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UEFA Champions League

Old Trafford (ATT 74,513) 7th December 2010 - Kick off 19:45 Ref: P Proenca

Man Utd Manchester United vs Valencia Valencia

Man Utd 1

Anderson (62)


Valencia 1

P Hernandez (32)

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Live Commentary

Last Updated at 9:46 pm, December 7th 2010

  1. OK folks, thanks for your input tonight, good stuff as usual. The 1-1 draw means United finish top of Group C ensuring they will avoid Barcelona and Real Madrid in the knockout stage.

  2. 90 + 4

    Feghouli eventually sends in a cross which is flicked out to the far side by Smalling as the full-time whistle goes.

  3. 90 + 3

    Valencia seem content with a draw as they stroll about patiently. Vidic heads out a cross but Valencia are starting to press.

  4. 90 + 1

    United just playing keep-ball as the announcer decrees three minutes extra to be played. Rooney loses possession and Valenci look to build an attack.

  5. 90

    Darren Fletcher comes on for Anderson, who has certainlty put a shift in tonight.

  6. 89

    Park intercepts Mathieu's intended through-ball and bursts forward. He plays the ball out to Berbatov but the two aren't on the same wavelength as the Bulgarian goes he wrong way.

  7. 88

    Another poor clearance by Smalling but United soon recover possession after Juan Mata overruns the ball.

  8. 87

    Great play by Giggs, who gets past Albelda and his right-footed cross is half-cleared by the fist of Guaita.

  9. 85

    Rafael is furious that he isn't awarded a throw-in but United soon get the ball back and switch the play right but Rooney loses possession.

  10. 84

    Costa doesn't need a stretcher but limps off and looks as though he'll be OK to continue.

  11. 83

    Park breaks forward and just pushes the ball too far in front of him and he catches Ricard Costa, who needs treatment.

  12. 82

    Rooney comes deep and is playing in a holding midfield role at the moment. Fabio makes a mistake and loses the ball but United are soon back in possession.

  13. 81

    Pablo Hernandez comes off for Sofiane Feghouli.

  14. 81

    Anderson is fouled and that gives Giggs the chance to come on for Nani, who has been patchy tonight.

  15. 80

    Looks like Giggs might get a run-out for the last 10 minutes,

  16. 79

    Amos races out of goal to gather and then is urged by the United fans to throw it out to Rooney but the young keeper doesn't spot him.

  17. 78

    Miguel is booked for a foul on Rooney, who later delivers a brilliant ball to Berbatov, but his touch lets him down. It's just not Berba's night tonight.

  18. 77

    Nani plays a suicidal pass to Smallingm who is robbed on the edge of the area by Aduriz, who fortunaley shoots straight at Amos.

  19. 76

    Fiece challenge by Ever Banega on park but it's a throw to Valencia midway inside the visitors' half.

  20. 75

    Park plays a one-two with Rooney and tries to stab the ball towards Berbatov, who would have been offside if the pass hadn't been cut out by a defender.

  21. 74

    Berbatov finds space on the left but is flagged offside.

  22. 73

    Vidic does well to win a header from Isco. Moments later Fabio clatters into Juan Mata and is lucky not to concede a penalty. Isco then slices a shot wide from 25 yards.

  23. 72

    Anderson launches an attack with a great ball to Berbatov, who earns his side a corner. Nani delivers a cross to the near post but it's headed clear.

  24. 70

    Comfortably the worst shot of the match goes to Miguel, who latches on to a loose ball and shoots towards Neptune.

  25. 69

    Another chance for Valencia as Juan Mato crosses to the far post where Aduriz takes a touch but slices his shot woefully wide. Should have taken a leaf out of Anderson's book there, ahem...

  26. 67

    Jordi Alba is replaced by Juan Mata.

  27. 66

    Rooney backheels the ball into the path of Berbatov, who shapes up to shoot and forces a great save by Guaita.

  28. 64

    Albelda has a pop from 25 yards but Amos makes a comfortable save.

  29. 63

    I knew that if I criticised Anderson enough he would score.

  30. 62

    GOAL ANDERSON! Rooney in the thick of the action as he stings the fingers of Guaita from distance. Rafael goes on a run and passes the ball out to Park, whose powerful shot is parried by Guaita but forced in by Anderson!

  31. 61

    United break quickly as Berbatov releases Park, who cuts past two defenders on the edge of the box before he slips it to Rooney. The striker just shoots wide of the post but the ball was always going away from Rooney.

  32. 60

    Berbatov loses possession but the loose ball runs to Fabio, who is chopped down by Albelda. He is cautioned and will miss the next CL game.

