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European Under-21 Championship Qualifying

(ATT 6,247) 12th October 2010 - Kick off 12:30 Ref: F Fautrel

Romania U21 Romania U21 vs England U21 England U21

Romania U21 (1) 0


England U21 (2) 0

Live Commentary

Last Updated at 2:31 pm, October 12th 2010

  1. I hope you enjoyed the coverage. I'll see you next time.

  2. So the Young Lions qualify for Denmark's European Championships next year. It was a performance full of heart and Stuart Pearce's side defended stoutly.

  3. The full-time whistle goes! England are through!

  4. 90+5

    Torje whips in a low ball and it flashes all the way across goal after a glancing header, but no-one diverts it in!

  5. 90+4

    Jones plays himself into trouble and the result is a Romania corner. The keeper stays back as Torje prepares to take this set piece.

  6. 90+3

    England throw-in in the left-back position and they are in no hurry to take it.

  7. 90+2

    Long throw launched into the box by Romania but it is headed clear. The cross comes in but it flies behind everybody.

  8. 90+1

    Four minutes of added time to be played in Romania.

  9. 90

    England sub: Welbeck off, Delfouneso on.

  10. 89

    England are standing tall and the defence are heading clear everything thrown at them.

  11. 88

    Sburlea chips a ball to the back post and Bicfalvi tries a spectacular overhead-kick...but he doesn't get enough on it.

  12. 87

    Fielding comes to claim the corner but he drops it!...luckily for him it is smacked clear by the defence.

  13. 86

    Romania have yet to create a clear-cut chance in this second period really, but Smalling is forced to concede another corner.

  14. 85

    Welbeck receives treatment after that challenge but all this time will be added on after the final whistle.

  15. 84

    Great challenge from Gaman with Welbeck slid through by Cork...he had to make that challenge and it was timed brilliantly.

  16. 83

    Substitute Gingioveanu wins the corner off Jones but the ball is absolutely woeful and runs all the way out for a throw on the other side of the pitch.

  17. 82

    So a defensive midfielder is brought on for the more attacking Rose. Pearce sets his stall out.

  18. 81

    England sub: Cork on, Rose off.

  19. 80

    Just over 10 minutes to go and England are within touching distance of the finals!

  20. 79

    Romania are beginning to put a bit of pressure on and Mancienne wins a corner. Great header away from Danny Rose.

  21. 78

    Long range effort from Barboianu...saved comfortably by Fielding. It would have been spectacular to beat the keeper from there.

  22. 77

    Romania sub: Hora off, Gingioveanu on.

  23. 75

    Rusescu drives into the right side of the area and has a pop from a tight angle...over the bar.

  24. 74

    At the other end Chiriches has a crack from way out, but the centre-half's effort is poor and flies well over.

  25. 73

    Dangerous free-kick for England which is whipped into the box, and without touching anybody, is turned away by Lung!

  26. 72

    Corner to England and Cleverley brings to the referee's attention that something may have been thrown by the crowd, but the ref sends him away.

  27. 70

    Nearly a disaster for Fielding! A long range effort came in from Sburlea and the keeper fumbled it in what looked like a Robert Green-style howler...but luckily he claimed it at the second attempt!

  28. 69

    Tom Cleverley is booked for a rash challenge down the right.

  29. 68

    Not long to go now and as things stand England will be competing in Denmark next year. Can they hold on?

  30. 67

    Cleverley has a free-kick in the Romania half but his cross is terrible and flies well over everyone and out.

  31. 66

    Free-kick launched long from Romania into the opposition penalty area but Papp is penalised for a shove and it's more respite for England.

  32. 65

    Jones takes a quick free-kick and Cleverley goes down after beating two men, but the referee says no foul.

  33. 64

    The corner is taken short and then driven in low, but it is never in any danger of troubling the defence.

  34. Sturridge is booked by the referee for timewasting as he goes off.

  35. 63

    England sub: Sturridge off, Lansbury on.

  36. 62

    Romania sub: Rapa off, Chiriches on.

  37. 61

    Sburlea tries a speculative effort from way, way out...turned behind by Fielding.

  38. 60

    Danny Rose puts in another disappointing cross from the left. He has got in some good positions but the final ball has let him down too often.

  39. 59

    Sturridge is receiving some treatment on his ankle after a strong challenge.

