But only just.

  62. 45+1

    Assou-Ekotto's clearance arcs out of play as the added minute elapses. Throw to Milan, but doubtful they'll have time to take it.

  63. 45+1

    Just one added minute to play as Assou-Ekotto smashes a shot well wide of the target from 30 yards,

  64. 45

    Lennon has two for company as he tries to find room for a cross on the right, and is tackled by Jankulovski. Looked like the ball ricocheted out off the Spurs man, but it's a throw-in to the home side.

  65. 44

    Bit of possession for Spurs as time ticks away in this opening period.

  66. 43

    Superb defending by Gallas to ease Pato off the ball and then instigate a Spurs break. Van der Vaart finds himself isolated, though, and the attack comes to nothing. Spurs will be happy to hear the half-time whistle here.

  67. 42

    Not for the first time tonight, Sandro fouls Boateng. The Brazil international urged to calm down by the referee.

  68. 41

    Abate digs out a great cross from the right that Gomes claws away from under his crossbar. Ibrahimovic picks up the loose ball and tees up Boateng, but his shot is blocked.

  69. 41

    The corner is cleared, but Pienaar's hopeful long ball asks far too much of Van der Vaart.

  70. 40

    Lennon this time forced to make a challenge at the expense of a corner.

  71. 40

    Gallas on the stretch to prevent Ibrahimovic teeing up Pato. Not quite one-way traffic, but no doubt which team is making more of the running.

  72. 39

    Three white shirts and no red-and-black ones contest Abate's cross and don't deal with it as safely and effectively as they could've done. Milan throw right in the corner.

  73. 38

    Pienaar finds Van der Vaart in space, but his cross intended for Crouch is well met by Thiago Silva. Crouch then penalised for barging into the defender.

  74. 37

    Decent hit by Van der Vaart 25 yards from goal, but Abbiati gets everything behind it and gathers safely.

  75. 36

    Modric's cross to the far post is knocked down to Pienaar by that man Crouch, but the South African can't bring the ball under control.

  76. 35

    Long, controlled spell of possession for Milan ends with Corluka making an interception and getting the ball away to Pienaar, but he's not on the same wavelength as Van der Vaart and the move breaks down.

  77. 34

    Spurs are hanging on here, struggling even to get a foot on the ball or get out of their own half.

  78. 33

    Pato wrongly flagged offside as Seedorf chips the ball through.

  79. 32

    Lovely move from Milan ends with Ibrahimovic slipping in Pato, whose shot from a tight angle is parried by Gomes and hacked clear by Assou-Ekotto. This quick-moving, incisive Milan side a world away from the soporific one-paced outfit we saw three weeks ago.

  80. 31

    Van der Vaart's effort from the free-kick never quite has enough dip to get back under the crossbar and flicks the roof of the net. Abbiati probably had it covered anyway.

  81. 30

    Spurs free-kick 30 yards from goal as Seedorf is harshly penalised for a firm but fair challenge.

  82. 30

    The corner comes to nothing as Ibrahimovic heads clear.

  83. 29

    A rare forward foray from Spurs, and Modric wins a corner.

  84. 28

    Ibrahimovic blazes the free-kick high over the bar. Still rising when it hits the Paxton Road upper tier.

  85. 27

    Robinho goes down theatrically holding his face after being caught by Sandro. Over-the-top reaction, but a clear foul and yet another set-piece chance for Milan. Spurs really under the cosh here.

  86. 26

    Lucky escape for Spurs. Gomes comes flying off his line and is beaten to the ball by Pato. He rounds the Spurs keeper and plays the ball back across goal for Robinho, whose scuffed shot is hacked off the line by Gallas.

  87. 25

    Abate's marauding run down the right creates another good situation for Milan, but when the cross eventually comes in from Pato Dawson is on hand to head clear.

  88. 24

    Robinho turns and shoots on the edge of the box but skews his effort high and wide. Visitors are on top here.

  89. 23

    Crouch clears the original free-kick, but Milan soon break again through Robinho on the right. He squares the ball for Pato, whose shot is blocked.

  90. 23

    Another foul on Boateng, by Lennon this time. Another set-piece chance for Milan.

  91. 22

    Nesta in all sorts of trouble contesting a high ball with Crouch, but the referee gives a foul for minimal contact from the big striker, who then turns and fires the ball goalwards. Robin van Persie will be interested to note no card was shown.

  92. 21

    Spurs' corner is cleared and Milan have the chance to break but they make a mess of it and Assou-Ekotto regains possession for Spurs.

  93. 20

    Crouch again the target for a deep cross, but Nesta heads it out to van der Vaart. He volleys goalwards, and the ball spins behind for a corner off a Milan leg.

  94. 20

    Van der Vaart finds himself crowded out in midfield, but keeps the ball with some nimble footwork before successfully drawing a foul.

  95. 19

    Pienaar's cross from deep is nodded across goal by Crouch, but he can't find Van der Vaart. Spurs appeal for a corner, but a goal-kick is given.

  96. 18

    Modric gives the ball away in a promising position, but the Milan counter is well snuffed out by Sandro.