  33. 58

    Aduriz spins away from his defender and meets Pablo's corner on the volley but Amos makes a good save.

  34. 57

    Vidic concedes a corner and the big guns arrive for Valencia.

  35. 56

    Nani crosses to the far post for Berbatov, but ealbert heads out for a corner which is delivered by nani and punched clear. Vidic heads the ball into the path of Berbatov, who volleys home but the flag is up for offside.

  36. 55

    Vidic puts in a poor clearance which strikes Anderson and goes out for a throw to Valencia.

  37. 54

    Fabio has had a decent game. He's in the thick of the action again as the ball isplayed out to the right. Nani's cross is cleared but only to carrcik, whose ball over the top catches Berbatov offside. Isco comes on for Domiguez.

  38. 53

    The stretcher is on but he doesn't need it. Isco will be the man to replace him.

  39. 52

    Dominguez has pulled up with what looks like a hamstring injury as he tries to latch on to a through-ball.

  40. 51

    Rooney's curling free-kick clips the wall and goes off the head of a defender for a corner. Nani's corner is punched away by Guaita but United are incorrectly penalised for a push in the area.

  41. 50

    Anderson skips past Abelda, who brings down the Brazilian 20 yards out. Ferdinand is replaced by Smalling.

  42. 49

    Nani's cross from the right is caught by Guaita, but United have a problem as Ferdinand is notting moving freely. Chris Smalling is preparing to come on.

  43. 48

    Moments later Ricard Costa needlessly gives away a corner which is flotaed by Anderson to the far post for Rooney. His cross finds Berbatov but his header from six yards lacks direction.

  44. 47

    Neat play down the left sees Rooney's cross find the head of Berbatov, whose header is saved theatrically by Guaita.

  45. 46

    OK, the second half is under way and there are no changes at the break. Guaita receives a back pass which he clears for a throw-in.

  46. Betting update from Sky Bet, who make United 11/5 to win, the draw is 17/10 and Valencia are 7/5.

  47. 45 + 1

    Nani's corner is headed out by Pablo Hernandez. The ball is back with Ferdinand, who with one minute of stoppage time, passes it back to Vidic. His fellow defender launches one down the left for Fabio who does well to bring the ball under control but it soon runs out of play and the whistle goes for half-time.

  48. 45

    United are soon back on the ball as Rooney releases Nani down the right. The winger outpaces Mathieu and skips over the defender but Dealbert races cross to clear for a corner.

  49. 44

    Anderson is the first man in the book for a little trip on Jordi Alba, who has a touch of the dying swan about him.

  50. 43

    Rooney turns up on the right and whips in a low cross which is well controlled by a defender and brought out of the area.

  51. 42

    Dominguez sends the free-kick to the far post where Amos takes a comfortable catch.

  52. 41

    Jordi Alba is fouled by Nani on Valencia's left. Dominguez receives a return pass from the free-kick and Nani fouls the striker again.

  53. 40

    Carrick brings the ball out but Nani loses possession and the Spaniards get it back to Guatia. Carrick back on the pitchy by the way and he seems to be moving freely.

  54. 39

    Mathieu goes in high on Carrick and United have a free-kick. Anderson bursts forward and slips the ball to Rooney, who sprays the ball out to the right. Nani's deep cross finds Anderson, whose header seems to strike the arm of Miguel, but a goal-kick is awarded.

  55. 38

    Rafael slips trying to get past Jordi Alba but the United defender is awarded a free-kick.

  56. 37

    Jeremy Mathieu is involved in a race with Nani but the Valencia left-back gets there first to usher the ball back to Guaita.

  57. 36

    Nani's crossing is letting him down but Rooney runs back to retrieve the ball. The striker bends a brilliant shot from outside the area against the bar and Nani just misses the post from the rebound.

  58. 35

    Vidic walks gingerly to the sidelines, looks like an ankle problem for the Serb.

  59. 34

    Rio Ferdinand boots the ball into touch so that Vidic can receive treatment in the area.

  60. 33

    That goal puts Valencia top of the group on goal difference if the result stays the same.

  61. 32

    GOAL PABLO HERNANDEZ! Michael Carrick gives the ball away. Dominguez slides a superb visionary pass to Hernandez, who drills the ball underneath the legs of Amos.

  62. 31

    Brilliant run and cross down the left by Rooney floats into the danger area and Park stretches but volleys straight at Guaita. Best move of the game.

  63. 30

    Free-kick to United is played short. Rooney is released down the left but his low cross is hacked away in a 'have it' kind of way by Albelda.

  64. 29

    Amos slightly gets underneath his clearance which barely reaches the halfway line.