  40. 58

    The pace of the game has slowed slightly and both sides are waiting to see who will strike next.

  41. 57

    Danny Rose hits a low ball into the area from the left but it is too far in front of the onrushing strikers and runs out of play.

  42. 56

    I wonder if Stuart Pearce will consider making a tactical change at any point - remember, a Romania goal could put England out of the competition.

  43. 54

    Rapa sprays a crossfield pass to Torje who tries a spectacular volley from way out...but he doesn't catch it right and it runs out for a goal-kick.

  44. 53

    Bertrand does really well to win the throw-in off Sburlea when the attacker looked favourite to whip a ball in the box.

  45. 52

    Cleverley scraps well down the left and pulls it back to the edge of the area, but Romania get back in numbers and manage to avert the danger.

  46. 50

    Just confirmation that Danny Rose was yellow carded for a handball in the first-half.

  47. 49

    Romania have started the half on top as they search for that crucial goal.

  48. 48

    Torje has a strike from the set piece...straight at the wall. That was a poor effort and his worst of the afternoon so far.

  49. 47

    Clumsy challenge from Muamba on Bicfalvi on the edge of the area and Romania have a dangerous free-kick now.

  50. 46

    Gardos has an early effort from outside the box but it is never in danger of troubling the goalkeeper and flies wide.

  51. 46

    The game gets underway once more.

  52. So at the moment England are going through - remember they won the first leg 2-1.

  53. The referee calls time on an entertaining first-half. 0-0 at the break.

  54. 45+1

    Phil Jones comes across and he reads the game well to smack clear inside his own box.

  55. 45

    One minute of added time to be played.

  56. 45

    Let off for Fielding! A first-time ball is put in behind the England defence and the bounce holds it up in the turf. Fielding waits until slicing the ball high when under pressure from the striker.

  57. 44

    Pressure from Romania and a low cross comes in, but this time England clear well. They seem to have weathered the storm.

  58. 43

    The free-kick is then driven in by Torje, it dips at the last and then kicks-up off the turf and looks to be heading in...but Fielding tips it wide!

  59. 42

    Yellow card to Mancienne after a pull-back on Torje.

  60. 41

    England need more of a physical presence up front, although the pace of Sturridge has been a threat.

  61. 40

    Handball by Danny Rose on the touchline and Romania pump it into the box, headed clear well be Mancienne.

  62. 39

    Shot now from Rapa on the edge of the area, but the full-back's strike didn't have enough pace to beat Fielding.

  63. 38

    Just as I say that Fielding palms away a stinging Torje effort back into the danger area, it is squared to Alexe who has a glorious opportunity...but he is off balance and skies his effort high over the bar.

  64. 37

    The crowd have certainly quietened down and that's all credit to the England players, who have defended well.

  65. 36

    England press down the left but Henderson can't quite get the ball under control and Romania clear.

  66. 35

    So 10 minutes until the break and Stuart Pearce will be relatively happy with the performance, a goal would be handy though.

  67. 34

    Rose dribbles forward and uses trickery to hit a shot and win a corner. Cleverley's cross is easily cleared at the front post though.

  68. 33

    From the throw Bertand lifts a threatening cross into the box...Cleverley got in front of his man but took his eye of the ball and didn't get a good connection with his effort.

  69. 31

    Sturridge is caught by Papp but is okay to continue as Danny Rose wins a thrown down the left flank.

  70. 30

    Danny Rose advances down the left well and puts a ball into the box, but it can't find a white shirt and Romania can break through Alexe...he whips in a good cross, but it's cleared.

  71. 29

    Remember a 0-0 would be good enough for England here, but I've got a feeling it won't be goalless at full-time.

  72. 28

    Good defending from Mancienne on Torje, and the Romanian attacker goes down after a flailing arm caught him in the face. Nothing dangerous though.

  73. 27

    This has been a really competitive encounter so far - both sides look impressive and deserve to go to the finals in Denmark - who will prevail though?

  74. 25

    Bertrand lifts a free-kick over for Welbeck and the flag had gone up for offside well before he stuck the ball into the net - the referee ticks him off.

  75. 24

    Torje is slipped through after great work in midfield, but the flag goes up for offside and England breathe a sigh of relief.

  76. 23

    Romania do look a threat from set pieces and crosses - the England defence will have to be on their toes.