  97. 17

    Gallas brings the ball confidently out of defence to give Spurs a breather.

  98. 16

    Pato's corner is aimed at Boateng, who is penalised for climbing on the back of the Spurs defenders. Bright start from Milan, though. They've had the better of the opening exchanges.

  99. 16

    Fine strike from Ibrahimovic, but Gomes is quickly across his goal to beat the ball behind for a corner.

  100. 15

    Nervy stuff from Spurs as Gomes is given two horrible backpasses to deal with in quick succession. His sliced clearance from the second finds Boateng, who is fouled by Sandro. Free-kick 30 yards from goal on the left.

  101. 14

    Pato whips the free-kick in low and Sandro clears, An offside flag goes up against Jankulovski as the ball is helped forward. Marginal call that - looks level on the replays. The pass was intercepted anyway.

  102. 13

    Assou-Ekotto clumsily hauls down Robinho to concede a dangerous free-kick wide on the right for Milan.

  103. 13

    Good reading of the game from Thiago Silva as he comes across to intercept Corluka's pass for Lennon.

  104. 12

    Seedorf looks to pick out Pato's run on the left but overplays the ball. Spurs throw.

  105. 11

    Wasted by Van der Vaart, who puts the ball straight out of play as he aims for Crouch.

  106. 11

    Free-kick for Spurs just inside the Milan half.

  107. 10

    Flamini on the ball for the first time, and met by the inevitable chorus of boos. Good spell of possession for Milan, though, which comes to a disappointing end as Jankulovski puts his cross onto the roof of the net.

  108. 9

    Robinho and Pato look to plot a course through the Spurs defence, but Dawson gets a foot in to clear.

  109. 9

    Boateng wins a free-kick on the halfway after being caught on the ankle by Sandro.

  110. 7

    Crouch almost nods Assou-Ekotto's cross into the path of Van der Vaart, but Milan get the ball back and break at pace. Sandro gets a vital foot in to snuff out the threat, but another warning for Spurs. The home side certainly not sitting on their 1-0 lead here...

  111. 6

    Good pressure from Spurs wins the ball back from Milan in midfield. Fast start, inevitably.

  112. 5

    Breathless start to the game here. Pato breaks down the left and fizzes a dangerous ball across the Spurs six-yard line, but there's no-one in red and black to apply the finishing touch.

  113. 4

    Modric finds Lennon in acres on the right. his floated cross to the back post is nodded back across goal by Crouch, but Abbiati gets to the ball before Van der Vaart. Crouch felt he was being held, Abbiati felt he got a kick. Temperatures rising already.

  114. 4

    Milan try a short-corner routine. It doesn't work.

  115. 3

    Wonderful ball from Seedorf to pick out Ibrahimovic, who brings the ball down on his chest but can't prevent Dawson getting a foot in to turn the ball behind for a corner. Warning for Spurs, though. Milan prepared to be direct here.

  116. 2

    First chance for Spurs. Pienaar cuts in from the left and picks out Van der Vaart in space 20 yards from goal, but he stabs his shot wide of the target after a slightly slack first touch.

  117. 1

    Ibrahimovic flagged offside as Milan look long in the opening minute.

  118. 1

    Milan get us under way at White Hart Lane.

  119. Predictably, there's a sensational atmosphere within the Lane. Kick-off less than five minutes away now.

  120. "ARE YOU WATCHING, WENGER?" reads a banner at White Hart Lane. Don't get cocky just yet, lads...

  121. Cliche alert: you all know it, but I'm going to say it anyway. First goal so important tonight. If Spurs get it, it's all good. If Milan get it, this will get terribly nervy. Tottenham have generally been good for an early WHL goal in the Champions League this term, obliging within 20 minutes three times out of four so far.

  122. Full team news is in. Rafael van der Vaart is fit to start for Spurs, as is Vedran Corluka after being on the wrong end of Mathieu Flamini's reducer in Milan three weeks ago. Alongside Bale on the Spurs bench is Ledley King. Former Spur Kevin Prince Boateng starts in an attack-minded Milan side boasting a front three of Pato, Robinho and Ibrahimovic.

  123. Tottenham: Gomes; Corluka, Gallas, Dawson, Assou-Ekotto; Lennon, Sandro, Modric, Pienaar; Van der Vaart; Crouch. Subs: Cudicini, Bale, Hutton, King, Jenas, Defoe, Pavlyuchenko.

  124. AC Milan: Abbiati; Abate, Nesta, Thiago Silva, Jankulovski; Boateng, Flamini, Seedorf; Pato, Ibrahimovic, Robinho. Subs: Amelia, Strasser, Papastathopoulos, Oddo, Merkel, Yepes, Antonini.

  125. Early team news reaching us, and it's bad news for Spurs: Gareth Bale is only fit enough for a spot on the bench. Full team news to follow shortly.

  126. Welcome to our live coverage of this huge game at White Hart Lane. Spurs, remember, have that precious 1-0 lead earned by Peter Crouch's late winner in the San Siro.



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