  65. 28

    Well, early impressions are that we have an open match on our hands and it won't be goalless - unless only Anderson is allowed to shoot.

  66. 27

    Nani crosses to Rooney, who nearly threads the ball through to Berbatov only for Angel Dealbert to make a crucial interception.

  67. 26

    Good interception by Fabio, who feeds Anderson. He makes a good run and feeds Nani on the right but his low cross is cut out by Ricrado Costa. The ball comes back to Nani, who overhits his cross.

  68. 25

    Anderson makes another great run but his shooting is absolutely woeful fm about eight yards. He just can't shoot.

  69. 23

    Corner to United is played short by Nani to Anderson. Nani runs round and receives teh ball back but prods the ball goalward without causing too much worry for Guaita.

  70. 22

    Great control and run by Rooney, who gets the ball back off Anderson.

  71. 21

    Back to the action as Berbatov is released by Anderson and is clean through but instead of shooting he tries to round the keeper who stretches out to push the ball away from the Bulgarian's legs. Back to the old Berbatov!

  72. 18

    Rooney gives the ball away and Dominguez receives a pass on the right of the area. He shoots from a tight angle and his effort just clips the outside of the post although Amos looked to have had it covered.

  73. 17

    Ever Banga gives the ball away and Berbatov races into the box but his poor cross is behind the run of Park.

  74. 16

    First test for Amos and he passes with flying colours. Dominguez has been pretty impressive and he cuts inside to deliver a fierce right-footed shot which is saved very well by Amos at his near post.

  75. 15

    Good break down the right by Nani, but his cross is cut out by Jordi Alba and Valencia launch an attack of their own through Dominguez. Vidic is strong though.

  76. 14

    Wonderful one-two between Rooney and Anderson, who races through but as expected the Brazilian passes the ball to Vicente Guaita. Poor finish.

  77. 13

    Back to the action as Anderson tries to find Rooney, who is caught a it flat-footed.

  78. 11

    Good spell of pressure from Valencia, but United break down the left as Babio's cross nearly finds the head of Berbatov. Park goes up for the header but is penalised for a foul.

  79. 10

    Nemanja Vidic makes a good interception but Berbatov gives the ball away which bounces nicely for Jordi Alba, whose first-time cross nearly finds the head of Dominguez..

  80. 9

    Corner to Valencia is headed away but Dominguez goes on a run before floating a cross to the far side which drifts out of play for a goal-kick.

  81. 7

    The tempo has been upped now and we have a decent game on our hands.

  82. 6

    Rafael makes a great tackle to deny Alejandro Damian Dominguez inside United's area.

  83. 5

    Throw at the far side is taken by Fabio. United are awarded a free-kick on the halfway line which is taken quickly by Anderson but it's just too far in front of Berbatov. Quick thinking from the Brazilian.

  84. 4

    David Albelda commits a foul and United play it short. Anderson slips the ball to Nani, who turns a defender and forces in a fiercely-struck low shot which nearly beats VIcente Guaita at his near post.

  85. 3

    Park Ji-sung tries to play a delayed one-two with Dimitar Berbatov but the Korean is crowded out on the edge of the area.

  86. 2

    Rafael slips and concedes possession but United are soon back on the ball after another loose pass. Another pass goes astray in a scrappy start to the match.

  87. 1

    Valencia get the match under way and Fabio is penalised for a foul just inside the home side's half but the crossfield pass from the free-kick is straight to the chest of Nani.

  88. If you fancy a punt tonight, Sky Bet make United 1/2 to win, the draw is 3/1 and Valencia are 6/1 to come away from Old Trafford with three points.

  89. Man Utd: Amos, Rafael Da Silva, Ferdinand, Vidic, Fabio Da Silva, Nani, Carrick, Anderson, Park, Berbatov, Rooney. Subs: Kuszczak, Giggs, Smalling, Hernandez, Fletcher, Obertan, Macheda.

  90. Valencia: Guaita, Miguel, Ricardo Costa, Dealbert, Mathieu, Pablo, Banega, Albelda, Jordi Alba, Dominguez, Aduriz. Subs: Cesar, Maduro, Soldado, Mata, Feghouli, Costa, Isco.

  91. Tonight's referee is Pedro Proenca.

  92. Good evening everyone and welcome to the minute-by-minute commentary for Manchester United's final group match of this season's Champions League. United are looking to become the first team to qualify for the knockout phase without conceding a goal and the big news is that Ben Amos starts in goal against Valencia in place of Edwin van der Sar. More importantly, of course, United need a point to finish top of the group. The teams will be with you very shortly but if you have any thoughts on the game feel free to drop me a line at



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