  77. 22

    Torje sticks it to the backpost with a great delivery and all it needed was a touch, but England manage to scramble it clear.

  78. 21

    Handball against Cleverley down the right and Romania have the chance to whip in a dangerous cross.

  79. 20

    Great ball in from Sburlea down the right, who volleyed it across goal into the danger area. But unfortunately for the home side, Torje didn't read it.

  80. 19

    So both sides have looked sharp in attack, but England really should be in front in Botosani. Can Romania make them pay for those missed chances?

  81. 17

    Torje steps up and strikes a curler...over the bar!

  82. 16

    Romania have a free-kick in a dangerous position now after Chris Smalling was penalised for a high boot.

  83. 15

    Great chance Sturridge saved by the keeper! The striker was played in one-on-one but did not get great contract on the effort...he should have done better.

  84. 14

    Cleverley does well to advance down the right but his cross bounces back of him and out for a goal-kick.

  85. 13

    The surface looks like it could be causing some problems out there, with the ball holding up in a number of areas.

  86. 12

    Mancienne knocks it back to the goalkeeper and Fielding is put under real pressure, but manages to get the ball out from under his feet and smack clear in the nick of time.

  87. 11

    The home side are pushing once more but Torje slices his cross straight out of play.

  88. 10

    Cleverley whips in a great ball and the keeper comes out but Phil Jones nicks in before him....but he can't get anything on it and the ball flies out for a goal-kick.

  89. 9

    Free-kick down the left for England after Rapa fouled Danny Welbeck.

  90. 8

    Great effort Sturridge....saved well by Lung! Nice counter from England and the Chelsea man ghosted past the defender to hit a shot across goal, palmed out by the keeper.

  91. 7

    Respite for England now as they have a free-kick in the corner after Bertrand was fouled by Torje.

  92. 6

    Real pressure from Romania now. First Frank Fielding makes a hash of his clearance and concedes a throw, and then a first-time shot comes in from Sburlea...over the bar.

  93. 5

    Smalling knocks the ball long and Welbeck almost gets free inside the box to hit a shot, but he is thwarted at the last. Romania break quickly and attack down the right, but the ball flies over the bar for a goal-kick.

  94. 4

    The Young Lions have yet to settle on the ball and the pace of the game has been relentless so far. Sturridge is then fouled by Sburlea in the middle of the park.

  95. 3

    Alexe bursts down the right but the cross is gathered in the box by goalkeeper Fielding. The home side have started brightly here.

  96. 2

    From the resulting corner England are awarded a free-kick in the box and they can regroup now.

  97. 1

    Immediately England are on the back-foot and Sburlea has a crack from the right...tipped wide by Fielding!

  98. 1

    The game gets underway in Romania.

  99. The teams emerge from the tunnel and we are ready to go in Botosani.

  100. I'm particularly looking forward to seeing Jordan Henderson in action today - he was very influencial on Friday. Jack Wilshere is with the full squad remember, so Daniel Sturridge has the chance to shine.

  101. So, a place in the Denmark finals are at stake this afternoon, can England qualify for their third successive major tournament?

  102. Fancy a bet on the game? SKYBET have priced an England win at 6/5, a Romania triumph is 15/8, while the draw is 11/5.

  103. The referee today is Fredy Fautrel (France).

  104. England U21s: Fielding, Mancienne, Smalling, Jones, Bertrand, Rose, Muamba, Cleverley, Henderson, Welbeck, Sturridge. Subs: Loach, Lansbury, Kelly, Cork, Walker, Trippier, Delfouneso.

  105. Romania U21s: Lung, Rapa, Papp, Barboianu, Gaman, Gardos, Hora, Bicfalvi, Alexe, Torje, Sburlea. Subs: Lungu, Chiriches, Rusescu, Ilie, Neagu, Ionescu, Gingioveanu.

  106. Here are the teams...

  107. It promises to be an exciting encounter as Romania have a crucial away goal thanks to Ryan Bertrand's unfortunate own goal last Friday. But efforts from Chris Smalling and Jordan Henderson have put Stuart Pearce's men in the driving seat.

  108. The Young Lions take a slender 2-1 lead into the second leg clash, which kicks-off at 12.30pm.

  109. Hi there and welcome to our live text commentary of Romania Under-21s vs England Under 21s in a crunch European Championsips qualifying clash.

  110. Live updates will appear here from 1230 BST.


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